Chez Pierre

Powered entirely by alternative energy, the six bungalows are spread out along a wide crescent beach.

By , Wednesday, Feb 16, 2005, 10:22 AM

Chez Pierre

About this Hotel

Price From $130

Seven years ago, Pierre and Anne Laurence decided to sell their successful Montreal bistro. "Montreal was all about stress and competition," says Pierre. "I wanted a place where I'd have the time to really enjoy myself in the kitchen and tend to my customers."

The Laurences found what they were looking for just south of the Tropic of Cancer: eight acres on Long Island, an 80-mile stretch of cliffs, cays, and coves that's only four miles across at its widest point.

Powered entirely by alternative energy (wind and sun), Chez Pierre's six bungalows are spread out along a wide crescent beach. Each has a screened porch overlooking the water, and shutter doors open to a terra-cotta-colored bedroom.

At the main house, there's a large wooden deck and a bright, airy restaurant. Needless to say, the food is fantastic—a blend of Bahamian, Italian, and French, highlighting local ingredients and fresh seafood.

Rates include breakfast and dinner; your bar tab is extra. Bikes, kayaks, and a catamaran are available at no charge.