Top Tips for a Romantic Getaway Some of our favorite travel advice comes from our #BT_Chat discussions on Twitter. Here, the hottest hot & heavy advice for romantic getaways. Budget Travel Monday, Mar 7, 2016, 5:00 AM The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is home to the iconic "Kissing Camels." A perfect place to smooch! (Courtesy of Wampler) Budget Travel LLC, 2016

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mar 07 2016

Top Tips for a Romantic Getaway

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is home to the iconic "Kissing Camels." A perfect place to smooch!

(Courtesy of Wampler)

We had a blast on our Twitter Chat devoted to romantic travel tips! Thanks to our sponsor, Visit Colorado Springs (@VisitCOS) and an array of participants, we enjoyed a lively exchange and learned a ton. Here, just a taste of the great romantic travel advice dispensed in today’s chat. I answered questions for @BudgetTravel, and BT staffers Jamie Beckman and Rosalie Tinelli chimed in from NYC as well. For a chance to win a trip to Colorado Springs, enter here!

Q: What is your favorite romantic travel destination?

My wife and I are outdoorsy and cherish our time in the Rockies, especially discovering a lake or waterfall we’ve never seen before. (@BudgetTravel)

We can’t help but love Colorado Springs and the view from the top of Pikes Peak Summit! (@VisitCOS)

Anywhere outside of the city – preferably when it’s chilly. Like a cabin in the mountains! (@MatadorNetwork)

Q: What is your favorite type of romantic getaway (beach, nature, foodie, charming city?)

Hard for @BudgetTravel to pick one! A lake house in the mountains is sublime, but so is a foodie/art/theater getaway. (@BudgetTravel)

Finding new places to eat with your [heart emoji] is one of the best parts of traveling. (@ContikiUSA)

Beach! Relaxing next to each other in the warm sun while reading, dozing & quietly appreciating downtime together is a treat. (@JamieBeckman)

Q: Got tips for couples traveling together for the first time?

Discuss expectations: Exploring, relaxing, shopping, eating? Sure you like each other, but you won’t agree on everything. (@BudgetTravel)

Patience and communication are key. (@ViatorTravel)

It’s ok to split off and do other separate activities. (@MatadorNetwork)

Prepare to learn a LOT about each other & have a ton of fun. (@ContikiUSA)

Compromise. Go with her for a formal tea and she’ll be happy to go to the Tigers game. (@TheOpenSuitcase)

Pack your patience and don’t hold grudges. There are bound to be some missteps, so don’t let a silly tiff ruin your vacation. (@JamieBeckman)

Q: What is your secret for saving money without skimping on romance?

Spend on priorities: If new restaurants are your thing, budget for them and cut back on, say, hotel swank. (@BudgetTravel)

Leverage the shoulder seasons for romantic getaways. Don’t get trapped in Valentine’s day, or other holiday prices. (@MatadorNetwork)

Try an off-season beach with miles of sand for just the two of you. (@TheOpenSuitcase)

Small towns + inexpensive lodging + no tourists = Romance! (@LittleRoadsEuro)

I try to travel more off-season and bring things like wine or lunch for the road with us – intimate without spending. (@RosalieTinelli)

Q: What is a good outdoor adventure activity for couples to try for the first time?

Canoeing! You gotta work together, tell each other what feels good, find the right rhythm and chemistry. (@BudgetTravel)

A nice float or battling the rapids – rafting is a thrill on the Arkansas River. (@VisitCOS)

I loved surfing lessons with my husband in Tahiti. Neither of us was a natural but it brought joy & laughs watching each other try! (@JamieBeckman)

Q: Where is the best spot in the world to kiss?

Golden hour in the Rockies, Fiesole overlooking Florence, or sometimes even a busy NYC street – you know when it happens. (@BudgetTravel)

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, with its "Kissing Camels." (@VisitCOS)

Devil’s Falls! (@TheBuriedLife)

Mermaid style, under the sea! (@ContikiUSA)

Wherever you and your partner happen to be. (@ViatorTravel)

How about the cliffs at Loop Head, Ireland? (@LittleRoadsEuro)

A glacier in Iceland! Once we figured out how to work around the snowmobile helmets! (@TheOpenSuitcase)

Under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It’s magical. Just hold onto your wallet to avoid pickpockets eyeing distracted lovebirds. ;) (@JamieBeckman)


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