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Archive: January 2016
jan 29
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard in Africa

WATCH: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's Africa Video Reminds Us Why We Love Travel

Watch this funny famous couple rock out to Toto's "Africa"...while in Africa.
jan 28

Deals to Escape Winter!

Ready to drop yourself on a warm, sunny beach? These great deals can get you there NOW.
jan 28

A Cool New App for Theater Lovers

Playbill Passport will enrich your next trip to Broadway in some mind-bending ways.
jan 26

Let's Talk About Rewards Programs

How loyal are you to airline loyalty programs?
jan 25
Mosquito sign

What Travelers Need to Know About the Zika Virus

Should you travel to a region experiencing a Zika virus outbreak? Read this before deciding.
jan 22
Southwest plane

Biggest Reward Program Blunders and How Not to Make Them

An over-valued merchandise-for-point exchange isn't the only blunder you can make when redeeming. Here are a few other examples of mistakes to avoid when you decide to trade your precious points in.
jan 21

OMG! My Hotel Has Bedbugs!!

These little pests are on the rise in hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins. Here's how to spot them before they bite.
jan 18

Confessions of a Sommelier

Everything you've always wanted to ask a wine expert, but were a little too embarrassed to say out loud.
jan 14

Step Into Our National Parks

In anticipation of the National Park Service’s centennial, in August, a unique and inspiring film is on the way, and its incredible scope and dimensions rival those of the parks themselves.
jan 12

Fly to Iceland for $99!

Wow Air is offering super-bargain flights from the West Coast to Iceland and beyond.
jan 12
Brandenburg Gate at dusk.

10 Cheap Eats You MUST Try In Berlin

Get ready for a mouth-watering adventure that's heavy on flavor and light on the wallet.
jan 11

5 Underrated European Countries You Should Visit Now

Ditch the typical grand tour and explore these rewarding, and surprisingly affordable, lesser-known travel destinations.
jan 08

Have You Taken Our "Where Should You Go in 2016" Quiz?

The Budget Travel staff has been having a blast taking and sharing our Where Should You Go in 2016 Quiz!
jan 07

Wanna Fly to Havana?

Cuba is no. 3 on Budget Travel's "Where to Go in 2016" list, and flying to the once-forbidden island is getting easier than ever.
jan 04
Airplane window

Now You Can Put a Plane Ticket on Layaway—Really!

A new startup will foot the bill for your flight and set you up with a payment plan—and no credit check.
jan 01

Save on Winter Travel With These Credit Cards

While we don't suggest you charge a trip you can't afford, credit cards can be a smart choice for currency exchange, reward points, and substantial statement credits.

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