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Archive: August 2014
aug 29
Redbury Hotel Miami

Don't Miss These September Travel Sales!

Welcome to shoulder season! Here are some of our favorite hotel specials happening this month.
aug 26

New Zealand + Tahiti = A Unique South Pacific Getaway!

Mountains or beaches? Adventure or relaxation? When you combine a New Zealand trip with a stopover in Tahiti, you can have it all!
aug 21
Richard Simmons

#TBT: Have You Seen This Hilarious Airline Safety Video Featuring Richard Simmons?

In a 2011 safety demonstration video for Air New Zealand, Richard Simmons makes sure everyone is 'Fit to Fly.'
aug 19
Visiting the Mysterious Ancient City of Guayabo

Off The Beaten Path Costa Rica: The Mysterious Ancient City Of Guayabo

Don't miss a trip to this great off-the-beaten-path hidden gem the next time you're in Costa Rica.
aug 15
Millennial Traveler

6 Needs of the Millennial Traveler

From interacting with new travelers on a daily basis—as well as analyzing my own behaviors abroad—these are the desires I've noted when it comes to the next generation of traveler.
aug 14
Temples of Bagan, Myanmar

4 Places You Shouldn't Miss In Myanmar

Are you planning a trip to Myanmar? Here's how to see the most of this fascinating country if you've got a good sense of adventure and two weeks to go exploring.
aug 02
Gatorland in Florida

6 Places to See Endangered Species in Florida

There's plenty to do in The Sunshine State, but where should animal lovers go? Here are six places where you can spot endangered animals both in captivity and in nature.
aug 01
Always do what you're afraid to do

Have You Ever Faced Your Fears While Traveling?

This time next week I will be facing one of my biggest fears and swimming with sharks in Cancun. We want to know: have you ever conquered your greatest fears while traveling?

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