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Archive: May 2014
may 30
Memorial on Normandy's Beaches

Normandy Honors D-Day's 70th Anniversary

France's Normandy region is celebrating the 70th Anniversary of D-Day by hosting a series of events from June 1-15. Follow along with me as I explore the area and post from the road to Budget Travel's Instagram page.
may 27
A family on vacation

9 Great Tips For Budget-Conscious Travelers

Here are nine of my easy, money-saving tips for traveling overseas.
may 23

Whales and Wildlife: The Best of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Your adventure will include fjords, fresh-baked salmon, and America's second-largest national forest!
may 23

An Unforgettable Memorial Day Site

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial transforms a painful era in U.S. history into a beautiful touchstone.
may 22
The canals of Amsterdam

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do In Amsterdam And Barcelona?

I'll be visiting Europe next week and you can come, too! Follow along with my adventures as I post photos from the road to our brand new Instagram page, @budgettravel.
may 21

The Least You Need to Know About Airline Loyalty Programs

Ever wonder which loyalty programs deliver the most for your miles? A recent study provides some surprising answers.
may 21
A spa room in Thailand

Thai Massage: Relaxing or Voluntary Torture?

Sia Ling Xin, a massage addict and avid beach holiday lover, explains the various types of Thai massages commonly offered. Remember, there's no need to be afraid of Thai masseuse lady!
may 21

Wishful Wednesday in… Florence!

It's Wishful Wednesday! Here's a photo that always makes me want to hop a plane to Italy.
may 19

In Search of the Loch Ness Monster—and Other U.K. Pop-Culture Icons!

From the deep, cold waters of Loch Ness and its legendary "Nessie" to the Beatles to Harry Potter, these 8 U.K. destinations inspired some famous pop-culture "exports."
may 18

Can Hopper Help YOUR Travel Dreams Come True?

Hopper.com delivers budget destinations, the best day of the week to buy plane tickets, and the best days to fly—in seconds!
may 16
Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar

Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago: More Than 800 Untouched Tropical Islands

Just south of Myanmar lies the Mergui Archipelago, home to clear, turquoise waters and pristine white-sand beaches.
may 14
Lima Wildlife in Parque El Oliver

Wildlife Hotspots in Lima, Peru

Despite the heavy traffic congestion and inexorable building development in Lima's inner city, there is still plenty of wildlife to see along the coastal region.
may 13
View of Elounda from Spinalonga Island, Crete

10 Beautiful Reasons To Visit Crete

Here's my list of ten of the most beautiful places on the Greek Island of Crete.
may 09

Lock in an Unbeatable Ski Deal NOW

Keystone Resort in Colorado offers a world-class ski experience that's family-friendly, dog-friendly, and wallet-friendly!
may 09
5 Helpful Apps For Visiting Singapore

5 Helpful Apps For Visiting Singapore

If you're planning a visit to Singapore, check out these five free apps that are bound to help you out.
may 07
Historic Boston Pub Crawl

7 U.S. Pub Crawls You Will Never Forget (No Matter How Much You Drink!)

From more than 20,000 zombies sloshing in the streets of Minneapolis to a peddling party through the streets of Portland, these seven unique pub crawls in cities across the U.S. are sure to quench your hankering for hops.
may 06
View of Hawaii from above

5 Ways to Experience Oahu From Above

Whether it’s whirring above the battleships of Pearl Harbor, silently gliding over the beaches of the North Shore, or plummeting through the air at cheek-flapping speeds, here are some of the best ways to experience Oahu from above.

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