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Archive: November 2012
nov 30

The Next Great Food Destination

If your taste buds have a say in where you travel, this is where you should go in 2013.
nov 30

Our Best Tips for Traveling By RV

Here are eight helpful tips if you are considering an RV vacation.
nov 29
Greyhound Bus

Oops, Sorry! That Bus You Reserved Doesn't Exist

A glitch in a major bus company's booking system leaves travelers scrambling.
nov 29
Kids on a plane

The Case For Family Sections On Airplanes

A special family section could make flights more pleasant for all travelers.
nov 28

Ken Burns's Dust Bowl Inspires Panhandle Tourism

Ken Burns's PBS documentary is inspiring travelers to visit the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles.
nov 28
The boarding process on an airplane

7 Things Airlines Should Do Better

We recently asked you to tell us the one thing that airlines could do to make flying better. And you certainly had a lot to say on the matter. Here are the seven changes at the top of your wish list.
nov 27

New Food Network Restaurant Hits Fort Lauderdale Airport

The popular television network debuts a new restaurant in a Florida airport.
nov 21

Conflict in Gaza Does Not Stop Tourism in Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism provides some reassurance about safety for those who want to visit Israel during the conflict in Gaza.
nov 21

6 Tricks to Help Kids Fall Asleep on Long Trips

Taking children on a long trip can be a taxing endeavor. An early childhood specialist shares her best tips for calming young travelers and helping them fall asleep on the way.
nov 21
Downtown London

Airbnb Wants to Show You Around the World’s Top Cities

A new feature by Airbnb lets you explore different neighborhoods and find inexpensive places to stay in them.
nov 21

Virginia Is for Lincoln Lovers

The new film Lincoln has inspired a tour of historical sites and movie locations in Virginia.
nov 21

Resorts Introduce Tech-Free Zones

Leave your gadgets at home if you are staying at these Marriott resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean.
nov 20
Mayan Ruins at San Miguelito

New Maya Museum Opens in Cancun As 'End of the World' Draws Near

The museum celebrating Mayan history and culture opens right before the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012.
nov 20

The Olympics for Modern Art Lovers Descends on Miami

Here's why it's interesting, even if you don't care about art.
nov 16

Balcony Where MLK, Jr. Was Shot Will Open to the Public For the First Time

The balcony where Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot will open to the public for a limited time only.
nov 16

6 Best Travel Products for Pets

These six products will make bringing the pets along on vacation a lot easier.
nov 15

World's Tallest Hotel Opens in Dubai

Guests can now check into the world's tallest hotel.
nov 14
Travel health kit

What's In Your Travel Health Kit?

Flu season is almost upon us—and so is one of the busiest travel periods of the year. How do you stay healthy on the road?
nov 14
A cafe in Amsterdam

Could 'Marijuana Tourism' Be Next For Colorado and Washington?

With new legislation legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, Amsterdam-style entertainment could be right around the corner.
nov 14

European Labor Strikes Change Cruise Itineraries

Fights against austerity measures in Europe mean strikes at the ports and redirected cruise ships.
nov 13

New Orleans's New Streetcar Line

As the February 3 Super Bowl rapidly approaches, New Orleans is building a new streetcar line.
nov 09
comfy hotel bed

Travelers' Top 20 Rants And Raves About Hotels

A new survey reveals the top 20 things guests love—and hate—about hotels around the world.
nov 09

Is This the Most Insane Airline Fee Yet?

Spirit Airlines made good on their threat to charge $100 per carry-on bag.
nov 09

Priceline Acquires Kayak

Two of the most popular travel-booking sites will join forces, as Priceline acquires Kayak.
nov 09
A passport full of colorful stamps

Which States Have The Most Passport Holders?

More than one-third of Americans now have passports, but some states have a lot more passport holders than others.
nov 07

Top Chef: Seattle "Chef-testant" Restaurant Guide

Find out what's cooking at the restaurants of Top Chef: Seattle's new "chef-testants"
nov 07

Is the Golden Age of Ground Transportation Near?

Ground transportation is getting better thanks to new buses, faster trains, and services that make it easier to search the options.
nov 07

What to Do If You're Stranded by Winter Storm Athena

What you need to know if your flight has been impacted by Winter Storm Athena.
nov 06

Kid Rock Gives Michigan a Lift

Rocker Kid Rock helps promote Michigan tourism with his new song "Detroit, Michigan."
nov 02
South Manhattan in the dark thanks to Hurricane Sandy

How Hotels Are Dealing With Sandy's Aftermath

New York hotels are housing residents made homeless by the storm, while hotels out of the danger zone are giving back.
nov 02
Sunset from the hotel window in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Driving to Mexico Just Got Easier

A highway redesign is easing traffic, but there are still things you need to know.
nov 02
Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

Survey Reveals The World's Friendliest Countries

These 10 countries are tops with expats looking for a warm welcome.
nov 02

Air New Zealand Gets Fans in the Mood for the New Hobbit Movie

The airline's new safety video features some familiar faces.

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