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Archive: October 2012
oct 31
Delays at the airport

8 Most Disruptive Natural Events for Airlines

So far, Sandy is the second most disruptive natural event for airlines since 2005.
oct 30
Hurricane Sandy off the Carolinas

Stranded By Sandy: A Personal Account

One editor tries to cope with being stranded in San Francisco while her family faces the brunt of Hurricane Sandy.
oct 30

Stranded by Sandy? What You Need to Know

What you need to know if your flight has been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.
oct 26
Skiers prepare at the top of the mountain

3 Tips That Will Save You Money On Your Next Ski Trip

Planning a ski trip? Follow these three tips to get the biggest bang for your buck.
oct 26
The view from the Kalalau Lookout on Kauai's Na Pali Coast

Hawaii Vacation Ideas: Tips For Visiting Kauai

Trying to decide which Hawaiian island to visit? Read these tips for what to see on Kauai.
oct 26

A Hotel Inspired by a Restaurant?

Inspired by his culinary success, chef Nobu Matsuhisa is branching out into the hotel space.
oct 26

Vintage Travel: Eating at the Airport in 1941

The New York Public Library posted the menu from a La Guardia restaurant back in 1941, showing just how much airport food options have changed.
oct 24

Rome Cracks Down on Snacking Tourists

Don't even think about eating pizza on the Spanish Steps.
oct 24

Can a Chain Hotel Offer Unique, Boutique Touches?

Do boutique-style touches have an effect on your opinion of chain hotels?
oct 23

Is Airport Security Really Keeping You Safe?

Do airport security procedures actually keep travelers safe?
oct 23
view from the plane

The Strange Rituals People Do to Beat the Fear of Flying

Afraid of flying? You're not alone. Here's what one editor and her friends do to calm their nerves onboard.
oct 19
Dessert at The Melting Pot

Dining Vouchers: A New Way To Save Money On Vacation

A Florida-based website offers dining vouchers to help you save money on meals in Miami, Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.
oct 19

Top 5 Websites U.S. Travelers Visit Most

Five brands dominate the travel space on the web. How many of them do you use when you're planning a trip?
oct 19
the interior of an airplane

A New Survey By Kayak Reveals the Best Time to Book Flights

A new survey by Kayak reveals that booking flights too late or too early can cost extra. Here's the sweet spot for maximum savings.
oct 17

Five Museums You Won't Want to Miss

From musical groups to historic battles to sweet treats, these five museums in development have a little something for everyone.
oct 17

Travel Guides For Kids, By Kids

It seems like every time you turn around, a new kind of travel guide is launching—food guides, fashion guides, adventure guides. But this one is new—it's an interactive travel guide for kids, by kids.
oct 16
Pope lollipop

Staff Picks: What's The Weirdest Foreign Candy You've Ever Tasted?

From Wasabi Kit Kats to preserved tomatoes, BT editors share their picks for the world's wackiest sweets.
oct 15

How Safe Was Your Last Cruise?

When it comes to evacuation drills and other safety issues, not all cruise lines are created equal.
oct 12
whale-watching in Maui

Hawaii Vacation Ideas: Tips For Visiting Maui

Planning a trip to Maui, Hawaii? Read these tips first.
oct 12

The Inspiration Behind Some of Our Favorite Reader Photos

In every issue of Budget Travel, we feature one of the best reader photos on our back page. Now, see the stories behind them.
oct 12

The Great Pupkin: A Halloween Costume Contest for Man's Best Friend

The most adorable Halloween costume contest you've ever seen isn't for adults, kids, or even people…it's for dogs. And it's worth the trip to Brooklyn.
oct 11

Thinking About a European Vacation Next Year? Book Now.

A weak Euro can be an American traveler's best friend, especially since many tour companies are lowering prices on European travel packages.
oct 10
Hotel amenities

Hotels Are Investing Heavily in Amenities

A sleeker hotel is likely coming to a city near you.
oct 10
Sean Connery as James Bond

Celebrate Bond in Britain

Travel like a secret agent with these new U.K. itineraries and trip ideas to mark 007's 50th anniversary.
oct 09

Renting a Vacation House with the Kids

Booking a house instead of a hotel room sounds like an easy way to get away with the whole family. But picking the right house makes all the difference.
oct 09

Legal Visits to Cuba Back on Track

Cultural exchange visits to Cuba, recently delayed due to new U.S. government restrictions, are roaring back this fall.
oct 05
Dream trips map with push pins in it.

Seminar Inspires People To Take A Career Break And Travel The World

Feeling stuck in the nine to five grind? Here's how you can trade it for some serious travel time.
oct 05

Book Thanksgiving Air Travel Now

…or at least before Halloween. Plus: 3 more tips for saving money on Turkey day flights.
oct 05
Vitamin C, water, soup, and aspirin will make you feel better. So will these apps.

4 Apps That Could Save Your Vacation (and Maybe Even Your Life)

Use these apps in case of a health emergency.
oct 02

The Fall’s Most Travel-Inspiring Television Shows

Which TV shows have you booking a vacation?
oct 02

Hilton Giving Away 25 Prizes in Honor of Anniversary

In honor of the 25th anniversary of their awards program, Hilton is giving away 25 prizes this month.
oct 01

Epcot Turns 30!

Walt Disney World’s Epcot has been packing in visitors seeking education, entertainment, and great food since October 1, 1982.
oct 01

3 Great Apps for Cruisers

Use these apps to pick the right cruise for you—and maximize your time in port.

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