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Archive: August 2012
aug 31

Good or Bad Idea: Wiring Donkeys for WiFi?

An historic biblical park in Israel is trying to make it easier for guests to share their experience via social media—by wiring the donkeys that they ride through the exhibit with WiFi.
aug 30

Save Money on Airfare by Buying in Bulk

JetBlue's new Go Packs let you buy multiple flights at once.
aug 30

Confessions of an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Driver

What’s it like to spend a year driving around the country in a 27–foot Oscar Mayer Wienermobile? Rule No. 1: Don’t scratch the buns.
aug 30

Is Carnival's New Fee Actually Worth Paying?

Are we crazy, or is this an instance where paying an extra $50 sounds like a good deal?
aug 30

6 Under-the-Radar Hollywood Hot Spots

You've done the Walk of Fame and Grauman's Chinese Theater. Here are six more Hollywood spots to check off your list.
aug 29

Anthony Bourdain's Last Season of 'No Reservations' Airs Labor Day

Will you miss it?
aug 29

Where Are You Going for Labor Day Weekend?

More than 33 million Americans will be travel over Labor Day. How are you spending the long weekend?
aug 29

A Futuristic New Way to Zoom Through Airport Security

Would you trade a bit of privacy to improve airport security?
aug 28

New Airport Plans Make Machu Picchu More Accessible—Where Would You Add A New Airport?

Machu Picchu will see the addition of a brand new international airport.
aug 24

What Makes a Good Airline Snack?

Is there a certain snack you won't fly without?
aug 24

Fear of Flying? This Airline Has You Covered

British Airways is launching a new in-flight series to calm your nerves.
aug 24

4 Fall Airfare Sales To Book Now

Planning a trip to Europe this fall? Here are four airfare sales you need to know about.
aug 22

Hotel Fees Set to Reach Record High in 2012

Travelers are used to dealing with rising airline fees, but are we ready for rising hotel fees, too?
aug 22

Amtrak Makes a Comeback

Amtrak is making a comeback. Here's why you should keep an eye on train travel in the U.S.
aug 22

Proposed $7 Billion Redesign for Washington's Union Station: Crazy or Inspired?

Amtrak is proposing a $7 billion transformation of Union Station, intended to triple passenger capacity and prettify the iconic station.
aug 21

3 New Services Make It Easier to Travel With Pets—or Leave Them Home

A host of new services have cropped up in the last two years to help pet owners ensure a better travel experience for their four-legged friends.
aug 17

What's The Worst Travel Advice You've Ever Received?

We recently asked our audience to share the worst pieces of "travel advice" they've ever received—here's what they said.
aug 16

The Next Wave In Cruise Ships

What will be new in cruise ships for 2013? Here's a sneak preview of Norwegian Breakaway and Royal Princess, plus an update on little known Azamara Club Cruises.
aug 15

Best Tips for Saving Money on Gas

Don't cancel that late–summer road trip just yet. Here are some great tips for saving at the pump.
aug 15

Help Me Plan A Family Reunion At Sea!

One of our editors is planning a family reunion at sea. Do you have any advice for him?
aug 15

IKEA Will Build 100 Budget Hotels in Europe

IKEA will build a budget hotel chain across Europe, but it won't feature the company's famous furniture or brand name.
aug 14
Vernazza, one of the five towns that make up Italy's Cinque Terre.

Italy's Cinque Terre Bounces Back Almost One Year After Floods

How two Italian villages bounced back from the country's worst mudslides almost a year ago—plus, tips for visiting the Cinque Terre area.
aug 14

Have You Ever Gone On A Regional Food Quest?

Four tips for making the most of a foodie pilgrimage.
aug 10

London After the Olympics: New Attractions and Affordable Hotels

Hotel prices for late August and September are as much as 60% off compared with usual rates for that time. Here are tips on what's worth seeing and how to plan an affordable getaway.
aug 09

Airports with the Best (and Worst) On-Time Performance

The National Bureau of Statistics released the numbers for the first half of 2012. Which airports came out on top?
aug 09

Why Cruising With the Kids Just Got More Expensive

Another cruise line eliminates discounts for children under the age of two.
aug 09

Cancelon Lets Travelers Resell Hotel Reservations They Can't Cancel

This month the practice of selling one's hotel reservations has gone legit at Cancelon, an online marketplace geared toward travelers who want to buy and sell uncancelable reservations for hotels.
aug 08

An Airline Gets Sued for Misleading Fees

Have you ever felt like airlines were just tacking on extra fees without rhyme or reason? In the case of at least of one airline, you might be right.
aug 08

Will Baggage Claim Soon Be a Thing of the Past?

A new service by American Airlines lets passengers pay extra to avoid the dreaded baggage claim wait.
aug 08

Shanghai May Have World's Scariest Hotel Pool

A new glass-bottomed swimming pool hovers 320-feet above Shanghai's traffic. It's part of the new, 24-story Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao.
aug 06

Online Travel Companies Accused of Price Fixing

Several major travel sites are caught fixing prices, and the UK's Office of Fair Trading is taking action.
aug 03

Travel Discounts For Heroes and Teachers

What better way to honor our teachers and heroes than by making vacations more affordable for them? Here are several deals geared just for this special crowd.
aug 03

An End to the Fight Over Deck Chairs?

Carnival Cruise Line is rolling out a policy on their newest ship that would eliminate the battle for prime spots by the pool.
aug 03

5 Best BYOB's in New York City

Why do I love a good BYOB? Let me count the ways—and while I'm at it, I'll share a few of my favorite local places, too.
aug 03

Apple Drops Google Maps: Will You Miss It?

The battle for app supremacy means you'll soon be losing Google Maps on new Apple products.
aug 01

Study Determines World's Safest Airlines

The Air Transport Rating Agency shares it's findings for top ten safest airlines in the world.
aug 01

Banks Launch Credit Cards That Work Better Overseas

The US is catching up with the rest of the world and will issue cards that have security chips embedded in them instead of merely requiring a swipe and a signature.
aug 01

Reimagining the Colosseum

Renovations on the Colosseum begin in December and will be completed in 2015.

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