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Archive: July 2012
jul 31

FlyRight App for iPhone Gives Jilted Travelers a Megaphone

FlyRight is an app that lets people post reviews about any aspect of a flight and then does the work of making sure the passenger's message is forwarded to an airline's customer service department.
jul 27

What's Your Biggest Hotel Pet Peeve?

A new study uncovered what annoys travelers most when they stay in a hotel. And you will likely agree with the findings.
jul 27

4 Universal Ingredients to a Romantic Getaway

Where you find romance turns out to be pretty personal (some like the country, others like the city), but a couple of elements are surprisingly universal—here are four that seem to be essential for romance.
jul 27

Guess Which Book Replaced The Bible At This British Hotel...

A hotel in the U.K. recently replaced bedside Bibles with something a little less wholesome.
jul 27

Introducing Our New Road Trip App!

One day it hit us—why not collect all of our inspiring drives and organize them into the ultimate road trip app? We've done just that—and we can't wait for you to give it a test drive.
jul 26

Is It Time To Rebook That London Hotel?

If you've planned a trip to London for the Summer Games, you may want to consider starting a new hotel search. It could save you a pretty pence.
jul 25

How to Choose the Perfect Cruise

Whatever your reason for thinking about a cruise vacation, picking the right ship and the right destination are both key to your having a good experience.
jul 25

Are You Ready for the Olympics Cash Crunch?

The thought of ATMs running out of cash citywide may seem like some sort of doomsday scenario, but it has already happened twice.
jul 24

10 Airports You Might Actually Want to Be Stranded In

Find out why you might not mind being stuck in one of these ten airports.
jul 24

Study: Airlines Are Ripping Off Passengers with Inflated Fuel Surcharges

Airlines’ fuel surcharges have risen more than twice as fast as the price of oil during the last two years, new US research has shown.
jul 20

Four Towns That Have Their Own Currency

Forget exchanging your dollars for Euros, Yen, or Pesos. These four towns have a currency all their own.
jul 20

Free Digital Photography Workshops Offered In National Parks This Summer

Learn how to take better photos in several U.S. National Parks this summer thanks to free digital photography workshops by Canon.
jul 20

Top Picks from BT's Coolest Small Towns Road Trip

Wake and Wander travel blogger shares his tips from the road after driving through four of Budget Travel's Coolest Small Towns.
jul 20

America's Cheapest Airports

A new study uncovered the airports that are the least—and most—expensive for flights.
jul 18

Should Celebrities Be Able to See Museums Privately?

Madonna recently caused a stir in Italy when she paid Florence's Uffizi gallery a private visit after hours with her family and 15-person entourage.
jul 17

5 Amazing New Water Park Rides

Beat the heat with a trip to these five water parks, which have all debuted new rides for additional thrills—and chills.
jul 16

10 Reader Tips For A Stress-Free Beach Vacation

Our readers always have the best travel advice. Here are five of their favorite tips for a stress–free beach vacation.
jul 16

Six Hotel Chains Now Allow Reward Point Gifts to Wounded Veterans

Today a new program launched that allows Americans to donate hotel rewards points from six major chains to wounded U.S. veterans seeking medical care and their families.
jul 13

What Was Your Most Embarrassing Travel Moment?

We asked our readers to spill the beans on their most embarrassing travel experiences—we hope what they had to say entertains you as much as it entertained us!
jul 13

Are Premium Economy Seats Worth the Splurge?

United, American, and Cathay Pacific have recently expanded their "premium economy" class of service. Are the pricier tickets for somewhat comfier seats worth paying for?
jul 13

BT Readers Share Their Unforgettable Vacations

We asked our readers to tell us about their most memorable vacations—and they delivered.
jul 12

UNESCO Adds 8 New Spots to the World Heritage List

An archaeological site in Turkey and painted farmhouses in Sweden made the cut.
jul 11

5 Reasons Brooklyn is Hot Right Now

Brooklynites know what the rest of the world is just discovering—that Brooklyn is a great place to visit. Here are five reasons why this borough outside of Manhattan deserves a stop on your next New York vacation.
jul 11

Surprisingly Swanky Fast Food Joints Around the World

You'd be surprised how nice fast food joints look around the world. Check out our slideshow to see what we mean.
jul 09

5 Reader Tips to Help Beat the Heat

Our readers always have the best travel advice. Here are five of their favorite tips for beating the summer heat.
jul 09

Paris to London by Premium Bus Can Save Money

Would you hop a nine-hour bus instead of take a train or plane if you could only pay about $70 one-way, ride with WiFi and power outlets, and get there in nine hours?
jul 06

BT Editors' 12 Favorite Foodie Destinations

Some places you go for the museums, some for the scenery. And others, for the food! Oh, the food! Here are the 12 places that Budget Travel editors want to go next.
jul 06

7 Smart Tips for Holiday Travel

July fourth has come and gone, but Labor Day isn't far away. Where do folks typically go over a holiday? We reached out to booking engine Fly.com to find out. Plus: tips for how to avoid the crowds when you travel on a holiday.
jul 06

Will Kindles Replace Bibles in Hotel Rooms?

The Good Book goes digital with a new hotel program.
jul 06

London's Seven Newest Attractions for 2012

A roundup of what's new and worth seeing in Old Blighty, besides the London 2012 Games.
jul 03

Why Airlines Should Bring Back Delicious In-Flight Meals

Our Editor ponders the power of a good in-flight meal after a recent trip to Japan.
jul 03

What's Your Biggest Pet Peeve When You Fly?

Travelers in the U.K. have some pretty surprising picks for what irritates them when they fly. Do you agree?
jul 03

Paris's Newest Attractions for Summer 2012

From a renovated Impressionist museum, a napping station, and a pretty new wing of the Louvre, here are a half-dozen new attractions to be explored this summer in the City of Light.
jul 02

Get Up Close And Personal At The Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center has launched new tours of areas rarely seen by the public.

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