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Archive: June 2012
jun 29

Where to See Movies for Free This Summer

Catch a free flick al fresco this summer at one of these events around the country.
jun 29

Court Ruling Gives Europeans Option to Re-Take Vacations If They Get Sick

Europe's enviable vacation time just got even better—if you get sick while you are traveling, you get the time back.
jun 29

New Wales Hiking Trail Lets You Walk The Entire Coast

Explore all 870 miles of the rugged Welsh coast with a brand new walking path.
jun 28

Get to Know America's “Land of Dreams”

The U.S. has launched its first-ever global marketing campaign to attract international travelers. What’s in it for you? A comprehensive website about American travel destinations.
jun 27

Storm-Free Caribbean Islands During Hurricane Season

A storm-free vacation during hurricane season is as easy as ABC: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao.
jun 27

Orbitz Shows Higher Hotel Prices to Mac Computer Users

Here's why they're doing it—and what you can do to get around it if you're on a mac. Plus: tips for saving money on travel no matter what computer platform you use.
jun 26

Hurricane Safety Tips

Planning an East Coast beach vacation this summer? Take these easy steps to stay safe during hurricane season.
jun 25

Priceline Puts A Fresh Spin on Booking Hotels Blindly

A new Express Deals option lets families book blindly while still knowing a hotel will have specific amenities, such as spare cots and a swimming pool.
jun 22

Would you Put Your Vacation on Layaway?

Sears (yes, the same place you got your dishwasher) just launched a vacation site offering trips you can put on layaway.
jun 22

Would You Decline an Upgrade to Be Closer to a Travel Companion?

You get upgraded and your friend doesn't. Do you make the move to first class or stick it out in coach with your companion?
jun 22

Atlantic City's New Star: A 3D Boardwalk Sound And Light Show

A new 3D sound and light show will take place nightly beginning July 4th.
jun 21

Super-Mosquitoes Threaten Travelers

Ready, set, swat! The risk of travelers being bitten by a mosquito abroad is at a ten-year high. Follow some simple tips to avoid bites.
jun 20

Would You Watch This New Travel Show?

The Travel Channel's newest show, Trip Flip, premiers next Thursday, June 28, at 9 p.m. EST.
jun 20

Malaysia Airlines Tests Child-Free Areas on Flights

No kids allowed: The Asian airline will ban children under 12 from the upper decks of its half-dozen Airbus A380s, starting in July.
jun 18

“Coolest Road Trip” Celebrates Four of BT’s Coolest Small Towns

The one-of-a-kind road trip will drop in on four of the winners of Budget Travel’s seventh annual Coolest Small Towns contest.
jun 18

Friends Never Let Friends Buy Pre-Paid Gas for Rental Cars

You'll have to stand tough during the hard sell, though, as companies like Thrifty are now requiring you do prepay unless you show a receipt proving you bought enough gas otherwise.
jun 15

Hawaiian Airlines Launches Non-Stop Service From JFK

East coast residents used to have to endure a long layover in California to get to Hawaii. Not anymore.
jun 15

Jet Blue Debuts New Game Show

If you have a lot of travel knowledge, and a little tech savvy, you could win a free vacation.
jun 15

Airlines Set Records for Being On-Time and Losing Fewer Bags

Finally, some good news from the airlines.
jun 14

Wander Is a New Website for Travelers to Share Inspiration Tastefully

Debuting today, Wander lets you can capture photos and tips about your adventure abroad, post a guide to your hometown, and learn tips from other travelers.
jun 13

America's Cutest Hotel Pets

According to TripAdvisor, more and more people are traveling with their pets. These eight hotels already come with furry friends included.
jun 13

Survey Says Flyers Still Unsatisfied

A new survey shows an overall decline in flyer satisfaction. Are you surprised?
jun 13

Give Dad the Gift of Travel this Father's Day

Father's Day gifts usually fall into the clichés: a new shirt and tie, maybe some golf shoes, or a grill. This year, do something different—help Dad take the vacation he deserves.
jun 12

Forget Apps! What Are Your Favorite Old-School Travel Planning Tips?

Avoid roaming and data fees with these old-school, pre-app travel planning tips.
jun 08

Do You Work on Vacation?

A study published today by the University of Michigan shows that wireless use is 15 percent higher on vacation than at home. Not everyone is logging on to work, but now that it's easier than ever to be in touch, it's that much harder to leave work behind.
jun 08

Disney Prices On The Rise...Again

Will an increase in Disney park prices affect your summer family vacation plans?
jun 07

Greece: What Travelers Need to Know for This Summer

We talk to experts on what to expect in Greece, as the island country faces economic and political trouble.
jun 06

How Important Is In-Flight Entertainment to You?

Lufthansa now offers live sports television and will soon roll out tablet-style touchscreens. Could a first-rate in-flight entertainment system lure you to an airline you’ve never flown before?
jun 06

The Most Endangered Places in America

For the 25th year, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has released a list of the most endangered historic sites in the country. See which critical spots were chosen this year.
jun 05

America's Top 10 Zoos

Who'd have guessed that the best place in the U.S. to see where the wild things are is…Omaha, Nebraska?
jun 05

The French Look to America for Culinary Inspiration

Yes, you read that right. The French have discovered what we've known in this country for a long time—that burgers, cupcakes, and tacos are amazing. And that a Bloody Mary can be a great way to start a Sunday morning.
jun 04

How Do You Pay For Your Vacation?

Worrying about every nickel and dime does not equate to a relaxing vacation experience. But how do you figure out what you can actually afford to spend?
jun 01

Who Won The Budget Travel Readers' Choice Awards?

The results are in! See which airlines, hotels, and cruise lines came out on top.
jun 01

New Luggage Flattens to Fit Under Your Bed

Road Warrior luggage can collapse to six-inches deep, making them easy to slip into tight spaces for storage.

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