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Archive: April 2012
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Strikes Threaten Turbulence for Travelers

Travelers on Tuesday—and throughout the year—should be aware of upcoming strikes and take actions to avoid trouble. Here are some tips.
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Should Rome Open a Romaland Theme Park?

A rich Arab investor and an ambitious mayor of Rome are working to see if they can build a $700 million theme park based on ancient Rome right in the city itself.
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Another Day, Another Airline Merger

Reports have come out that US Airways and American Airlines are circling a merger and preparing for landing. What will this mean for your rewards?
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7 Best (And Worst) Museums To Visit On An Empty Stomach

In honor of our food–themed May/June issue (find it on newsstands now!), we’ve rounded up the most mouthwatering exhibitions currently on display at—or coming soon to—museums across the country.
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How to Swap Miles Between Southwest and AirTran Reward Programs

This week, Southwest and AirTran announced that members of the airlines’ respective frequent flier programs can convert points back and forth.
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Why Hotels Use (or Don't Use) Daily Deal Sites

When hotels use daily deal sites like Groupon, they're not necessarily trying to make profits.
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Airlines Suspected of Fibbing About Seat Availability for Families

The airlines' latest now-you-see-it-now-you-don't sleight of hand—the Seat Assignment Shell Game—has prompted dozens of passengers to cry foul.
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More Smartphone Owners Using Their Devices For Travel

A recent survey reported that 51 percent of smartphone owners are using their devices to access travel content, and nearly one in five use their devices to book travel.
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Hotel Bonuses! 3 Deals That'll Each Earn You $50

Each spring, hotel companies roll out promotions with big rewards to get travelers into the summertime vacation mentality a bit early.
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If Tourists Can't Buy Pot, Will Amsterdam Tourism Suffer?

A government plan to prohibit foreigners from buying marijuana in the Netherlands could put a damper on tourists' high.
apr 20

Like Everyone Else, Airlines Are Feeling Pain At The Pump

Rising fuel costs take their toll on the airline industry.
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Top 10 TSA Checkpoint Freakouts, Humiliations, and Confrontations

Here's a look back at some odd, ugly, infamous, occasionally nude face-offs between airline passengers and TSA security officials.
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Are You Traveling Carbon Neutral?

Hotels and airlines are joining the carbon neutral travel trend. Is it important to you to offset your travels?
apr 17

E-book vs. Print: Which Do You Prefer on Vacation?

How do you take your reading material—in print or on a digital device?
apr 16

Google Glasses: What Can They Do For Travelers?

Last week, Google released a video of their new prototype “augmented reality” glasses. But will they be useful for real travelers?
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An Affordable Private Plane Tour Of The Caribbean?

It's just like a cruise, except that you're flying from one destination to the next on a turbo-prop plane that seats between 30 and 70 passengers.
apr 12

Free Admission to National Parks Starting April 21

All 396 of America's National Parks will be free to enter from April 21 to April 29, 2012.
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Would You Take A Cocktail Class At Your Hotel?

More and more properties are offering them; would you belly up to the bar to learn some new skills?
apr 11

Hawaii's Historic Volcano House Hotel Will Reopen This Year

Since the end of 2009, there's been no working hotel inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, on the Big Island. That's about to change.
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Are You Okay With Allegiant’s New Carry-On Fees?

Two years after Spirit Airlines started charging for carry-on bags, low-cost carrier Allegiant Air follows suit.
apr 10

London to Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 60 Years on the Throne with a Weekend Festival

The Diamond Jubilee is the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation. On June 4, a 1,000-boat flotilla will sail down the Thames.
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READERS' CHOICE: Last Chance! Tell Us Your Picks!

Our nomination period ends on Monday, April 16, so don't wait to send us your picks.
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READERS' CHOICE: What Is The Best Hotel Chain For Families?

We get to share our travel picks with you all year long. Now it’s your turn.
apr 06

United Passengers: How Long Have You Been On Hold?

Customers are still experiencing long wait times weeks after United Airlines started to convert its reservation system.
apr 06

Your Film Questions—Answered by an Expert!

You had questions on how to shoot great home video; documentary filmmaker Roger Sherman had answers.
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READERS' CHOICE: Who's Got Architecture Worth Traveling For?

We get to share our travel picks with you all year long. Now it’s your turn.
apr 05

Millions In Refunds In Limbo After Direct Air Collapse

When Direct Air filed for bankruptcy last month it left its customers scrambling for millions of dollars in refunds.
apr 05

How is Disney Cruise Line Catering to Budget Travelers?

Disney Fantasy, with new features including a high tech adventure game themed on The Muppets, is commanding premium prices. But that doesn't mean there aren't savings on other vessels in the four-ship fleet.
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READERS' CHOICE: What Wildlife Experience Is Most Worth Traveling For?

We get to share our travel picks with you all year long. Now it’s your turn.
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Forget Basketball—Who Won the Battle of the Breakfasts?

The Kentucky Wildcats may have won the 2012 NCAA Championship, but who was the victor in the battle of the breakfasts?
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Delta's 'Basic' New Fare: Cheaper Price, No Changes or Seat Assignments Allowed

Most airline tickets are nonrefundable. But would you buy an airline ticket knowing that you couldn't change the date or flight time, even with a fee?
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READERS' CHOICE: What's Your Favorite Travel–Deals Website?

We get to share our travel picks with you all year long. Now it’s your turn.
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Viator's New Website Offers Cheaper Shore Excursions Than Cruise Lines Offer

Viator's new website pledges upwards of 60 percent off the price of more than 500 comparable ship-arranged excursions at more than 80 ports.

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