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Archive: December 2011
dec 30

6 Apps to Take Your Mind Off a Long Trip

Trying to pass the time during a flight or road trip? Try these new apps.
dec 29

Two Iconic Cities Go Head-to-Tête

Paris and New York City are compared in a new book by Vahram Muratyan.
dec 29

Airlines: 4 Best Uses of Facebook and Twitter for Fliers in 2011

Delta, JetBlue, Estonian, and SAS used social media in smart ways to help customers this year.
dec 28

New Year's: What's your travel resolution for 2012?

Hopefully it'll be easier (and more fun) to keep than "losing 10 pounds."
dec 27

Australia's Weird Wildlife Warning Signs

Nowhere did my companion and I find the animal warning signs weirder—nor the amount of road–kill more plentiful—than in Tasmania, Australia's offshore state.
dec 27

Wendy's Goes Gourmet in Japan

The fast-food chain re-opens in Japan after two years with foie gras and truffle sauce burgers.
dec 26

Tests Show FAA Should Relax Rules About Electronics on Planes

Tests from an independent lab find that the Kindle produces nearly no electrical interference.
dec 26

The Dark Side of Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are often more memorable, and have way more character, than a cookie-cutter motel. That may or may not be a good thing.
dec 23

End of Mayan Calendar A Rebirth for Mexico Tourism?

Mexico's tourism authorities are hoping the year leading up to Dec. 21, 2012 will mark the start of a new era for Mexico.
dec 22

5 Oddest Historical Replicas in the U.S.

Can’t fly to Paris? Visit an Eiffel tower here in the states. We have three of them.
dec 21

How the Most-Hated Airline Fee Became a Huge Success

By charging passengers fees for carry-on bags, Spirit Airlines rakes in a whopping $50 million annually.
dec 21

Why You Should Consider an Arizona Vacation Now

When the weather drops, sometimes the best thing is a trip to the sunny south.
dec 20

Deal Strategy: Book an All-Inclusive Holiday Right After the Holidays

Often, snagging a major discount is as simple as avoiding peak travel times. Case in point: Try an all-inclusive resort just after (rather than during) the Christmas-New Year's period.
dec 19

Euro Dips Under $1.30, Making Europe Affordable

Americans now have significantly more spending power while traveling around much of Europe.
dec 19

Tips On Flying With Gifts

The Transportation Security Administration has several reminders for travelers bringing their holiday gifts onto a flight.
dec 19

5 Eco-friendly Packing Tips

Avoid being buried in Ziploc bags on your next vacation with these "green" packing tips.
dec 19

Five Ways to Instantly Win Over the Locals

Ruth Stark's new book, How to Work in Someone Else’s Country, has advice for folks embarking on short- and long-term work projects abroad. And it's chock-full of tips leisure travelers can use, too.
dec 16

Scheduled Air Steps In For Charter Vacations

Charter aircraft that once shuttled travelers to fun-and-sun destinations are being replaced with scheduled flights.
dec 16

Megabus Continues to Grow, Benefiting Travelers

"Don't snub the bus." From Chicago to Atlanta and through the Northeast, Megabus is now delivering comfortable travel for the 99 percent.
dec 16

Poll: Would You Use Social Media to Find A Better Seatmate?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is rolling out a new service whereby passengers will be able to use Facebook or LinkedIn as social seating tools.
dec 15

RentMix Maps the Best Alternatives to Hotels

A new site helps you game vacation rental listings, empowering you to make a balanced assessment of a hotel alternative.
dec 15

It's Ski Season! Check Out Strategies for Cheaper Lift Tickets

At certain U.S. ski resorts, you could pay over $100 for a single day's lift ticket. Do you really have to pay that much to ski? No way.
dec 14

3 Affordable New Ways to See Europe's Quaintest Cities

This past week, intercity-train and coach bus service debuted between some of the Europe's quaintest cities: Prague, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Zurich, and Paris.
dec 13

New Online Maps Reveal Heavily "Checked-In" Spots

Stalking the most buzzed-about restaurants, shops, and night spots in major cities has become easy thanks to a couple of new websites.
dec 12

There's Something About a Dive Bar—or is There?

You know what I'm talking about—a place with a special kind of charm. It may be a little (or a lot) run down, yet the drinks are cheap, the vibe is unpretentious, and the locals love it. But does it deserve a spot on your vacation itinerary?
dec 12

5 Travel Shows You’ve Never Seen—But Should!

Whether you consider yourself a backpacker, road warrior, do-gooder, traveler with an iron stomach, or transit enthusiast, here are five travel shows you need to know about.
dec 09

Do You Prefer Vintage Vegas Or Vegas 2.0?

With the historic Flamingo Las Vegas undergoing a major renovation, do legacy landmarks stand a chance against their much younger competitors?
dec 09

What Baldwin-esque bad gadget behavior have you seen on a flight?

Alec Baldwin recently got booted off an American Airlines flight for refusing to power down his phone. What bad gadget behavior have you seen in the air?
dec 09

Highest-Ever $22 Billion Collected by Rental Car Companies in 2011

By the end of 2011, car rental agencies will have collected record revenues of $22.4 billion, nearly $2 more than the year before.
dec 09

Bargain Rooms: 5 Tips for Exploiting the Hotel Debt Crisis

One out of three U.S. properties is in foreclosure, has changed hands under financial duress, or will hit the skids next year. Here's how that news affects travelers.
dec 09

Would You Go To Myanmar?

The controversial destination is probably known more for its years of dictatorial rule than for its serene landscapes and golden pagodas.
dec 08

65 New Ways to Get Away This Season

A slew of new air routes for your winter (and spring) getaways.
dec 08

Flying With Kids: A Survival Guide

In today’s world, one of the only things more stressful than flying is parenting. Combining the two can be a tricky proposition, so here are a few helpful suggestions for flying with kids.
dec 08

5 Surprising Foreign Laws That Put Travelers at Risk

Today, Thailand sentenced a US citizen to two and a half years in prison for breaking a surprising local law. Get the skinny on unexpected foreign laws that affect travelers.
dec 07

Rental Cars: The Safety Mistake Travelers Often Make

When you rent a car, you need to adjust your mirrors correctly to avoid blind spots that can result in accidents.
dec 07

Case Study: What Happens When One Airline Dominates an Airport

Here's proof that when there's little competition at an airport, travelers pay a hefty price.
dec 06

Poll: To Red-Eye or Not to Red-Eye?

Is it worth it to fly through the night to avoid losing a day in-transit? Take our new poll and share your thoughts on the benefits of a red-eye flight.
dec 05

Should U.S. Soldiers be Allowed to Pass Through Airport Security Quicker Than Other Travelers?

Some airlines allow members of the military to board the plane first. New legislation may soon give troops preferential treatment at U.S. airports as well.
dec 02

Coming Soon: No More Hidden Airline Taxes And Fees

On Jan. 24, the U.S. Department of Transportation is putting into effect a new rule whereby all taxes and fees will have to be included in the advertised airfare.
dec 02

Hotels: What on Earth Are "Tax Recovery Charges?"

Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Priceline don't charge taxes on the total price you pay for a hotel room. They do something more complicated and controversial.
dec 02

5 Ways Travelers Can Avoid Crowds This Holiday Season

Need to travel this holiday season, but hate crowds? Fortunately, there are ways to get where you need to go without battling the suitcase-wielding masses (or grappling with road rage). Here are a few travel-editor-approved tricks for you.
dec 01

American’s Bankruptcy Filing Shouldn't Impact You, For Now

The parent company of American Airlines and American Eagle filed for voluntary Chapter 11 this week, signaling a possible merger with US Airways.
dec 01

Zipcar Is Driving Competition in Rental Cars

The car-sharing service that rents by the hour has expanded to 16 cities. It's a fresh alternative to renting a car by the day, because it allows travelers to skip the rental counter and save cash.

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