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Archive: November 2011
nov 30

Should Airlines Have to Allow One Free Checked Bag By Law?

A new bill would guarantee that each airline passenger could check one bag for free, and never have to pay for a carry-on.
nov 29

My Australian Thanksgiving

I wouldn't say I skipped calories by spending Thanksgiving in Australia, but I did encounter some taste treats — including Vegemite, bugs, and meat pies.
nov 29

Plan a Trip to See the Northern Lights

Winter of 2012 may be the last time in 11 years to get a clear view of the famous green lights below the Arctic Circle.
nov 28

Swiss Museum Aims to Cure Information Overload

How to cope with the "data deluge," plus ideas for "digital detox" vacations.
nov 23

3 Most Intriguing New Facebook-Based Travel Tools

New sites InBed.me, Uptake, and Twigmore enable travelers to connect online with fellow travelers before their trip starts.
nov 23

What Makes Your Least Favorite Airport So Awful?

CNN.com just released a list of the top ten most hated airports in the world. So what makes people despise these places so much? Let us count the ways.
nov 22

Are holiday sweaters the new TSA target?

Believe it or not, my gold sweater earned me a pat-down at the airport. Here's why.
nov 22

Replace Heathrow? London Just Might

By building an alternative airport on an island in the Thames Estuary, the government can avoid the problem of having to overcome the objections of local residents—because there are none.
nov 21

Anthony Bourdain's New Series, The Layover, Debuts

Celebrity chef and fermented-shark-eater Anthony Bourdain returns to the Travel Channel with a new TV series, "The Layover" (Mondays at 9 p.m. ET).
nov 18

You'll Never Guess the Highest-Rated Car Rental Agency

It's not Hertz, Avis, Alamo, or Enterprise. Actually, there's a good chance you've never even heard of the company.
nov 18

Is Travel to Cuba Worth the Hassle?

Cuba has long been forbidden territory for Americans, but all of that is changing. It's now possible to visit the formerly off-limits country, but you'll pay a pretty penny to do so. Is it worth it?
nov 18

New York’s Long Island City Booming With New Hotels

There are currently 17 hotels in Long Island City, and five more properties are on the way in the emerging Queens waterfront nabe.
nov 17

What Do You Think About The New Brand USA?

Earlier this month, a new name, logo and campaign to market the United States to visitors the world over was unveiled as Brand USA, "America's first-ever global consumer brand."
nov 17

Does the DOT Tarmac Delay Fine Help Consumers?

At issue is whether airlines will cancel more flights to avoid large tarmac delay penalties.
nov 17

Now Departing: NYC to Hawaii Nonstop for $212

Hawaiian Airlines kicks off a new, seriously long-haul route with a seriously good deal.
nov 17

Silent Discos Gain in Popularity Worldwide

A silent disco is a dance party where clubgoers don wireless headphones and tune in to a live broadcast from the DJ booth.
nov 17

Trip Coach: Share Your Theme Park Survival Tips

There is emotion involved in the theme park experience both for parents and kids.
nov 16

4 Tools for Finding the Perfect Airplane Seat

Trying to grab the best seat on the plane? These tools are here to help.
nov 16

Could In-Flight, Pay-Per-View Porn Lower Airfare?

Would you be willing to put up with in-flight porn in exchange for lower prices?
nov 15

Miles or Cash? New Sites Help You Choose the Best Deal

PointHub and MileWise are free websites to help people determine the cheapest way to book travel: cashing in points or charging it.
nov 14

Buy Now to Save on Skiing This Season

When it comes to skiing, the early bird gets the deal.
nov 14

5 Tips for Sharper Holiday Photographs

Holiday lights and decorations brighten up cities and towns, but capturing those images can be tricky. Here are some helpful hints for amateur photographers.
nov 11

Will Innovations in Hotel Booking Lead to Higher Prices?

New services are helping travelers make smarter choices about hotel rooms, but will these offerings ultimately end up costing consumers more?
nov 11

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Booking Tips

Did the Thanksgiving travel season creep up on you? Well, you're not alone, according to Hotwire.com. But you need to act fast to avoid sky-high prices.
nov 11

SeaWorld's Expanding … to Antarctica?

The biggest-ever expansion at SeaWorld Orlando includes an entire new section devoted to penguins and Antarctica.
nov 11

Mexico’s New Tourism Campaign: Are You Convinced?

Will Mexico's latest answer to its tourism dilemma pay off?
nov 11

Your New Passport May Need a "Shield"

New passports with RFID tags hold information about you that can be "scanned" by devices at a distance, making your information vulnerable to bad guys.
nov 10

Hotels Honor 11-11-11 With Deals

Have you ever seen so many 11s? Here are some super-gimmicky deals happening in honor of 11-11-11.
nov 10

Can You Ski Park City on the Cheap?

You sure can. Here's how.
nov 09

Are You Traveling Responsibly?

It's World Responsible Tourism Day. What are you doing to minimize your tourism footprint?
nov 09

7 National Parks You've Never Heard Of

Meet the newest member of the National Parks family—as well as six others that deserve some recognition. Plus: all parks are free this Friday in honor of Veteran's Day.
nov 09

3 Lesser-Known Travel Websites Worth Knowing

Which travel sites make your life easier? We name a few that solve common travel problems in a way better marketed websites don't.
nov 08

Thanksgiving Travel Myths Debunked

Air travel during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one topic that reliably brings tall tales. We set the record straight.
nov 07

3 Great, Affordable Services for International Calls

These three VOIP (Voice-over Internet Protocal) services make connecting to loved ones easier while you're on the road.
nov 04

London Tests Free Public Wi-Fi

Finding free Wi-Fi in London is tricky, but we show you how to do it easily.
nov 04

Learn a New Language for Under $100

Whether you're brushing up before a business trip or want to travel abroad with more than a few introductory phrases, these three websites will help you learn a new language.
nov 03

How do You Prevent Theft on the Road?

Here are some smart ways to protect your valuables on vacation.
nov 03

Poland Crash: Tips on Surviving an Emergency Plane Landing

All 220 passengers flying LOT Polish Airlines from Newark, NJ, survived a plane crash this week. Here are expert tips on how to survive any crash.
nov 02

Ticket Lottery Opens for National Christmas Tree Lighting

This year's lighting is planned for Dec. 1 in front of the White House. This year the Park Service will distribute 3,000 tickets for seats and 14,000 standing-room tickets through an online lottery that opens Thursday.
nov 02

6 Popular American Foods You'll Be Hard-Pressed to Find Abroad

Traveling provides ample opportunities for indulging in culinary experimentation. But what if you just want a familiar snack from the homeland? Not so fast—you might be surprised by just how foreign some of our most common foodstuffs are to our friends overseas.
nov 01

One Airline Boards Its Customers Faster Than Most

You might be surprised to find out which one it is, and why their controversial method works. Still, there's a good chance this system won't be spreading to other airlines anytime soon.

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