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Archive: August 2011
aug 31

Heading to Europe? Have a Blue Lagoon layover

Some of the cheapest flights to Europe from New York City, Chicago, and Washington, DC., right now are on Icelandair and Iceland Express. Here's how to add on a visit to the Blue Lagoon spa as part of the itinerary.
aug 31

Last-minute Labor Day deals

If sticker shock has kept you mostly homebound this summer, there's still time to plan a budget-friendly getaway before the season's end.
aug 30

Do you pay attention to airplane safety videos?

Would you know where to find your floatation device if need be? Would you know where the nearest exits were if you had to evacuate suddenly?
aug 29

Would you pay extra to sit in a seat in the front of the airplane?

Think of it as a further move towards theater-style pricing, where you pay more for a seat towards the front.
aug 29

DC restaurant bans cell phones! Good idea?

A ban on both cell phones and photography of any kind whips up controversy. What do you think about it?
aug 29

East Coast tries to untangle post-Irene travel mess

Hundreds of thousands of passengers have been stranded due to Tropical Storm Irene creating a passenger backlog just before the busy Labor Day weekend.
aug 26

The Empire State Building turns 80

In honor of its anniversary, the 20th-century icon has debuted some stunning cosmetic renovations and a green upgrade that's setting the bar for commercial buildings around the world. Plus: how to beat the crowds when you visit.
aug 25

The end of summer is nigh, but isn't fall travel better anyway?

Although summer is the traditional high season for travel, prices are generally softer, crowds are generally fewer, and weather is generally milder in the fall.
aug 25

How are airlines responding to Hurricane Irene?

With Hurricane Irene barreling through the Caribbean and toward the East Coast, let’s take a look at what airlines are doing to help if the storm interrupts your travel plans
aug 25

Butt out! Cruise ship no-smoking zones expand in a big way

The number of places where it's OK to smoke on a cruise ship is shrinking: Increasingly, passengers aren't even allowed to smoke inside their cabins.
aug 24

British Airways launching fall fire sale worldwide

International airfares are about to drop. Keep your eye on the prices.
aug 24

Money-saving travel hack: Rent a moving truck instead of a car

Finding an affordable rental car is a common problem faced by travelers today. Here's one uncommon solution.
aug 23

Know your new rights as a flier to avoid getting ripped off

Airlines must pay bumped passengers MORE, says the federal government, in new rules issued today. Get the skinny on the fatter payouts.
aug 22

Rental cars: Hertz changes its loyalty program

Hertz has revamped its #1 Awards loyalty program to a new rewards system called Gold Plus rewards. Get the lowdown.
aug 19

How about a vacation to Afghanistan?

Canadian tour operator Bestway Tours & Safaris has introduced a program to bring travelers to the war-torn country just as President Obama announced plans to get troops out of it.
aug 19

Would you prepay for an unlimited drinks package on a cruise?

Pre-paying for drinks can eliminate the sticker shock some travelers experience at the end of a cruise. Here's what the pricing looks like and what it includes.
aug 19

New "sleep boxes" pop up at airports

Airport sleepboxes and pods could make long layovers tolerable.
aug 18

Poll: Are quick trips abroad worth the travel time?

Always ones to keep our eyes out for a good deal, we've lately found some vacation packages that have us rethinking our travel patterns.
aug 17

Have you curbed travel plans because of the economy?

Between the debt ceiling debate, stocks tumbling, economic analysts warning of a possible double-dip recession, and consumer confidence taking a hit, how is all this negative economic news impacting your vacation plans?
aug 16

Travel tips for Android and iPhone users

Some advanced-level tricks for maxing out your smart phone on a trip, whether you have an Android or an iPhone.
aug 16

The tackiest tourist photos on the web

A new website lets you upload and share your most outrageous moments on vacation.
aug 15

Travel photo tips for kids

Help your children to become more engaged in your family's vacation by lending them a camera. Here are some tips to make the most out of this activity.
aug 15

A computer algorithm that spots fake user reviews? Yup!

Watch out fake-review writers! A new software program from Cornell University can identify fraudulent reviews with 90% accuracy.
aug 12

A sneak peek of the 9/11 Memorial site

A preview of the National September 11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan one month before it opens to the public for the 10-year anniversary.
aug 12

How do you choose where to go on a three-day weekend?

Hotwire.com released its list of the top-ten most booked destinations for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, and as usual, big cities dominate.
aug 12

Look out! Monkeys overhead! Philly Zoo's cool new Treetop Trail

A new network of stainless steel mesh tunnels allows adorable monkeys to stray far from their usual cages.
aug 11

Survey: Travelers just love alternative airports

Come to think of it, since smaller gateways typically come with cheaper fares, smaller lines, fewer delays, and less stress, what's not to love?
aug 11

Finding a hotel is as easy as pointing to a [Google] map

Google unveils its new, experimental Hotel Finder, and its innovations have us excited!
aug 10

London riots: One expat's take, on the ground

Much has been said about the London riots. As a first-person witness, I simply wish to add that the response of the locals reveals how wonderful, and visit-worthy, Londoners are.
aug 09

London still welcoming tourists amid riots

As riots in London and in other cities in the U.K. continued, VisitBritain assured that the country is still welcoming tourists and that the violence and looting is far from any major tourist sites.
aug 09

Video: short-term vacation rentals—the pros and cons

Budget Travel Editor in Chief Nina Willdorf discusses the pros and cons of vacation rentals in a video from CBS's Early Show.
aug 09

TSA tests passenger behavior at Boston airport

Transportation Security Administration officers at Boston's Logan International Airport began testing behavior-based passenger screening this week. If all goes well, the program will be rolled out to the nation.
aug 09

What's the deal with the KLM cityguides?

We love KLM (Royal Dutch Airline), but their new "cityguides" have us baffled.
aug 08

Theft from luggage at airports and how to avoid it

Many items have been stolen from checked bags in recent months. Here are ways to reduce the chances you'll be a victim.
aug 05

Airport CEO surprises passengers with zany security video

Tired of the boring videos you have to watch in airport security lines? The CEO of Northwest Montana's Glacier Park International Airport agrees—that's why she commissioned this quirky video.
aug 05

Five myths about Moscow

Separating fact from fiction about a city that evokes a complex web of positive impressions (soaring ballerinas at the Bolshoi, anyone?), and negative ones (brutish oligarchs with flashy cars, maybe?).
aug 05

New shoelaces ready for airport security

Travelers looking to quickly slip in and out of their shoes at airport security have a new product to try: U-Laces.
aug 04

Introducing the (huh?) snore-proof hotel room

Crowne Plaza is testing out a new program that aims to give weary travelers a way to deal with snoring guests -- without resorting to earplugs.
aug 04

Inheriting frequent flier miles

Upon your death, your miles will become property of the airline, which officially won't allow transfers of mile balances from the deceased's account to a spouse's account. We look at a few workarounds.
aug 03

U.S. Government says travel to Cuba is not "unrestricted"

The Treasury Department clarifies its Cuba travel regulations — and guess what, it might not be all that easy to go after all.
aug 03

Watch dummies crash into airplane airbags

A video shows a simulated airplane crash, with one crash test dummy cushioned by an airbag, the other one not. Airbags are increasingly common on airplanes.
aug 02

Which airlines give refunds when the fare drops?

Some carriers are far more generous than others when it comes to giving passengers money back if the fare on their flight decreases.
aug 02

How is Airbnb dealing with the robbery that rocked the vacation rental world?

The online service that lets you rent other people's apartments reveals its cracks when one apartment is ransacked by a traveler. The company is ramping up security, but the question is—are they doing enough to protect consumers?
aug 01

10 dirtiest hotels in the U.S.

Every veteran traveler has a story or two of filthy hotel rooms. We give a shout-out to TripAdvisor's list of the dirtiest hotels in America, including select excerpts from their user reviews.

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