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Archive: July 2011
jul 29

Little known travel tricks with Google Maps

Everyone has heard of Google Maps. But not everyone knows all the tricks it's capable of. Here are five travel tips for using Google Maps.
jul 29

Orlando sting: $1 million worth of black market theme park tickets confiscated

Police arrested 14 people and recovered more than $1 million of merchandise in an undercover investigation involving illegally resold theme park tickets.
jul 28

It's prime season for epic, miles-long yard sales

The treasure hunt is on at enormous yard sales scheduled for upcoming summer and fall weekends across the country.
jul 27

We want to know your airport secrets!

In preparation for the holiday travel season, Trip Coach is looking at ways to help you navigate smoothly through airports and we want your tips!
jul 27

Some cruise lines take the "all" out of "all-inclusive"

Ship-board cantinas are increasingly charging for generic food like chicken tacos and grilled shrimp. What happened to all-inclusive prices?
jul 26

Top viral airline video of all time

Cebu, a low-cost Philippine airline, asked its flight attendants to dance to Lady Gaga and Kate Perry songs while explaining in-flight safety instructions.
jul 26

Now's the perfect time to book a fall repositioning cruise

When cruise ships change locations, like many will in the coming months, passengers going along for the ride often score remarkable deals.
jul 25

Flight Network's got you covered when your airfare drops

What if you book a flight only to learn later that the price dropped? A new company aims to solve that exact problem.
jul 22

It's easier (and cheaper) to rent a car when you're only 20

Whereas drivers under age 25 pay extra to rent cars, those under age 21 often can't rent at all. Now it's easier for 20-year-olds to rent just like the grownups.
jul 22

France wants you to feel more welcome

The French government recognizes that if it is going to get American tourists to stay longer and spend more money when visiting, the country needs to rebrand itself.
jul 21

How do you deal with an unwanted chatty seatmate?

Have you ever been trapped on an airplane with a chatty seatmate? Here are some ways to help you out of an awkward situation.
jul 21

Jet Blue may be coming to Long Island

According to Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.), Jet Blue is planning to expand even further into the Northeast region in 2013—and he wants to see the airline come to Long Island.
jul 20

Show off your photos, win a free trip.

Next month, your underwater photography skills could win you a free dive trip in the Seychelles, a check for $5,000, and loads of other prizes.
jul 20

Bookworms rejoice! Harry Potter takes over London and New York

While you're waiting for the official set tour to open next spring, here are some other Harry Potter tours to keep you busy in the meantime.
jul 19

The case against code share flights

When a U.S. airline and its foreign partner each sell seats on the same flight, they call it a "code share." It's a great arrangement for the airlines, but it can cause problems for consumers. Here's how to handle the confusion.
jul 18

How to spruce up a rental

Sometimes it's the little things, like a favorite pillow, a dimmer switch, or scented liquid soap, that can make a vacation rental feel more like a home.
jul 15

20 hot travel deals you don't want to miss!

We turned the Internet upside down, met with tour operators, and read the fine print to find you the best 20 deals out there right now.
jul 15

Why your Russian river ship shouldn't sink

The tragic sinking of a Russian riverboat this week brings to question the safety standards of river cruise ships on Russia's Volga River.
jul 15

Paying to skip long security lines

Some English airports charge fees of between $5 and $7 for passengers to skip long lines at security and go straight to the metal detectors. Should the U.S. adopt the same policy?
jul 14

How will you get through "Carmageddon?"

Angelinos have been fretting about this weekend's 405 closure for weeks, but on the upside, numerous hotels, eateries and entertainment venues across the city have "Carmageddon" deals and discounts.
jul 14

Top 10 reasons we love France

Happy Bastille Day! Or as the French say, Bonne La Fête Nationale!
jul 14

Electric bike rentals smooth out sightseeing

New electric bicycles let you ride around town without breaking a sweat.
jul 13

Theory confirmed! Credit cards have better exchange rates than banks

For that matter, either option is better than using a currency conversion service at the airport or train station.
jul 13

Hilarious Victorian tips for travelers

From reminders to travel with one's own portable bath to tips on how to hail a cab, today's intrepid female traveler has much to learn from her 19th-century forbears.
jul 12

Reveal which hotel you'll get on Hotwire

Sites like Bid Goggles and Hotwire Revealed can help you reserve the best hotel when you use use the excellent blind-booking site Hotwire.
jul 11

Is it too much to ask that an airline's fees be listed on one web page?

Airlines are soon supposed to list all of their fees on a single web page. But some carriers are trying to get the new regulations postponed or dropped.
jul 08

Q&A: Elisabeth Eaves, a writer who puts the lust in 'Wanderlust'

"Wanderlust is not a passion for travel, exactly; it's something more animal and more fickle -- something more like lust."
jul 08

Get your French on for Bastille Day

Events across the country pay tribute to France's Independence Day.
jul 08

New York City Restaurant Week is almost here!

Dine at four-star restaurants without the four-star prices during New York City Restaurant Week, from July 11–24.
jul 07

And the winner of the 2018 Winter Olympics is... South Korea

The International Olympic Committee's decision will shine a perhaps much-needed spotlight on the Asian nation.
jul 06

This Summer, Travel With Your Little One—and Your Sanity

Traveling with a little one this summer? Check out these great websites to help make your experience a more relaxing one.
jul 06

Hipmunk adds Wi-Fi to airfare search

Is in-flight Wi-Fi a big deal for you or would you rather tune out technology on a flight?
jul 05

Ask Trip Coach: Camping

Make the wrong move at the campground and your crew will be seriously un-happy campers. We're here to help.
jul 05

What happens when you return a rental car seven months late?

For one thing, the police issue a warrant for your arrest, as one man with an overdue rental car in Pennsylvania recently found out.
jul 01

Maybe if we could get through security faster, we'd travel more

A recent survey of frequent travelers shows that the majority of frequent travelers would enroll in the TSA's trusted traveler program.
jul 01

The Budget Travel Convert...Reporting from Greece

Hobart Fowlkes, our "Budget Travel Convert," updates us on a recent trip to Greece where he spent time exploring the Parthenon in Athens and the beaches of Mykonos.
jul 01

We can now travel to Cuba!

Finally, all Americans can now travel to Cuba, so long as they go with a licensed operator performing "people-to-people" trips.

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