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Archive: June 2011
jun 30

Prepping for hurricane season

The first storm of the season has landed in Mexico, so it's official, hurricane season is here, and travelers heading to hurricane-prone destinations should opt for travel insurance.
jun 30

Apple plans to block iPhone users from recording concerts

If Apple gets its way, recording and photo capabilities will be blocked on iPhones during concerts.
jun 29

New boarding procedures lead to chaos in the cabin

American Airlines has rolled out a system where all passengers—save for first class and elite passengers—are assigned a number based on when they checked in for the flight.
jun 29

Last-minute travel: Where to fly this Fourth of July

Will higher airfares keep you from traveling this Fourth of July weekend? Here's a look at airfare trends to help you decide.
jun 29

The new King Memorial is ready for its close-up

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall opens to visitors in August, and more than 400,000 people are expected to visit it on its opening weekend.
jun 28

Where in the world will your interests take you?

There's no one way to travel. Budget Travel explores several tours based on pop culture icons and the lives of historical figures.
jun 28

What matters most in a hotel?

What do guests value most in a hotel? Security, cleanliness, location, free WiFi, free breakfast? Tell us your opinion!
jun 27

World's best airlines announced at Paris Air Show

Per usual, North American airlines didn't get much love at the 2011 World Airline Awards, where Asia-based airlines dominated.
jun 27

Road killers: Rating buses for safety

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) wants letter grades posted on bus company websites and on the buses themselves.
jun 24

Is a single day of theme park fun worth $120?

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando both raised their single-day multi-park passes to a whopping $120 a day.
jun 24

Puerto Vallarta says it's safe, despite Princess canceling calls

The Puerto Vallarta tourism board cites a security study after Princess cancels three calls at its port.
jun 24

Rental car companies charge frequent flier mile redemption fees

Now it's rental car companies that are fleecing us.
jun 23

Lies to tell tourists

The worst—and funniest—advice to give tourists.
jun 22

Airport survival guide—we want your tips!

Send us your best flight-travel tips—and you could be featured in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel!
jun 21

Is tanning worth it?

Despite everything we know about the sun's risks (skin cancer, wrinkles, sun spots), are you still planning on tanning this summer?
jun 21

The disappearance of cheap red-eye flights

Half-priced overnight flights from Las Vegas to Atlanta? 5 a.m. departures from Denver to Seattle? The airlines have raised the price and cut the frequency of red-eyes.
jun 20

Fly vs. drive: a new website can help you decide

One website will help you decide whether flying or driving is better for your wallet.
jun 20

iPads take on hotels, airlines and the Eiffel Tower

iPads have been used for everything from check-ins at hotels to tours at the Eiffel Tower. Pretty soon they'll be guiding pilots, too.
jun 17

A pool floating in New York's East River?

It could happen. The creators of +Pool want to provide a clean and safe way for the public to swim in dirty waters.
jun 17

What's your take on Airbus' vision for the future?

Airbus' futuristic cabin concept includes a renewal and relaxation area, virtual gaming options and seats that can adjust to passengers’ body shape.
jun 16

Great surf spots you've (probably) never heard of

The Surfrider Foundation tells us about some lesser-known surf spots around the country for everyone from the novice to the experienced rider.
jun 16

Hotel bathtubs are an endangered species

Only one out of two Holiday Inn rooms in newly built hotels have bathrooms now. Marriott plans for 75 percent of the chain's rooms to have showers only. What's your view?
jun 15

5 best new ice pops in the U.S.

Meet the "pop" stars. These revisionist takes on a classic summer treat will probably upset Popsicle purists. To which we say: Chill out!
jun 15

Travelzoo now offers local vacation deals

As of this week, the company now touts deep discounts on restaurant, spa, (increasingly) hotel offers in 75 locations in the U.S. and abroad.
jun 14

Open secret websites for booking hotels

What are some of the lesser-known sites that are also helpful tools for finding a great hotel room at a reasonable rate?
jun 13

Why cruise ships almost never stay in port overnight

Would you like to stay overnight in one port on your next cruise? Or do you like the way cruise ships schedule their itineraries now?
jun 13

IATA reveals the checkpoint of the future

The International Air Transport Association unveiled a new airport security-measure that seeks to limit lines, stripping, and groping.
jun 10

How travelers can help Japan recovery

It's been three months since the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, and as the country looks to rebuild there are several things that travelers can do to help.
jun 10

Should airlines allow U.S. soldiers to board planes first?

United recently copied Continental's policy of allowing uniformed service members to board airplanes before all other passengers. Is this is the best way to show appreciation for our armed forces?
jun 09

3 ways to save on car rentals this summer

If you can hit the road soon, rental rates start for as little as $1 a day.
jun 09

Hotels: When a best online price guarantee isn't best

Many online travel sites promise to refund the difference if you find a similar room for sale at a lower price elsewhere shortly after booking it. But there are a few problems with these guarantees.
jun 08

8 ways to save on hotel rooms

Have you ever paid hundreds for hotel rooms, only to feel you paid too much? It can be upsetting. But, have no fear. Here are eight ways to save money on hotel reservations.
jun 08

Health precautions to consider when traveling

The current E. coli outbreak in Germany is a sobering reminder of how important it is for travelers to arm themselves with reliable (and relevant) health information
jun 08

What does the Anthony Weiner scandal have to do with travel?

Nothing. But that hasn't stopped an airline from announcing a special "Weiner Sale," with fares starting at $9.
jun 08

New York City debuts a brand-new section of High Line Park

The popular attraction will double in size when its new addition opens to the public today.
jun 08

Outdoor summer theater across the country

Get your (free) Shakespeare fix from these great regional productions.
jun 07

Coming soon: Groupon for travel

Groupon and Expedia will team up later this month to help travelers save more money on quick getaways.
jun 07

What to do when you lose all of your digital photos

On a trip to Cape Town my digital camera went haywire and I saw the three words no traveler ever wants to see: MEMORY CARD ERROR. Were my images lost forever? No, it turns out.
jun 06

Horror stories from airport security abroad

We spend a lot of time criticizing the TSA in our own country, but what about airport security outside of the U.S.?
jun 03

Sightsee with locals—for free!

The Global Greeter Network offers travelers walking tours with locals free of charge.
jun 03

You've stayed at bad airport hotels, now stay at a good one

Rather than be bland and predictable, the new Novotel Auckland Airport in New Zealand has many innovations we wish other airport hotels would copy.
jun 02

Are buses a safe way to travel?

The DOT is cracking down on bus safety, but after another fatal crash this week, riders might be wondering just how safe buses really are.
jun 02

Strike a (yoga) pose in Times Square

On June 21, the Times Square Alliance will sponsor its annual yoga event by creating space in the heart of NYC for sun salutations and downward dogs.
jun 02

5 airport innovations worth praising

At some airports worldwide, experiments are underway to improve the travel experience, from wireless luggage tags to subway-side check-in.
jun 01

Gamble on a flight from New York to the Hamptons

Andre Balazs’ Standard hotel in Manhattan is launching a summer seaplane service to the Hamptons, and is offering passengers the option to play its "Flight Board" game for a shot at seats as low as $30.
jun 01

The five smartest vacation photos you've never taken

Use your digital camera as a "visual notebook" to record things you may find useful later on, such as of a handwritten sign with your contact information in case your camera gets lost.

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