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Archive: April 2011
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Follow that story: Lisbon becomes an even more lovely bargain

Portugal's gemlike capital is one of Europe's most romantic places to visit. No second mortgage required.
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Test Lab: Using Plnnr to plan a trip

Plnnr.com is a free online trip-planning service that punches out travel itineraries for any of 18 cities according to a person's interests and (optionally) their Facebook profile.
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Poll: Which economic indicators will impact your travel plans most?

Are higher gas prices or stagnating home sales playing into where you want to go this summer and how you’re going to get there?
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America's best new microdistilleries

Upstart distillers are reviving the craft-spirits scene by combining old-world techniques with modern recipes. Even better, they give visitors a seat at the tasting-room bar.
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Overstock.com starts selling vacation packages

Overstock is getting into the business of selling vacation packages at rates of 30 to 40 percent off.
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Are you more loyal to hotel rewards or frequent flier programs?

New research says that travelers put a higher value on hotel loyalty program points.
apr 27

Readers react to the new DOT rules for airlines

Highlights from reader comments. Plus, we give a shout out to three airlines that are doing the "right thing" about checked baggage fees.
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Poll: Would you pay extra for a fast-track security line?

JetBlue will soon join Southwest, United/Continental, and American in letting big-spending passengers pay to skip to the front of the security line.
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Book a trip you saw on TV

The Travel Channel has joined forces with hotel review and booking site Oyster.com.
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New website tracks outrageous souvenirs

A new website by Doug Lansky lets travelers submit photos of tacky souvenirs and other funny finds.
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Is air traffic out-of-control?

What are travelers to make of the recent high profile mistakes by air traffic controllers?
apr 25

What's with all the food photos?

What is it about food that makes us want to snap photographs like there's no tomorrow? Is it the moment we want to capture? The taste? Or is it the incitement of jealousy or praise that we seek?
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26 places we'd rather be on a Wednesday

It's the middle of the week and all we can think about is being somewhere, anywhere, besides the office. Here, a picture tour of where BT readers are in mind and spirit, if not in body.
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New trend: Urban bike tours in Los Angeles and New York

Urban sightseeing by bike, long popular in cycle-friendly cities in Europe, is starting to gain traction stateside.
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View endangered whales off the coast of Cape Cod this week

Those lucky enough to be in the Cape Cod area this week should hit the coast to view one of the rarest creatures on earth—North Atlantic right whale.
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How far should the DOT go to protect travelers?

On Wednesday, the Department of Transportation announced new rules designed to protect airline passengers. My question is—do the airlines require even more government supervision?
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Events commemorate the Civil War's 150th anniversary throughout 2011

Battle reenactments are scheduled throughout the spring, summer, and fall, and Gettysburg hosts a 150-cannon salute at the end of April.
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Katrina, BP: New Orleans is back

New Orleans welcomed more than eight million visitors last year for the first time since Hurricane Katrina.
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10 artists give us a way to celebrate the summer Olympics right now

For the past year, ten artists have been following the athletes who will compete in the London 2012 Olympics and Paralymics—and portraying them in myriad ways.
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Revealed: Nation's best coffee shops

Coffee-appliance-maker Krups polled coffee-drinkers from coast to coast to find the country's best local coffee shops. Here are the winners of their "Cup O' Joe" awards.
apr 18

Scalpers at national parks?

Online sellers are asking as much as $150 for campsite reservations that normally cost $20.
apr 18

What's your worst "lost luggage" story?

Lost luggage can induce hair-pulling frustration and make you never want to fly again, or at least never check a bag again.
apr 15

Photo tour of the creepiest churches on earth

Tour our slideshow of scary monasteries, spine-chilling churches, and cathedrals made of bones.
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One of Mexico's strongest assets: Value

Despite the ongoing negative press about Mexico, the destination continues to attract millions. How is that?
apr 14

A service for finicky vacation home renters

IStopOver.com has a new tool that allows vacation renters to submit specific requests &mdash Kosher pantry anyone? &mdash and have property owners bid on their business.
apr 14

A voluntourist speaks out: a first-hand account of helping in the wake of disaster

It's national volunteer week! In commemoration we opened up our blog to Q&A with a "voluntourist" who shares the inspiration for her journey to Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, plus advice on how others can follow in her footsteps.
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Daypacking: Travel without luggage

Four travelers show how you don't need a suitcase or a carry-on bag for a long trip.
apr 12

SNL takes on Southwest Airlines

SNL icon Kristin Wiig plays a Dallas-based flight attendant sharing her hair-raising experience on the infamous Southwest Airlines flight.
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Rising travel taxes: Survey shows they're impacting travel plans

As city, county and state governments look for more ways to boost their revenues, they’re relying on higher travel taxes, and travelers are starting to notice.
apr 12

Europe's biggest tourist traps?

Three out of four people surveyed say the 15th-century Blarney Castle with its famous rock (to be kissed for good luck) is not worth seeing.
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Cruise news: Disney Cruise Line expands into NYC

Starting next year, Disney's Cruise Line will embark from three new ports: Seattle, Galveston, and New York.
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Should D.C.'s museums start charging fees?

Should Smithsonian museums charge an admission fee of about $7.50 an adult? Or should admission to the National Zoo and National Gallery remain free?
apr 10

Revealed: America's most expensive airports

Houston has the most overpriced fares of major U.S. airports. Fares in Houston were recently marked up about $85 above the national average, according to a survey.
apr 08

Passport Day canceled, embassies abroad stay open

The U.S. State Department has canceled Passport Day, an annual event when U.S. passport agencies process passport and visa applications without an appointment.
apr 08

Pet travel tips from 'The Privileged Pooch' author Maggie Espinosa

The author of a new book exploring California's upscale pet travel scene offers advice to help travelers on any budget, no matter where they're going.
apr 08

Google acquires travel software company for $700 million

The Justice Department has given Google the green light to purchase ITA Software, a company that organizes airline data and controls the reservation systems of most major US airlines and online fare-comparison sites.
apr 08

Is traveling in the off-season worth the risk?

Traveling in the off-season has its perks, but for some the cons (such as unpredictable weather) outweigh the pros.
apr 08

The ideal vacation: Indulge or detox?

Should a vacation be about totally indulging in all your desires or totally depriving yourself of them?
apr 07

April 9: The easiest day of the year to get a passport

Do you have a U.S. passport? Check out some of the new requirements and get your documents together in time for "Passport Day in the USA," this Saturday, April 9th.
apr 07

Frequent flier: Get more than 100,000 miles fast

Here are three rare credit card offers for new users. Each promises tens of thousands of miles just for signing up. These cards are the speediest ways to earn free overseas trips.
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State Department downgrades Egypt warning

The U.S. State Department has softened the wording of its Egypt travel warning, and consequently more travel companies are returning to the destination.
apr 06

No more waiting in line at the concession stand

Yorder is a free mobile-app for iPhones and Android phones that lets sports fans order food, beverages, and merchandise from their seat so that they don't need to miss a minute of the game.
apr 06

Horizon Air sorry for kicking tall man off flight

How tall is a 6' 9" tall man? Too tall to sit in a coach-class seat on Horizon Air, apparently.
apr 05

What's your biggest language gaffe?

Conversing with the locals can be tricky. Tell us your biggest language blunders.
apr 05

Expedia reveals rewards program details

To stand out, Expedia has stepped up with bonuses that are easier to earn. We offer tips on how to make the most of the program through double- and triple-dipping.
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Road to Hollywood Tour coming to a theater near you

The Turner Classic Movies 'Road to Hollywood Tour' makes its way across the country, with the TCM Classic Film Festival as its Hollywood grand finale.
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Ireland has the cheapest hotels in Western Europe

A Hotels.com survey finds Dublin's hotel prices are lower than Ireland's national average—at just $103 (or €73). In comparison, average hotel rates in London are $192 a night; Paris, $170; and Rome, $160.
apr 02

Bypassing international roaming plans

Making calls with your cell phone while traveling abroad can be a hefty investment. But some alternatives to roaming fees are coming on the market.
apr 01

Wealthy fliers dislike flying more than the masses

Less than half of all travelers have positive feelings about flying -- and wealthier travelers are especially likely to view air travel in a negative light.
apr 01

My love/hate relationship with in-flight movies

How much thought goes into airline movie selections? More than you might think, it turns out.

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