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Archive: March 2011
mar 31

What is your favorite travel book?

Tell us about your most beloved travel narrative, and it could wind up in a future article!
mar 31

Metered moto-taxis

Following eight years of research and development, Paul Giles, an American ex-pat living in Thailand and president of WorldMoto, developed the world's first motorbike taxi meter.
mar 30

Less salt in the wound: Solo traveler savings

The economics of it make sense, but it just seems like adding insult to injury when companies charge single supplements.
mar 30

Car rental battle heats up online, consumers hurting

Starting April 1, Alamo, National, and Enterprise removed their rental car listings from Orbitz and CheapTickets.
mar 30

Study: No significant health threat from TSA's full-body screening

The Archives of Internal Medicine released a report Monday concluding there is no significant threat of radiation from TSA's full-body scanners, but recognizes privacy concerns.
mar 30

Today's travelers are more empowered than ever (plus: other emerging travel trends)

The nation's top travel editors, including Budget Travel's Editor in Chief Nina Willdorf, discuss the next big things in travel.
mar 29

News: Highway 1 hit by massive mudslides

After a series of three mudslides rocked the California coast, travel into and out of the Big Sur area has effectively ceased.
mar 29

Should souvenirs be authentic and locally sourced?

Do you look for authentic, locally sourced goods when shopping on a vacation?
mar 29

Paris: The controversial love locks

Attaching padlocks to a bridge and throwing the key into the Seine. Is it a romantic idea, or public defacement?
mar 29

Rental cars: Which ones are the safest

One out of four cars have "poor" ratings in a few types of accidents: side, rear, and rollover.
mar 28

Hipmunk: Finding "ecstasy" in affordable lodging

A new low-key online site helps you find hotels and homestays. It even maps their location relative to a city's hotspots.
mar 28

Should we tip flight attendants?

We don't tip flight attendants. Yet many of them work harder than restaurant waitstaff. Should we start tipping them?
mar 28

River cruise growth outpacing ocean cruises

With the number of river cruise passengers on the rise, Budget Travel's Editor in Chief Nina Willdorf talks with Torstein Hagen, the Chairman of Viking River Cruises about the growth in the industry.
mar 25

Hot deal! Arizona car rentals for $5 a day from Hertz

Can you say road trip? Rent a car in Arizona, drop it off in one of nine states in the West, and the rental rate will be just $5 daily.
mar 25

Video: Dream Trips! And how to make them a reality

Budget Travel's Editor in Chief Nina Willdorf stops by The Today Show to discuss dream trips, from Paris to Siberia.
mar 24

Trains versus planes? Survey shows a pull towards tracks

There has been no shortage of fodder recently fueling the argument of whether travelers would be better served by trains or planes.
mar 24

Vote now in our Readers' Choice Poll!

We know you know travel. So tell us what places, airlines, cruises and more are the best (and the worst)! The results will be featured in our November 2011 issue.
mar 23

Don't let vacation photos go to waste

Here are some creative ways to immortalize your last trip.
mar 22

What do you collect on your travels?

Collecting souvenirs while traveling doesn't have to cost a fortune to ensure the memory of the trip stays forever. Some travelers collect maps, others collect seashells, and some even collect hotel shampoo.
mar 22

Check out these recycled wonders

Here are some rather ingenious ways the humble plastic bottle and other trash have been up-cycled into something far greater (and visit-worthy) than its initial intended use.
mar 18

Introducing the new 'all you can drink' cruise

Royal Caribbean is selling unlimited alcoholic beverage packages starting at $29 a day.
mar 17

What to do when the State Department issues a travel alert

Crises and government-issued travel alerts go hand in hand. But what do these alerts mean and how seriously should travelers take them?
mar 17

Report: Allow one free checked bag, stop treating everyone like terrorists

A panel led by former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge suggests ways to transform airport security and streamline passenger check-in procedures.
mar 17

The death of the travelers' check?

They're useful in some parts of the world, like China. But in Europe, they're becoming harder to use.
mar 17

Travelers reveal what's in their bags

New site Bagcheck interviews people about what's in their bag. The results are surprising!
mar 17

Apple's plans for iTravel tool, revealed

The tool would allow you make travel reservations and check-in with your iPhone—for flights, hotels, and cruises. We sneak a look at Apple's patent applications.
mar 16

Gear: TSA-friendly sneakers

Adidas is now selling sneakers that look like lace-ups but are actually slip-on, slip-off sneakers. Perfect for the airport security line.
mar 16

American tests "tag-your-own-bag" system at Austin's airport

Now American Airlines is asking passengers to print their luggage tags and slap them on their bags at Austin's main airport. Call it TYOB.
mar 16

Ask Trip Coach: The grand European tour

There are more ways than ever to tour Europe. The trip just might be more complicated and more expensive than ever too.
mar 16

The other blossoms worth celebrating

Cherry trees aren't the only woody perennials that paint the landscape with colorful, fragrant blossoms in the spring. Here are three other trees that we love when they're in bloom.
mar 16

Airport lounge access for $17.50?

Would you be willing to pay $17.50 for access to free WiFi, sandwiches, beverages and other perks while you wait for your next flight? Check out the new plan from Airspace Lounge.
mar 14

Readers' best Ireland photos

You came through with gorgeous photos of Ireland's emerald countryside, majestic castles, cities like Dublin and Cork—and even marching bagpipers in Waterford's St. Patrick's Day Parade.
mar 11

Is high-speed train travel the way of the future? The guys of Mad Men think so!

Actors Rich Sommer and Vincent Kartheiser from AMC's Mad Men release a humorous look at the benefits of train travel.
mar 11

Budget Travel reader reaches out from Japan

Julia Bahner talks to us via Facebook from her hostel in Asakusa, Tokyo hours after the earthquake hit just off the northeast coast of Japan.
mar 11

Tsunami watch: Facts for travelers

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the northeast coast of Japan on Friday triggered a massive tsunami, which was threatening to hit Hawaii, and numerous regions around the Pacific Ocean, including the U.S. West Coast.
mar 11

Israel: "Walk in the footsteps of the Virgin Mary"

Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land can download a new, free 59-page guide with do-it-yourself itineraries. They can also sign up for a free e-mail newsletter for travel updates.
mar 11

Hotels: Choose your own room, for a fee

Hotels now want to do for rooms what airlines have long done with seats: Charge customers more for the best ones.
mar 10

Undeterred spring breakers head to Mexico

A lot has been made about whether the popular spring break destination of Mexico is safe for college-aged partiers amid ongoing reports of drug-related violence south of the border.
mar 09

10 of Our Favorite Girlfriend Getaways

Have you ever taken a girlfriend getaway? Many of the BT ladies have just such a trip planned! Join us a photo tour of some of our favorite girls-only destinations.
mar 09

Is it foolish to follow the advice of locals?

It's a classic travel tip: When searching for a great restaurant, cool bar, scenic park, boutique shop, or anything else, get the input of a local. Is this an awful approach?
mar 08

Tours led by the homeless

These guides don't just know their city, they have experienced it from a completely different perspective than your average citizen.
mar 07

How to get close to Hawaii's massive, erupting volcano

Have you always wanted to see a volcano up close? Here are two places to safely view Hawaii's most recent volcanic reaction.
mar 07

Have you been on a multi-generational trip recently?

For a chance to be featured in Budget Travel, tell us about your experiences traveling with grandparents, grandkids, and everybody in between.
mar 07

How to make a first-class sandwich for a flight

Snacks on a plane? Forgetaboutit. Continental has stopped serving free pretzels in flight. So what's a hungry passenger to do? We offer some sandwich-making advice.
mar 07

7 reasons to look on the bright side of air travel

It's easy to feel down amidst recent news of the rising fuel and ticket prices. But with airports all over the world improving, your travel experience may not be so bad.
mar 05

Bed bugs take to the skies

Just when you thought you had put bed bugs out of your mind, they show up again, in the most unlikely of places, most recently having made an appearance on a British Airways flight.
mar 04

Reserve Disney rides before ever leaving home?

In the future, it'll be possible for a Disney-bound family to reserve specific ride times long before arriving in central Florida.
mar 03

Summer fares: Book now or wait?

Book now. Fuel prices are causing ticket prices to soar.
mar 03

Would you fly more frequently if airplane seats were more comfortable?

Some ideas on how to make airplane seats in economy class more comfortable. Share yours, and vote in our poll to show if you would fly more if airlines installed better seats.
mar 03

Readers' best cherry blossom photos

March brings an explosion of pink and white cherry blossoms. To celebrate this annual rite, we've assembled your best shots, from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to a palace courtyard in Seoul.
mar 03

Travel the Web faster with seven Chrome browser extensions

Google recently opened up a Web store where you can find extensions for your Chrome browser. We combed the store for the best one-click, free tools that can speed up your travel-related Web searches.
mar 02

Could the price of your flight change after you book?

If one small no-frills airline has its way, the answer will be yes.
mar 02

Ireland: Travel to the Emerald Isle is affordable now

St. Patrick's Day make you dream of visiting the Emerald Isle? Lodging prices in Dublin are the lowest of any major city in Western Europe, and restaurants are similarly well priced.
mar 02

Gourmet food trucks: Track 'em down with these four Web tools

The best trucks, carts, and buses serving gourmet street food are always on the move. How to find their locations? Use these four Internet tools.
mar 02

11 places we'd rather be on a Wednesday

It's the middle of the week and all we can think about is being somewhere, anywhere, besides the office. Here, a picture tour of where BT readers are in mind and spirit, if not in body.
mar 01

Want to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu this year? Book ASAP

Here's how to secure a permit to hike the popular Inca Trail to Peru's ancient site of Machu Picchu.
mar 01

Is Egypt ready for tourists?

Major tour operators are set to resume guided trips to the country within the next month.

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