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Archive: February 2011
feb 25

What's the biggest phone bill you've ever been socked with after returning from a trip?

"Bill shock" is the sudden, unexpected increase in your mobile phone bill from one month to the next. If you’ve experienced it, you're not alone. Here's how to fight back.
feb 25

Canada's worst decision ever

Vancouver's city council has recently approved an initiative to expand the number of “healthy” street options, limiting hot dogs in favor of fare like squash and quinoa.
feb 25

This weekend: The New York Times 2011 travel show

If you happen to be in the New York City area this weekend, stop by the Javits Center for the chance to attend seminars by the biggest names in travel, see cultural performances and possibly even win a trip.
feb 24

What is the most memorable place you've ever visited?

One traveler created a gorgeous online video series to commemorate the one small-town destination he couldn't shake. Check it out—and get inspired.
feb 24

Sick of snow? Lobby for summer!

Had enough of winter? Budget Travel is here with some comic relief and great deals to help you get some well-deserved sun.
feb 23

Heading to New Zealand? What you should know

If you’re gearing up for a trip to New Zealand, reports about a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the country’s second largest city of Christchurch on Tuesday may have you concerned about whether now is the best time to go.
feb 23

The nation's top resorts and spas on sale during Wellness Week

Certain spa, fitness, and wellness centers around the U.S. are offering 50 percent off treatments for one week in March.
feb 23

BT asks: Readers' best RV tips

What would you tell a first-timer about to embark on an inaugural RV vacation? I want to hear all your best road-tested tips.
feb 23

The threat of rising airfares

Tour operators and vacation packagers are worried that increasing airfares, spurred by improving demand and surging fuel costs, will give travelers a sticker shock that will make them think twice about that vacation to Italy, Hawaii, or farther afield.
feb 22

95% of Americans plan to travel more in 2011

This week, Travelocity released its 2011 Traveler Confidence Report, a survey in which 1,400 Americans were asked about their vacation plans for the coming year.
feb 17

Your Facebook friends can win you a trip to Britain

A new Facebook contest that launched this week called Unite the Invite, might be a way to spice up your daily Facebook trollings and potentially win you a trip to Britain in the process.
feb 17

Do you love public transportation as much as these guys?

The New York City subway has inspired cartoons, jewelry, even socks. But this latest ode to public transportation takes the cake for originality and technical skill.
feb 17

Once in a lifetime cruise, once in a lifetime price

The latest deal to catch our eye is a $690 three-night sail through Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.
feb 15

4 reasons we have Chile on the brain

We were excited to learn yesterday that Chile plans to invest $4 billion to renew its airline fleet between 2011 and 2013. Even before this news, however, we've had Chile on the brain in a big way.
feb 15

New sites will tell other hotel guests who you are

In the future, you may be able to look up the names of most of the strangers in your hotel lobby, thanks to the Internet. Other hotel guests may be able to look up your name online, too, if you decide to let them. Is this a good thing?
feb 14

Australia goes on sale, Oprah tries to help

While the star's airing of her talk show Down Under last month was certainly expected to be a boon to Aussie tourism, not even Oprah could counter the fallout from flooding and a massive cyclone that devastated parts of Queensland, and tourism to the country.
feb 13

Cruises: New website predicts when you should book

Cayole is a travel agency that uses seven months' worth of pricing records to help you make an educated guess about whether a cruise is likely to go up in cost soon.
feb 13

QR codes: What travelers need to know

Strange black-and-white boxes with monster checkerboard patterns are popping up on billboards and tourist signs. They're called QR, or "Quick Response," codes. But what are they and how do you use them?
feb 11

Google's street view travels inside museums

Last week 17 museums, including the Uffizi, the MoMA, and the Palace at Versailles teamed up with Google's Art Project to give you the ultimate virtual art experience.
feb 11

Last Day to Vote for Our Coolest Small Town!

The poll closes at 1:00 p.m.!
feb 10

Cruises: Two die on-shore in Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico, has never been more popular for travelers, but in recent weeks one cruise crew member and two cruise passengers have been found dead there.
feb 10

Airlines hike fees for baggage

As fuel prices rise again, airlines have continued to hike baggage fees. Is that fair?
feb 10

Earn flight reward points on Facebook!

JetBlue recently launched a social-media application that will give its members exclusive deals and promotions—just for logging in.
feb 10

Is Florence's new museum card really worth $68?

A dizzying number of masterpieces are on view in Florence's historic center, so it's high time the city got its own discounted museum card. But was it worth the wait? We do the math.
feb 09

2011, the year of river cruising

It may be the year of the rabbit, but what few may realize is that 2011 is also gearing to be the year of river cruising.
feb 09

Ask Trip Coach: Multi-generational travel

How do you keep toddlers and teens, grandparents and in-laws, and everyone in between happy on a big group vacation?
feb 09

Which Town Will Be America's Coolest in 2011?

If Senator Manchin has anything to do with it, it will be Lewisburg in his state of West Virginia.
feb 07

Which hotel toiletry products do you snag for the road?

It’s always a pleasant surprise when the hotel products are to one’s liking — the products are always the grand finale, the last hurdle for total approval of a hotel room.
feb 04

Readers' best winter photos

It's been one of the stormiest winters in recent memory—and we're not through yet. To beat the winter blues, we've selected your 25 most blissful, stunning photos of the season.
feb 04

Which movie best represents your hometown?

Throughout February, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston will be showing movies that are closely linked with cities. We expect to see a lot of New York and L.A., but what about smaller towns?
feb 04

Wilderness for beginners

For only $300 (plus your own airfare), you can enjoy "digital detox" outdoors in a gorgeous landscape in Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, or elsewhere in the U.S., with a chance to help protect the environment while making friends.
feb 03

Travel photos: Tools to find the "Golden Hour"

Three Web tools help you find out the times around sunrise and sunset when the wash of light that bathes scenery in a soft glow, making your travel photos even more spectacular.
feb 03

4.3 Million viewers tune in to watch an "idiot" travel abroad

What happens when a man who hates to travel is sent on a journey around the world? Better yet, what happens when a man who hates to travel and has no social filter is sent around the world with a bevy of cameramen?
feb 02

Riots in Egypt: How much can travel insurance help?

Escalating political tensions, suicide bombings, flooding... It’s times like these that make people think twice about the value of travel insurance. We decided to find out just how much insurance can help in these situations.
feb 02

Calling all cruise aficionados!

Have you set sail more times than you can count? Do you know deck plans like the back of your hand? Keep a souvenir from every port? Prove it by entering our contest for the world's best cruiser.
feb 01

All hail: restaurant week is upon us

This week, restaurants in New York, LA, and Toronto offer set menus designed to get you out of hibernation and sampling some of the best dishes in these cities. The best part? A three-course meal comes with a price tag that won't leave you penniless.

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