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Archive: December 2010
dec 31

Snow travel chaos: Your rights for compensation

How fliers can recoup costs that they may have lost during Snowmageddon.
dec 30

Are you less likely to fly in 2011?

Fees. Delays. Long lines. Awful customer service. Invasive, humiliating, seemingly random security procedures. The list of annoyances and aggravations related to airline travel just grows and grows.
dec 30

Instant translations of street signs with your cell phone camera

New app World Lens looks at any printed text through the iPhone's video camera, reads it, translates between Spanish and English—all in real time and showing it right on the screen in the same font and color as the text.
dec 29

How many rides do you ride on a day at Disney?

The number of rides enjoyed by the average Disney park visitor may seem surprisingly low.
dec 29

Google's new window decals may help travelers

Shops and restaurants in Portland, Ore., are putting up stickers that say "Recommended on Google." Touch one of the decals with an NFC-enabled smartphone to download info about the place.
dec 28

Where are you going in 2011?

Almost every traveler has a short list of great places he or she hopes to visit. We want to hear about yours!
dec 24

6 travel lessons from Europe's "Winterchaos"

In the past week, thousands of flights were canceled at European airports because of uncommonly icy weather.
dec 23

Rent a car for only $6 an hour?!?

A new service hooks renters up with local car owners willing to loan their wheels out for as little as $6 an hour -- gas and insurance included.
dec 22

Not too late to sign your kid up for a season's worth of free skiing

Ski-crazed states like Colorado and Vermont host programs in which middle-school skiers and boarders ride for free -- often for the entire season.
dec 21

Summer's harvest in the middle of winter!

You could spend the winter holed up at home, or you could relive the glories of summer's harvest by heading to these indoor markets.
dec 20

Travelex Chip and Pin Card makes paying abroad easier

More and more, Americans visiting Europe and the U.K. are finding their credit and debit cards useless at many shops.
dec 17

Would you ever book a trip to Chernobyl?

Ukraine's Ministry of Emergency Situations announced this week that the site of the world's greatest nuclear disaster will be open to official tours beginning in 2011.
dec 17

Hotel deals: Book in advance and save up to 50 percent

Many hotels offer discounts of 10 or 15 percent for guests reserving two or more weeks in advance. Here are some deals that do way better than that.
dec 16

Europe flights on sale!

Two European carriers offer the rare opportunity to fly to Europe for under $500—round trip, with all taxes and fees included.
dec 16

What's new for theme parks in 2011

Legoland Florida, The Little Mermaid ride at Anaheim, and new Star Tours rides—these are some of the surprises in store for visitors to theme parks in the new year.
dec 16

Top travel-themed video of 2010

We take it for granted that we can jet off anywhere in the world on a whim. For a few days last spring, we were put in our place by The Volcano Whose Name Americans Can't Pronounce.
dec 16

Favorite new travel sites of 2010

What new website or travel technology you really liked this year? We share our favorite innovations.
dec 15

How to ship your bag, from $70 each way

When does it pay to use a third-party shipping service instead of checking your bag?
dec 15

New site TripTrace wants to be your travel muse

TripTrace uses information about where you've "checked in" using a location-based smartphone service to give you tailored travel recommendations.
dec 14

Rome to tax tourists instead of locals

To help plug budget gaps and fund restoration work, tourists will be saddled with a new nightly hotel tax starting on January 1.
dec 14

Last-minute gifts: 5 high-tech toys

It's not too late to get an awesome gift for the high-tech travelers on your list.
dec 14

How to game Continental's new FareLock service

Continental customers can lock in fares for up to seven days. Fees for the service start at $5.
dec 13

New ways to make friends while traveling

We hear a lot about companies trying to give you vacation tips from your friends. But a few companies want to go a step further and help you travel with like-minded strangers.
dec 13

Video: How to slow the world down

Graeme Taylor took a high-speed camera and instead of pointing it at something fast, he put it on a fast-moving train and shot footage of the platform moving by—slowly.
dec 13

Should students take a gap year?

It's popular for middle-class Europeans to take the year off before going to college. Would American teenagers become more mature with a year of traveling--or is a "gap year" a wasteful indulgence?
dec 10

5 great spots to ride the Polar Express and see Santa

All aboard! Wear your PJs!
dec 09

New trend: Touring destinations in 3-D

A new website shows Vegas in all of its three-dimensional glory, while Jamaica's tourism board will soon debut 3D commercials in movie houses.
dec 09

Check out these holiday hotel deals

Budget Travel’s Editor-in-Chief, Nina Willdorf, appeared on the Today Show this morning to discuss great hotel deals for the coming holiday week, including some for as low as $54 a night.
dec 09

London: A 2012 arts marathon worthy of the Olympics

A production of Romeo and Juliet, a new play starring Cate Blanchett, and a peace concert hosted by Jude Law will be staged to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics.
dec 08

Readers' Choice: What bugs you most about flying?

Do long lines at security drive you crazy? Does the mere thought of a TSA pat-down you want to re-schedule your trip? Tell us what you hate most about flying.
dec 08

Does a disaster movie turn you on (or off) to a destination?

Some movies make us want to cringe, but can they also make us want to travel? The Utah Office of Tourism is counting on some pretty gruesome films to draw visitors to the state. But will it work?
dec 08

London theatre: Once-a-year discounts available

More than 50 of the city's most popular productions—including Billy Elliot and Mamma Mia—were put on sale yesterday until they sell out, at prices ranging from £10 ($15.50) to £35 ($55).
dec 08

Readers' best Japan photos

In the 26 images we selected, you'll be transported to a country packed with cultural experiences.
dec 07

London: 5 best December values

Early snowfall has melted, and cheer is in the air. Here are five stylish and affordable ways to celebrate the holidays in the Big Smoke.
dec 07

Ask Trip Coach: Solo travel

Going it alone offers a sense of freedom and accomplishment you'd never get hitting the road with a travel companion.
dec 06

London: Rent a bike for nearly nothing

American tourists can now use their credit cards to rent one of about 5,000 bicycles kept in automated racks posted at 352 spots around the city. Rates start at one pound.
dec 06

Readers' Choice: Tell us your favorite cruise line!

We're giving you the floor. We recognize that our readers are true experts, so we want to hear your thoughts on all sorts of travel topics. Our November 2011 magazine issue will be devoted to what you tell us.
dec 03

Save Pompeii!

A few structures have collapsed at Italy's most famous ancient city. What can be done to save the rest?
dec 03

Flight delays cost you $37 an hour

An FAA study finds that air traffic delays cost passengers $16 billion in lost meetings, vacation activities, and other expenses. Blame many of the delays on the FAA.
dec 03

UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage List—Good for Flamenco, But Where's America?!

If you’ve spent any time traveling, you’ve probably seen the phrase “UNESCO World Heritage Site” in guidebooks and tourism brochures, on plaques, or even in the news.
dec 01

Thanksgiving-weekend travel recap: How'd it go for you?

Now that Thanksgiving is over and we've made it through the first round of holiday travel, we can all take a moment to breathe and reflect on the nightmare that last weekend was supposed to be, but, according to most accounts so far, just wasn't.
dec 01

Readers' Choice: What is the best international city for food?

Excluding domestic destinations, what is the best city in the world for food? Tell us below. The more detailed you can be, the better.

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