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Archive: November 2010
nov 30

Travel gift ideas that won't weigh anyone down

Airline gift cards, hotel vouchers, frequent flier mile gifts, and travel hacking courses all make for great gifts. Batteries not necessary.
nov 30

Travel games: Scavenger hunts by cell phone are all the rage

Scavenger hunts are exploding in popularity thanks to a new cell phone app.
nov 30

Readers' Choice: If money were no object, where would you travel?

If you could go anywhere in the world, what would be your ultimate dream destination? Tell us below. The more detailed you can be, the better.
nov 30

New York City: New (relatively) affordable hotels

Midmarket brands are opening sleek hotels across lower Manhattan, delivering a quality of life most new arrivals take years to achieve.
nov 30

London: Royal wedding-themed vacations

An insider's guide to the key spots to see this year related to the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.
nov 29

River cruise deals: 2 for 1 specials, no single supplements, and more

Once the weather turns cold, river cruises aren't exactly top of mind among travelers. That's why it's smart to think about river cruises right now.
nov 23

Call for unique travel tips!

What is your best money-saving, time-crunching, fun-optimizing vacation strategy?
nov 23

Readers' Choice: What's the best amusement park?

Make your case! Our November 2011 Readers' Choice issue will be devoted to what you tell us about this and other travel topics.
nov 23

London shopping: A new mall with spectacular views

The first new shopping center in London's financial district in 130 years offers a spectacular rooftop view of St. Paul's Cathedral.
nov 23

Rent a car, drive to Florida for $1 a day

One of the cheapest road trips imaginable is possible during the slow travel period after Thanksgiving and before Christmas.
nov 22

A new train connects Madrid and Valencia in 95 minutes

As of December 19, the new service will cut the journey by 60 percent while only raising the ticket price about $16.
nov 19

A genius travel beauty tool for just $15

Finally, a device that makes it easy to transfer perfume into a TSA-approved, travel-sized container.
nov 19

Readers' Choice: What's the best all-inclusive resort chain?

Make your case! Our November 2011 Readers' Choice issue will be devoted to what you tell us about this and other travel topics.
nov 18

Study: Travel agents making a comeback

A new study shows that more people are using travel agents than in the past.
nov 17

On your next NYC visit, are you Brooklyn-bound?

For your next NYC visit, check out a new, handy guide to the borough, and our picks for places to eat and shop.
nov 17

Readers' Choice: What's your favorite national park?

What is your favorite national park? Tell us below. The more details to make your case, the better.
nov 17

Airport scanners: Will you join National Opt-Out Day?

Complaints about full-body scans and pat-downs at the airport are getting louder. Pilots unions and libertarian groups are calling for boycotts.
nov 16

Readers' best Caribbean Sea photos

Nothing inspires a beach escape quite like a dreamy photo. These 25 sun-drenched images show off the appeal of destinations like Cozumel, Vieques, and even Cuba.
nov 16

How to fight a cold on the fly

Colds can ruin your vacation, unless you take some steps to treat the symptoms.
nov 16

Ask Trip Coach: Safaris

The next Trip Coach topic is a biggie -- big in terms of complications and expense, and big in terms of an amazing experience like none other.
nov 15

Airplane-safe pens: Worth their premium price?

Pen makers have touted "airplane safe" pens for years. We test pens that won't leak in flight.
nov 12

Sneak peek: Aloft's first NYC hotel will open in Harlem

The chic, affordable hotel brand is finally coming to New York and wants to make a big impression, starting with keyless check-in.
nov 12

Readers' Choice: What's the most beautiful city in the world?

We're giving you the floor. To gear up for our second annual Readers' Choice issue in November 2011 we're turning to the true experts—you!
nov 12

4 cool new ski resort features you just gotta check out

A self-operated roller coaster that zips through the forest sounds pretty cool to us.
nov 12

Rome: A cool restaurant and art space in San Lorenzo

The neighborhood has gotten more shabby-chic, and a testament to that recent change is Pastificio San Lorenzo, an innovative restaurant in a former pasta factory.
nov 11

Would you pay extra for an allergy-free room?

nov 11

Are all of these airport security measures working?

TSA declines to comment on "unbelievable" case of identity fraud on recent Air Canada flight.
nov 11

San Francisco: Sweet treats to try before you die

We think you should get dessert first and try these 50 sugary confections.
nov 10

Readers' Choice: Tell us your favorite hotel chain!

To gear up for our second annual Readers' Choice issue in November 2011 we're turning to the true experts—you!
nov 10

Controversy: Hitler exhibit now open in Berlin

"Hitler and the Germans: Nation and Crime" has drawn big crowds and a lot of discussion.
nov 09

Free in-flight Wi-Fi on three airlines this holiday season

Bring your laptop: From November 20 to January 2, all passengers flying domestically on AirTran, Delta, and Virgin America get free in-flight Wi-Fi.
nov 08

4 ways to get a free hotel room this fall

Check out these off-season hotel promos to snag a bonus night free.
nov 08

You may be tagging your own bags soon

On some flights on American Airlines and Delta, passengers at selected airports will be encouraged to use kiosks to print their own luggage routing tags.
nov 08

Cigarettes made for in-flight smoking: Good or bad?

Electronic cigarettes could make flying fun again for American smokers.
nov 05

Readers' Choice: Favorite (and least favorite) airport?

Tell us your favorite (and least favorite) airports—and why—by posting a comment.
nov 05

Rome: 5 best November values

Our picks include a fashion exhibit, jazz concerts from $7, and a new Italian restaurant that does brunch right.
nov 05

Adioso: A travel deal search-engine for the spontaneous

But is it better than Kayak?
nov 05

San Francisco: 5 best November values

Hiking on Alcatraz, visiting Dogpatch, and finding a speakeasy are on our calendar this month.
nov 04

Controversy: Are you the cause of 'sidewalk rage'?

Cities love tourists for the money they bring to the local economy, and yet the locals often hate how visitors clog the streets and sidewalks. One city wants to do something about it.
nov 04

Liverpool: John Lennon remembered with series of cultural events

Earlier this month, Liverpool launched a two-month-long cultural program honoring the life of former Beatle John Lennon through a series of live music, film, poetry, and art events.
nov 04

London: 5 surprising essentials to see before you die

Here are attractions you probably haven't you heard of but are affordable and truly worth your time.
nov 04

How travelers can complain effectively with social media

One savvy Facebook message or one clever "tweet"—forwarded to friends—can snowball and draw the attention of a travel company's highest officials to resolving your customer service problem.
nov 04

London: How staying near Paddington can make your trip better

In west central London, it's smart to stay in the quiet area near Paddington Station, which provides speedy access to the city's iconic destinations.
nov 03

What's new in airport security?

We check in with the TSA and see what they have in store for us the next time we going through security.
nov 03

Breeze through security with TSA-friendly fragrance products

We've all encountered a peculiar odor during a trip, whether it's been on an airplane, in a rental car, or even in a hotel room. A new company called Scentsy is angling to fix that very problem.
nov 03

Readers' Choice: Tell us which airlines you love (and hate)!

We're giving you the floor! We recognize that our readers are true experts, so we want to hear your thoughts on all sorts of travel topics, starting with your favorite (and most hated) airlines. Our November 2011 magazine issue will be devoted to what you tell us.
nov 03

How to bring wine back from overseas

Pack strategically with clothes or one of our recommended products to safeguard your wine.
nov 02

Rome: What to eat in winter

Winter's chill arrived earlier than expected this year, but Romans are more than happy to welcome the season's hearty vegetables.
nov 02

What would make you boycott a state or country?

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, France went down in the history books as the first European country to ban veils that cover the face—namely, the burka that's worn by some Muslim women.
nov 02

London hotels: Want that towel? You have to pay $2.40

London's most affordable and centrally located new hotel, Tune Hotels Westminster, greets guests with all-new costs. Pay $2.40 for a towel rental, $4.80 to activate the TV each day, and more.
nov 01

Airline reviews: Find out if an airline is any good

Is there a way to figure out if an unfamiliar airline is safe…and if it's comfortable? An expert reveals the answer.

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