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Archive: October 2010
oct 30

25 travel-inspiring photos

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season—before we know it Thanksgiving will be here, followed by Christmas and Hanukkah. You know what that means—time to start thinking about vacation.
oct 29

Will trains replace planes in the next century?

Imagine that you were able to travel from New York to London in just 54 minutes…by train. Engineers say it's just a matter of time.
oct 29

'Super Sale': 50 percent off 700 hotels around the world

Accor, the hotel company that runs chains like Ibis, Mercure, and Novotel, just announced a big sale.
oct 29

Southwest undercuts competition with $5 in-flight Internet

Could this spur on an in-flight Internet price war?
oct 28

Florence: What to do with kids and teens

Get the scoop on kid-friendly museums, tours, and art workshops, plus how teens can have fun and hang out like Florentines.
oct 28

Rome: Coffee prices are rising

Espresso drinkers in Rome should prepare for a jolt at the cash register—thanks to the rising costs of coffee beans.
oct 28

San Francisco: The new Exploratorium breaks ground

Here's a peek at preparations for a new home for San Francisco's innovative science museum.
oct 27

The only iconic American sites worth your time

We're looking to do a story on iconic American sites in an upcoming magazine issue, sifting the time-wasters from the totally worth-its. Here are two iconic destinations to go for and two that you should totally skip. Agree? Disagree? Tell us.
oct 27

Check out the world's newest natural wonders

Each year, the United Nations unveils a list of the world’s most stunning natural attractions, called World Heritage Sites—and chances are you’ve never heard of them. This designation spotlights (and protects) a handful of hidden gems. See what made the cut for 2010.
oct 27

Cheap flights: Southwest super sale

Today and tomorrow, there's a super sale on Southwest. Other airlines are matching the low fares.
oct 27

Car rental: How forwarding your confirmation email can lower your rate

If prices drop after you reserve a rental car, Autoslash will email you. You can then rebook at the new, lower rate.
oct 26

Airline pilots tell their juiciest secrets

Have you ever wondered if pilots actually sleep in the cockpit? Or whether airlines have adjusted their flight times strictly for the sake of a better record of on-time arrivals?
oct 26

San Francisco: A shorthand guide to burritos

With all the options, ordering a burrito can be more confusing than you'd think. Use our handy guide to help.
oct 25

London: Top fish and chip shops

These three spots batter the competition when it comes to serving fried fish and golden French fries.
oct 22

Leave tomorrow: Airfares to Hawaii are down

With a slew of airline sales available right now, put Hawaii back on your radar as an affordable destination.
oct 22

Italy: How to tip in 6 situations

Stressing over the bill is no way to end a fantastic meal at a Roman trattoria. You'll have a smoother travel experience if you're familiar with Italian tipping etiquette.
oct 21

Is Google killing the Great American Road Trip?

Google has taken cruise control to a whole new level. The company announced last week that it has invented a self-driving car.
oct 21

Ugh! Airport security screener caught stealing up to $700 a day

Federal investigators arrested a TSA staffer who allegedly regularly stole hundreds of dollars out of travelers' baggage at his security checkpoint.
oct 21

San Francisco: A must-have guide to Haight Ashbury

A new guide explores the area's historical implications and its modern amenities.
oct 20

Readers' best skyline photos

Cities around the globe are pushing architecture to new heights and feats of design. You'll be dazzled by these 18 reader photos.
oct 19

Raise the roof: Super stargazing

Catch the year's final full lunar eclipse—and millions of ultra-bright stars—from the comfort of a tricked-out geodesic dome in the Chilean desert.
oct 18

Like chocolate? You might like working with cocoa farmers in the D.R.

A new volunteer vacation caught my chocoholic eye because it's themed around the Fair Trade cocoa industry.
oct 18

The first-ever underground Colosseum tours

Travelers now can enter the underground level where wild animals and gladiators once waited before facing off.
oct 18

Two free nights in a hotel when you book a flight to London

Here's your chance to let British Airways pick up the tab for a couple of nights -- in a three- or four-star hotel no less.
oct 18

Are health-conscious cruises all the rage?

A new wave of cruises focuses on getting buff instead of getting to the buffet. The real question is—just how popular are they?
oct 15

A new way to get to the airport…but is it worth it?

Travelers in New York City have historically had several options to get from town to the three major airports—cab, train or subway. Soon there will be a new way—one-way car rentals—but we're not sure it's such a bargain.
oct 15

Neighborhood watch: Monti, Rome

Monti's winding cobblestone streets are home to fantastic restaurants, eclectic shops, and piazzas for people-watching.
oct 14

How a Kindle can help you travel

Passport? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Kindle? Yes, you may want to pack a Kindle. Here's are the pros and cons of the e-reader. Plus: how to max it out.
oct 13

Ever wonder what kind of weird stuff gets confiscated at JFK airport?

A new photo exhibit in New York City shows exactly what gets confiscated: Cuban cigars, pirated DVDs, heroin, animal parts, hand grenades, bongs, and more.
oct 13

San Francisco: Decoding the new Clipper pass

The transit system's new universal card takes some getting used to.
oct 12

Free lodging for veterans on November 10

On Wednesday, November 10, more than 600 B&Bs around the country are offering free rooms for active or retired military personnel.
oct 12

New site TripAlertz is Groupon for travel

The more people that book a hotel, the lower the price goes. Everyone pays the same rate when the site's clock hits zero.
oct 12

London: Pop-up theater

Abandoned warehouses and tunnels now double as theater stages.
oct 11

Would you retrace the steps of the Titanic on a memorial cruise?

If so, you wouldn’t be alone —just a few spots are left on the 2012 sailing that will follow the path the ill-fated ship took 100 years ago.
oct 08

The French are going on strike (again). What will happen to travelers?

Many trains won't be running and those that are operating will do so at reduced capacity. Here's what you need to know.
oct 08

Rome: Book soon for film festival tickets

Unlike celebrity-studded fests in Venice and Cannes, the International Rome Film Festival is laid-back and accessible.
oct 08

London: Giant mirrors land in Kensington Gardens

If you like the "Millennium Bean" in Chicago, you'll like these mirroresque public sculptures now on display in the royal gardens of Hyde Park.
oct 07

What's the strangest souvenir you've bought?

We bet it's not as weird as a journal made of cow manure from Vermont…
oct 07

You drank what?! The world's weirdest beverages

What’s the most outrageous drink you’ve tried? I just got back from Hong Kong and, believe it or not, the most bizarre item I consumed on the trip was a beverage, not a main dish.
oct 06

Rome: 5 best October values

Our picks include special after-hours Vatican visits, drinks with jazz, and contemporary dance.
oct 06

Wanna see your pet featured in 'Budget Travel'?

Tell us about a recent experience you had traveling with your pet.
oct 05

San Francisco: Keep your eyes on the sky this weekend

The city's annual Fleet Week starts this Thursday.

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