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Archive: August 2010
aug 31

Extra mile awards, the bonus round: Another motel to watch

Motel 6, Red Roof Inn, and Holiday Inn aren’t the only chains revamping their looks—Super 8 has also started adding new rooms to the mix
aug 30

San Francisco: The city's historic streetcars

The city's other utterly charming public transit option.
aug 27

Questions for an editor going to Florence?

I'm leaving soon, so now's your chance to ask!
aug 27

Bed bugs: How to cut your risk

As coverage of the creepy crawlers' return reaches a fever pitch, we revisit Budget Travel's definitive prevention guide.
aug 26

For the lowest airfare, study says book eight weeks in advance

Have two economists pinpointed the elusive booking sweet spot?
aug 25

Sick of airline baggage fees? Get your hotel to pay for them

Two major hotel companies have promotions in which they'll cover the costs of guests' airline checked baggage fees.
aug 25

San Francisco: The 5 best farmers markets

Though beloved and justifiably famous, the Ferry building ain’t the only game in town. There are places to pick up picnic supplies all over the city—on almost every day of the week.
aug 23

Europe special: Transportation upgrades!

Travel to Europe gets easier with new direct flights, train routes, and river cruises.
aug 20

Paris: Grab a joystick—a new exhibit explores the evolution of video games

Visitors who have tired of the Mona Lisa can now turn to Mario and Luigi for some unusual museum fun.
aug 20

Would you sightsee in New York City, but sleep in Jersey City?

The selling point: more space, a quiet night's sleep, and Manhattan views from $139 a night.
aug 20

Around the world...baggage-free

The easiest way to avoid baggage fees is by bringing no luggage at all. But how feasible is that? One writer is about to find out—on an around-the world trip, no less.
aug 18

Florence challenges Rome for Michelangelo's David

The 35-year-old mayor of Florence has reopened a longstanding debate over who owns the world's most famous statue.
aug 17

The best flight search tool you've never heard of

My secret tool is now out for public consumption, and I guess I consider it my responsibility to share it with the world.
aug 17

San Francisco: 4 indie bookstores worth a visit

This city is home to an impressive number of indie bookstores. Here are four worth a visit.
aug 13

Ohio: World's Bravest and Finest face off in weeklong competition

Free events at the Can-Am Police-Fire Games include the grueling, can't-take-your-eyes-away Toughest Firefighter Alive contest.
aug 13

The end of the lapchild?

The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that all passengers -- kids under the age of 2 included -- have their own seats on planes. That'd mean infants would no longer be allowed to sit in their parents laps, and they would no longer fly for free.
aug 12

Your blog editor says good-bye

I'm moving to London after three-and-a-half wonderful years. My replacement will arrive shortly.
aug 12

New York City: Why you should visit the High Line

Manhattan's newest public park is the High Line. Mobbed when it first opened last year, the park is now mostly quiet, and a great place to view downtown from a five-story height.
aug 10

San Francisco: 5 best August values

Five things on our calendar this month.
aug 10

Ever seen a flight attendant freak out?

It was service with a slide when a JetBlue flight attendant lost it yesterday.
aug 10

The National Parks for free!

We would love to hear from you: What are your National Parks vacation plans for the rest of this summer?
aug 09

Attention travelers! Beware of pre-checked boxes when booking online

There's nothing wrong with a company offering travel insurance when you're booking a trip. But what about when it's automatically added to your bill?
aug 09

Paris: 5 best August values

Free concerts, outdoor films, an urban beach along the Seine, and a last chance at a fashion retrospective.
aug 06

Cool idea: Fine art fridges

There's no better way to chill out in Chicago than by checking out the city's newest public art exhibit.
aug 06

San Francisco: Decoding public transit

The city's transit system is easy to navigate, but there are certain quirks that can be frustrating for first-timers. Here are our best tips to help you get around town like a local.
aug 06

London: Buckingham palace opens its doors for the season

Tickets now available for rare access to Buckingham Palace.
aug 05

Vacation time debate: Is it really better in Europe?

We all know that the American worker's two weeks of annual paid vacation pales in comparison with the months of vacation time granted to Europeans. But is the vacation gap really as big as you think?
aug 05

Digital Video 101

Budget Travel's JD Rinne shares vacation video tips.
aug 05

London: Bike rentals made easy

As of this week, Americans visiting London will be able to join locals in renting some 6,000 bikes stationed around town, for about $1.50 each way.
aug 04

What makes you "like" a travel company?

Please enlighten our editor in chief. Why would you want to receive daily updates about a big brand on Facebook?
aug 04

What are the world's most beautiful lakes?

Which gorgeous and photogenic bodies of inland water would you have included in our list?
aug 03

Barcelona Controversy: Banning bullfights in Catalonia?

On July 28, a vote from local parliament has blocked the sport from taking place in Barcelona from 2012 onward. Will the law stick?
aug 03

London: The Proms concerts get under way at the Albert Hall

The annual season of great value classical concerts gets underway in the Albert Hall
aug 02

An inside look at "illicit" airport finds

Lost and unfound: Fake Louis Vuitton purses, two dead guinea pigs from a passenger flying in from Ecuador, and other strange cargo.

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