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Archive: July 2010
jul 30

Readers' best bridge photos

Your beautiful photos demonstrate that bridges are as much about form as function.
jul 30

A fancy-schmancy hotel exec reveals tips for getting great hotel service

The global brand leader of St. Regis Hotels, who stays at hotels 150 nights a year, tells how to get the most out of a stay at any hotel.
jul 30

Video: How to Tackle San Francisco's Chinatown

Find the best markets and score authentic dim sum.
jul 30

Summer in Paris: Outdoor movie screenings

The Cinéma en Plein Air festival is turning 20 this summer and celebrating with films that are all about life at that crazy age.
jul 30

Minibar madness: A snack would be nice, but a 300 percent markup?

Just how much extra do you pay for the convenience of drinks and snacks in a hotel minibar?
jul 29

England: A new exhibit in Bath

The Fashion Museum recently opened an exhibit featuring Princess Diana's dresses.
jul 29

Summer in Paris: The beach is back

A free summer festival turns a stretch of the Seine into a giant urban beach.
jul 29

"Around the World for Free" and a super healthy road trip

A reality show star travels with no money in his pockets, and a pair of writers drive across the country.
jul 29

Our Readers' Choice Award winners announced on The Today Show

We announced the winners with the help of Al Roker.
jul 29

San Francisco: Order like a local at In-N-Out

Order off the secret menu to get an "animal-style" burger.
jul 29

Last chance for summer!

Only 55 official days left. How will you make them count?
jul 28

Ask Trip Coach: House swapping

The upside to a house swap is huge: free lodging in an apartment or home almost anywhere in the world. But that doesn't mean house swapping is for everybody.
jul 27

New site Wanderfly will be wonderful at inspiring travelers

Few sites inspire people to travel to destinations they've never considered before. But new site Wanderfly.com points you to trips matching your budget, interests, and time constraints.
jul 27

Would you pay for the Whole Enchilada?

Frontier Airlines is selling special "Whole Enchilada" fares that are fully refundable, include complimentary checked baggage, and don't require any advance purchase.
jul 26

Wandermom takes her kids to an Irish castle and a giant's causeway

A visit to the Giant's Causeway and Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland.
jul 23

Turkey: An expert decodes where, what, and how to eat

The writer of our new Turkey Menu Decoder dishes on Istanbul's restaurant scene, how to eat in a local's home, and whether to tip.
jul 23

New York: Decision day for keeping sublets legal for vacationers

Will Mr. Paterson give a stay of execution to the current sublet laws that offer great bargains for vacationers?
jul 22

A peek behind the scenes at Budget Travel

What's it take to make an issue of Budget Travel? Here's a taste of the highs and lows this month:
jul 22

Will United add more baggage fees?

United president John Tague was quoted saying annual revenue from baggage fees is worth up to $1 billion a year.
jul 21

Airports You Love: Now tell us why

Weigh in on what makes America's top airports the best!
jul 20

Man caught at airport with 18 monkeys under his shirt

Authorities say the man appeared nervous during questioning. Uh, no wonder!
jul 20

Rumor Buster: Are two one-ways cheaper than one roundtrip?

We've heard that you can save on traveling to Las Vegas by booking two one-ways. But that doesn't seem to be true.
jul 20

America's Favorite Restaurants: What's your local fave?

What local restaurant would you add to the list?
jul 19

San Francisco: 5 places to eat for free

These bars and restaurants serve up free food during weekday happy hours.
jul 19

Ask Trip Coach: Spa vacations

Ask The Trip Coach your questions about spa vacations!
jul 16

Decoding the "London Pass"

The London Pass smart card offers 56 attractions from $280. Is it worth it?
jul 16

Hidden airline fees to become thing of the past?

Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza told Congress that bringing luggage on vacation was "not essential to travel." Hence, the need for fees. Congress wants to tax those fees.
jul 15

Reader report: Booking New Zealand hotels with Wotif and NeedItNow

Readers Iolaire and Susan McFadden recently booked a last-minute trip to New Zealand and found affordable, stylish hotels at the last minute. Here's how.
jul 15

National parks tips from the 'Dark Ranger'

Including advice on why some loop trails should be hiked counter-clockwise, and why, even though it seems more exhausting, if you've got a choice you really should hike uphill on the steepest sections of trails.
jul 15

A road trip is a great way to tell a person's story, as The Cranky Flier proves

Brett Snyder, author of The Cranky Flier, has written a lively book about a cross-country road trip he took when he was laid off from his main job. The book could inspire others to tell their own stories.
jul 14

Readers' best California photos

Your best photos of this geographically diverse state.
jul 14

Video: Test your travel knowledge

It's travel trivia time. (Sample question: "What's your best guess for Yellowstone National Park attendance in June?")
jul 14

London: Seeing stars

Introducing guided tours of the celeb hangouts, past and present.
jul 14

Food photography done for fun

An interview with "my Budget Travel" photographer Joe Routon.
jul 13

Mark your calendar: Museum Day means free admission

On Sept. 25, get in free at hundreds of U.S. cultural institutions.
jul 09

TrustYou may be the best travel site you've never heard of

The free new site allows you to zoom in on user-reviews of hotels that are relevant to you, such as "family friendly B&B in Philadelphia with a great breakfast."
jul 08

San Francisco: 5 best July values

Our top picks for this month.
jul 08

Taxing controversy: Should hotels or booking engines be paying more in taxes?

And if either is forced to pay more, how and when might the added costs trickle down to travelers?
jul 07

Paris: 5 best July values

Discover the best sales, most gorgeous gardens, and tastiest street food in Paris this month.
jul 07

San Francisco: Free concerts in the parks

Grab a picnic blanket and lie back in the grass to enjoy a wide selection of tunes.
jul 07

5 ways to beat the crowds at Yosemite

Yosemite is one of our country's most popular national parks, and 90 percent of visitors see little beyond Yosemite Valley, which, while spectacular, represents just 5 percent of the park.
jul 07

New York City: Photo safaris

Learn to record memories of your Manhattan trip in your own pictures.
jul 06

London: 5 best July values

July highlights include carnivals, boat races, park life, flower shows, and dance fests.
jul 06

What's your favorite small town in America? Nominate yours now!

Voting has already begun for our 2011 Coolest Small Towns in America contest!
jul 02

New York City: 5 best July values

Baseball and fireworks by the beach, Broadway and opera in the park, and fine dining for less.
jul 02

25 travel-inspiring photos

We dug through our files to find photos so spectacular that they're bound to get you planning a new adventure.
jul 02

Photo of the day: A Brussels griffon in Nice

The cutest vendor in a French antiques shop that we have ever seen.
jul 02

San Francisco: 5 activities in Golden Gate Park

The 1,017-acre park has a lot to offer. Here are five lesser-known options.
jul 01

America's backyard grub: Tastiest food for the Fourth

Here are my personal picks for the best all-American eats worth traveling for.
jul 01

Fourth of July Weekend: Where the deals are

America's best bargain for hotels this holiday weekend is San Antonio. The worst? Washington, D.C., where all of the lobbyists are.
jul 01

Four apps to travel with

Worth your time and money, tools for creating personalized itineraries, safe texting, and listening to music on the go.
jul 01

Things we love: "un-tours"

These general orientation tours led in small groups are not cheap, but they deliver your money's worth, from $15 per half-day outing.
jul 01

N'awlins: Should you drop that seafood po'boy?

New Orleans' most famous sandwich is the po'boy, whose most common ingredients (oysters, shrimp) are endangered by the Gulf oil spill.

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