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Archive: May 2010
may 28

London: An artist's travel video

Can your trip video do this?
may 28

London: The Museum of London re-opens with a new look

The $29 million facelift has added five new "Galleries of Modern London" in a stunning glass cube perched over the street, with models, posters, paintings, and artifacts.
may 28

Ask Trip Coach: River cruising

For a charming, laid-back, no-hassles tour of Europe, river cruising is hard to beat. If you've ever had questions about this elegant mode of travel, send them in to us now.
may 28

Rental Cars: A breath of fresh air

They're smelling fresher today, thanks to smoking bans and new technology.
may 27

Denmark launches a social media site for travelers

Each "story" is boiled down into a short snippet that can be read or listened to on mobile phones.
may 27

Coming soon: Turn your smartphone into a hotel room key

Holiday Inn and Apple both want you to skip the front desk and go straight to the room, which you'll be assigned via text message. Your phone will unlock the door.
may 27

San Francisco: Make the most of Alcatraz

Get up close to this infamous former prison with our handy tips.
may 26

Rental Cars: No-show fees are in the works

With hotels and flights, travelers are charged when they fail to show up on the date of a reservation. With car rentals, there's no fee for no-shows. But that may soon change.
may 26

Your next vacation is on us

Share your best packing tips in our Ultimate Packing Smackdown, and you could win a trip to Egypt!
may 26

Saying ciao to Matt Gross

It's the end of the road for a man who sought out high style on a low budget.
may 25

Get "Lost"—and other pop culture pilgrimages

Free! In Oahu, New York City, and beyond.
may 25

Creepiest airline passenger ever?

Talk about a snake on a plane! A 63-year-old man flying from Hong Kong to the U.S. is facing federal charges for allegedly molesting the woman sitting next to him on the plane while she slept.
may 25

New York City: Church turned club reopens as shopping mecca

Is nothing sacred? Everything from gourmet cupcakes to a soap brand once favored by the Eisenhowers is now on sale at a converted church.
may 24

New York City: 5 best June values

Shakespeare in the Park. Night at the Museums. And three other must-see events.
may 24

Utrecht: Holland's "Festival City"

Only 45 minutes south of Amsterdam, Utrecht makes a strong case for a summer detour.
may 23

Florida: C'mon down. The water's fine!

Florida's white-sand beaches and crystal blue waters are clean and untouched by the oil spill.
may 21

Cruise News: Carnival now sails year-round from Charleston

Travel to the Caribbean without getting on a plane thanks to expanding service out of Charleston's drive-up port.
may 21

San Francisco: A guide for beer aficionados

5 spots worth a stop when you get thirsty.
may 20

What's the silliest reason you've booked a hotel room?

Have you ever had a frivolous reason to book a hotel room when you weren't on vacation? I want to hear about it! Anyone?
may 20

Hotels: Expedia adds "gay-welcoming" to list of searchable amenities

You can now filter for hotels that "are LGBT-welcoming" along with other amenities, like "provide free parking."
may 19

Do travel boycotts really work?

The recent boycotting of Arizona by some U.S. cities got us thinking.
may 19

Hertz promo waives $25 daily fees for young renters

But guess what? You'll probably still pay less by renting from another agency, even if it does charge fees because you're under 25.
may 18

Vienna exhibits its design smarts

A centuries-old legacy of craft and an influx of creative types from eastern Europe have sparked a design revolution in the Austrian capital. See top examples at Vienna Design Week this October.
may 17

Free new Google app: Point-and-shoot translator

Descipher foreign words by taking pictures of them and using a free new app for Android phones.
may 16

Readers' best Spain photos

Spain doesn't always get the coverage it deserves, but these 18 fantastic photos do it justice.
may 14

Virgin Atlantic fights jet lag...and you win!

The Jet Lag Fighter ($1.99) is an app that promises to get you and your sleep schedule back on track after a grueling long haul.
may 14

San Francisco: Where to eat oysters

The oyster season is in full swing. See our favorite places for delicious molluscs.
may 13

Kids who play with tech toys are less likely to travel

Predicting the rise of the Go-Nowhere Gamer children, based on trends in Japan.
may 13

Unbelieveable fare sale to New Zealand: $399 RT

Only available for the next 48 hours
may 13

Follow up: Using your cell phone in Europe

Readers have suggested more great workarounds for avoiding cell phone fees when traveling in Europe.
may 13

London: Booze and Blues in Greenwich

It's not just Gordon Brown singing the blues this month in London.
may 12

King Tut vs. Cleopatra: Egypt's 'Boy King' and 'Last Queen' on tour in the U.S.

Highly anticipated exhibits in New York, Philadelphia, and Denver give visitors a glimpse of how ancient Egyptian royalty lived -- and died.
may 12

New way to find e-saver fares from your city

Fare sales, filtered by your hometown airport.
may 12

San Francisco: 3 must-see new art exhibits

The spring brings new openings at the de Young and more.
may 12

Gay travel recap: TripAdvisor responds

Our post on whether the site should add a filter for LGBT-friendly hotels draws insighful responses.
may 11

The best hotel deals are on the West Coast

An industry player says the best deals are on America's Pacific Coast.
may 11

London: 5 best May values

Flower festivals, $7 Macbeth productions, and peak soccer season.
may 11

Movie Quest: Chasing an endless summer, finding a lifetime passion

Two travelers' passions for surfing took them to the ends of South America. What they found inspired them to fund conservation protect a vanishing resource.
may 11

Mayor Bloomberg, Tear down this airport

LaGuardia's motto: "It could be worse. We could be Heathrow."
may 10

Theme park news: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Legoland and beyond

Here's a round-up of rides and entire theme parks that have just opened, will open soon, or are expected in the years to come.
may 10

San Francisco: A veteran cable car driver's best tips

We caught up with Leonard Oats, a champion cable car bell-ringer.
may 10

Philadelphia: The City of Murals

The Philadelphia International Airport parking garage gets a much-needed facelift, as part of a mural-creation program citywide.
may 07

European prices tumble for Americans

The euro is near 13-month low versus the dollar, meaning it's a great time to shop in Europe.
may 07

London's cheaper, but summer fares are rising

We have some tips on how to find deals.
may 06

Paris's first Restaurant Week may be a bust for tourists

More than 120 restaurants will be participating, but the discounts aren't that great and the restaurants aren't easy for American visitors to book.
may 06

Ask Trip Coach: Volunteer vacations

We're here to help you do good and have a good time -- all at the same time.
may 06

TripAdvisor plays it a little too straight

TripAdvisor doesn't seem to cater to gay and lesbian travelers. Here's some advice on how to do a better job.
may 05

This month: Daily travel deals

Save up to 50 percent on a different U.S. travel brand every day this month at dailygetaways.com.
may 05

San Francisco: 5 best May values

Five things on our radar this month.
may 04

Travelers paid $7.8 billion in airline fees in 2009

You knew the figure was going to be big. But $7.8 billion!?!
may 04

London: It's Robin Hood month

In honor of Hollywood's new Robin Hood caper, the city of Nottingham is celebrating.
may 03

London: 4 Top Jogging Paths

Keep in shape whilst you sightsee.

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