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Archive: April 2010
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Bike rentals now available at the Grand Canyon

Have a great ride, but don't get too close to the rim!
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New York City: 5 best May values

Our top five picks for this month.
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Video: Travel Tips for Families

Editor-in-chief Nina Willdorf appeared on ABC News Now earlier today to talk about Budget Travel's new book "The Smart Family's Passport."
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In search of app-y travelers

What sort of tool would you love to hold in your hand on your next trip? Don’t hold yourself back! Dream big! We may turn your idea a reality.
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United and Continental may merge. But should they?

United and Continental unite. Flight delays unchanged.
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It's a new day for flier's rights: We're human beings, not just cargo!

New Department of Transportation rules take effect today, and the gist is that when a flight is delayed on tarmac, passengers are no longer subject to inhumane treatment. Finally!
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London: On Golden Hinde

Spend a family day on a replica of Drake's sixteenth-century galleon or sleep over in full Tudor costume among the cannons.
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Paris: New phone booths offer free Internet

Our Paris correspondent puts the new services to the test.
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Should alcohol be banned at campgrounds?

In one state, campground guests are looking at the first-ever summer with a prohibition on booze.
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San Francisco: Fear not the Tenderloin

The gritty 'hood is getting some attention as a tourist destination.
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New Florida boomtown? Southwest sure hopes so

A new airport serving Florida's Emerald Coast may help turn the local area into a new main attraction.
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Time to update your bucket list

Travel expert and TV personality Julia Dimon divulges her top five adventures around the world.
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Paris: Free art galleries worth visiting

Paris has a vibrant contemporary art scene—one that's best appreciated by visiting some of its smaller, more intimate galleries.
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London neighborhood watch: Greenwich

This outlying district of southeastern London is surfacing as a cool hangout.
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Video: Family Travel! Summer camp for the whole clan

Editor in chief Nina Willdorf appeared on the Today Show this morning to talk about family camps nationwide.
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Readers' most unusual landmark photos

Kudos to the readers who rose to the challenge of capturing iconic landmarks in fresh ways.
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Bermuda: My favorite weekend escape from New York

An hour-and-a-half long, $213 flight from NYC put me on the quietest, prettiest beach I’ve ever seen. Here’s how to go.
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Shop Talk: Satellite-image souvenirs

The world's best aerial views, now in paperweight form.
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Family travel: Switzerland trains for half price

Families save 50 percent off Swiss rail passes until Apr. 27.
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Loyalty News: JetBlue and Hilton team up

Earn points toward JetBlue flights by staying in Hilton hotels.
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San Francisco: Decoding Fernet Branca

This strong Italian drink is one of the city's foodie obsessions.
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Paris: Baguette Protocol

Is there a best way to eat them? How long do they last? How do you ask for one properly? A quick interview with Paris foodie Meg Zimbeck.
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Stuck in Europe? Do some sightseeing with the help of a free city guide app

To help out stranded travelers, Lonely Planet announced a Volcano Relief Sale: 13 City Guide apps, which normally cost up to $16 apiece, can be downloaded for free to your iPhone.
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Body language basics

Five ways to say no around the globe—without uttering a word.
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London: Free sights if you're stranded by the volcano

If the ash cloud has left you stranded and broke in London, here are some places to visit for free: museums, galleries, and parks.
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5 airlines promise not to charge for carry-on bags

American, Delta, United, US Airways, and JetBlue have vowed not to follow Spirit's controversial lead.
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Reader advice on airline cancellations

Tips include: Ask to be put on standby no matter what. It's okay to cry, but remain polite. And be paranoid about lost luggage.
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Video: Stranded at the airport

This weekend, three out of every flights are canceled in northern and central Europe.
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Video: The world is awesome

Here are both Discovery Channel "I Love the Whole World" commercials back-to-back, for a two-minute "mental health break."
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Rome: Free admission during Culture Week

Visitors will save some euros at museums and archaeological sites through April 25.
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Airpass smackdown: LAN vs. Oneworld in South America

What's the least expensive and most flexible way to fly to multiple destinations in South America?
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Test Lab: iPad as travel tool

Our editor-in-chief discovers that the iPad is unparalleled as an entertainment, reading, and research device for travelers, but isn't much of an on-the-go tool.
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Turin: The Shroud unshrouded

A once in a decade opportunity to see what some Christians believe is Jesus Christ’s burial cloth.
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New York City: Get a taxi in a jiff

A new study and smartphone app map 90 million taxi rides.
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Shop Talk: The backpack goes fashion-forward

The rucksack returns in a more practical, stylish design.
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National Parks Week deals: There's more than just free admission

Buy-one-get-one-free scenic cruises and promotions granting a second night free at hotels are among the many discounts offered at national park and recreation areas next week.
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San Francisco: This summer, head out to the ball park

Stellar views, locally brewed beer, and home runs that hit the water? We're so there.
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London: 5 best April values

A local reveals quintessential ways to experience London in the spring.
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Cuba prepares for an end to the travel ban

Havana change of heart? The fate of the 1962 travel ban is up in the air.
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Security: Can new technology read a flier's mind?

As the U.S. government works to tighten airport security, new techniques are being used to keep terrorists off our planes.
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DOT Secretary on Spirit Air: 'I don't think they care about their customers'

Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has some strong opinions regarding Spirit's decision to start charging passengers for carry-on bags.
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San Francisco: Urban ziplining in the Embarcadero

Through April 18, take a 600-foot thrill ride in the middle of the city.
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Can the iPad truly take you new places?

Our editor-in-chief is taking along an Apple iPad for her weekend trip to New Orleans. How should she test the device? Do you have any questions she might be able to answer?
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San Francisco: The Golden Gate's other side

Bike, walk, or drive across the bridge, and then make a stop at these 3 worthy spots.
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Q&A: An around-the-world trip, minus the plane

Writer Seth Stevenson's new book recounts his trip around the world by bus, boat, car, and train.
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Huh? Fewer overbookings, but more passengers involuntarily bumped

The good news is that airlines are less likely to oversell flights nowadays. The bad news is that when a flight is overbooked, passengers are more likely to be denied boarding involuntarily.
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Spirit to charge $20 for carry-on, yes, carry-on bags

Starting in August, Spirit will charge passengers a fee for using the overhead bins on its planes. It's an industry first.
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New York City: 5 best April values

Our top five picks for this month.
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San Francisco: 5 best April values

Our top five picks for this month.

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