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Archive: October 2009
oct 30

Disney announces its "dream" ship

Any assessment of the Dream stops and ends with one word: AquaDuck.
oct 30

Amtrak loses $32 per rider

If you paid taxes last year, it was your money that made up the $32 per passenger loss. Even the Northeast Regional was unprofitable.
oct 30

United loses the "United Breaks Guitars" Song Guy's bags

Dave Carroll became an Internet sensation thanks to his music video about how a few United employees broke his guitar. Now, United lost his luggage. Sigh.
oct 29

Thanks for your Ask Trip Coach ski questions

Why is it impossible to find a cheap flight into Jackson Hole? I'll tell you why, and address a bunch of other issues too.
oct 29

Worst hotel deals

The website Dealbase is listing packages that are actually more expensive than the cost of buying their individual parts.
oct 28

iPhone: Priceline's new app is best for last-minute hotel bids

What's so neat about the app is that it finally makes it practical to use Priceline's bidding service at the 11th-hour. We break down why this smartphone application is worth it.
oct 28

Gear: A shoulder strap for your laptop

When you simply must have your laptop on a flight, here's the handy solution.
oct 27

Hiking: A protective eye in the sky

We asked Kurt Repanshek, founder and editor in chief of National Parks Traveler, for his favorite tech gadget while hiking.
oct 26

What's new in smoking bans

Talking smoking bans and other trends with Peter Greenberg.
oct 26

Tour news: New 2010 trip from REI Adventures is very superstitious

The tour operator just launched new trips for 2010, including a four-day hike through the Superstition Mountains.
oct 25

Video: Thanksgiving travel forecast

Nearly 20 percent of people who traveled last year plan to stay home this year, says a new survey. Expect shorter lines at the airport, and fewer flight delays, according to this MSNBC interview.
oct 23

Naples: Ex-cons hired to help tourists

Former petty criminals have been stationed around Naples to steer tourists clear of danger. But will the successful pilot program get the necessary funding to continue?
oct 23

Where to eat and sleep in New Orleans?

We're adding brand-new pages on New Orleans and need your help to build them. Share your favorite hotels and restaurants!
oct 22

Paris: Loo-la-la! Toilets are hard to come by

There are 400 public restrooms around town, but how do you find them? We point you to several, plus offer tips on where and how to find bathrooms.
oct 21

Video: Wacky hotels worldwide

Budget Travel's editor in chief Nina Willdorf has appeared again on the Today Show, this time talking about the world's wackiest hotels.
oct 21

Travel-inspiring art

Hosang Park’s aerial photographs of Korean parks and public spaces may remind you of the joys of having a window seat on a flight.
oct 21

Ask Trip Coach: Round-the-world trips

The round-the-world trip is a dream for many travelers, but it's intimidating on many levels. Fire away your questions, and we'll answer them in an upcoming issue.
oct 20

Belize travel tips from a pro

Joshua Berman, author of the guidebook Moon Belize, spills his secrets on the best place to hang your hammock, and more.
oct 19

iPhone: Travel apps picked by an iPhone expert

Josh Clark wrote the book, literally, on iPhone apps, for leading tech publisher O'Reilly. We caught up with him for some iPhone travel tips.
oct 16

Where to eat and sleep in Rio?

We're adding brand-new pages on Rio de Janeiro and need your help! Post your recommendations now.
oct 16

Deal: New urban adventures from Intrepid Travel

Today, Intrepid Travel adds eight Urban Adventures in three new cities: Istanbul, New York, and San Francisco
oct 16

Readers' best rainbow photos

Your stunning shots of rainbows from travels through Hawaii, Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean, even the Serengeti.
oct 16

Food & Travel: New Orleans gets its bite back

A new cookbook offers a way to travel vicariously through some tasty meals.
oct 15

Florence's main piazza bans traffic

Good news! The crowded area around the Duomo and the Baptistry is becoming the exclusive turf of pedestrians.
oct 15

Family travel: Podcast about a year-long, round-the-world trip

John Higham is literally a rocket scientist who had a dream of traveling the world with his wife and kids. The Highams recently did it.
oct 15

Amazing Iceland package: Flights, lodging, and a tour starting under $500

The package comes with two nights' hotel, a full-day tour that takes in geothermal areas, waterfalls, and national parks, and airfare from as far away as Seattle.
oct 15

Black Atlas aims to be the Facebook of black travelers

Today, American Airlines launched a new website called Black Atlas, dedicated to connecting African-American travelers with each other.
oct 15

Are we ready for another Titanic?

True, today's cruise lines stockpile enough lifeboats for every passenger. But in an emergency, passengers may have to wait in row boats for hours in icy weather before being rescued.
oct 15

Cruise news: Bookings on the humongous Oasis of the Seas

The ship is set to debut in December, with prices starting at $699 for an interior cabin.
oct 14

Tip: Bring a power cord to share

A family travel expert has a $7 solution for staying plugged in while traveling--and on making friends at the same time.
oct 14

Best and worst tourism slogans: Reader edition

More than 60 readers have written in with their picks for most notable tourism slogans.
oct 13

Swine flu: Are fever scanners at airports worthwhile?

Airports worldwide are rushing to install fever scanners to slow the spread of swine flu. But experts are raising doubts about the machines' ability to spot infections.
oct 13

Travel gear: Use a universal charger like the Travel Insider's

Self-described "Travel Insider" David Rowell offers us a tip on how he stays "wired" on the road.
oct 12

Cruises: Tech tips from a pro

Should you bring your laptop or use an Internet café? How can you avoid fees? Cruise expert Paul Motter gives us the skinny.
oct 12

Hiking: Tips from pro Andrew Skurka

Even though he likes to hike 30 miles a day, Andrew Skurka has some excellent tips for those of us who just want to get out and enjoy our national parks and other wilderness areas.
oct 09

U.S. Virgin Islands' hotels on sale for 25 cents

Launched today, the Cent-sational Promotion honors a newly minted quarter featuring the USVI.
oct 09

Mexico to debut the largest underwater museum in the world

Off the coast of Cancun, the first four sculptures will be submerged next month. Eventually there will be 400 figures in human shapes by artist Jason de Caires Taylor.
oct 09

An old-school weekend in Maine

Is Chebeague Island in Maine new and exciting? Not even close. And that's exactly what makes it so cool.
oct 08

Peter, Paul, and Mary: "Leaving on a jet plane"

Is there a more popular American folk song about travel than Peter Paul and Mary's "Leaving on a Jet Plane?"
oct 08

Elderhostel changes its name to appeal to the under-50 crowd

Now called Exploritas, the company hopes to attract younger travelers by dropping the age requirement, launching more tours, and adding a social networking tool to its website.
oct 08

Top alternatives to famous attractions

In the past few months, we've spoken to the top guidebook writers to ask a simple question: What's your top alternative to a famous attraction at your destination?
oct 08

Our 18,100th blog comment!

We've published 18,100 comments on our blog in the past two-and-half years. To celebrate, we're awarding a free, one-year subscription (or renewal) to our magazine to the 18,100th commenter.
oct 08

Why do we "deplane"?

Where do flight attendants come up with these words? We don't de-car. (Maybe it's because we en-planed in the first place?)
oct 07

Readers' best Hawaii photos

Check out images of a dramatic waterfall on Kauai, a sunrise over Haleakala on Maui, surfers on Oahu's famed North Shore, and carved weather-beaten statues on the Big Island.
oct 07

Where to eat and sleep in Hawaii?

We're adding brand-new pages on Hawaii and want to hear about your favorite restaurants and hotels.
oct 07

Video: How to bike in Paris

The latest in our new series of online videos: We show you how to rent and ride one of the Velib' bikes in Paris.
oct 06

Nevermore, nevermore…well, maybe once more

During his 200th birthday celebration, the master of the macabre (Edgar Allan Poe) will rise again.
oct 06

The least liked airline in America?

An effort to poll thousands of people about which airline they like the least.
oct 06

New York City pours on the discounts

Get discounts to attractions in New York City during the next few weeks at this special website.
oct 06

Cheap flights between London and European cities now easier to book

TripAdvisor's new site estimates the fees you'll shell out for flights from the U.K. and throughout Europe.
oct 06

This hotel offers free yoga even to non-guests

W Scottsdale lets you sign up for free yoga classes even if you haven't booked a room. That even covers "doga," or yoga for dogs.
oct 05

Meet a "travel ninja"

Chris Guillebeau has visited 119 countries, and plans to visit every country in the world within the next several years. We asked him for some travel tips.
oct 05

Video: Tour the Chicago of 1948

In Technicolor! See all of the Windy City's major landmarks—as they looked in 1948—in this 10-minute long clip.
oct 05

Rental car rates have more than doubled in the past year

If you reserved last Monday for a rental starting today, the average is $348. That's an increase of 121 percent from a year ago.
oct 05

Video: Watch an airplane's anti-missile laser in action

Boeing has created two new types of lasers to defend planes against missile attacks. What do you think: Should airplanes become armed?
oct 05

London: Eat breakfast like a local

We asked London's top reviewers of breakfast food for their picks on where to eat the most important meal of the day in Britain's capital.
oct 05

Introducing the Cranky Concierge

For $30 for all the passengers traveling on an itinerary, you can get your own personal airline dork to watch over and guide your trip. It's like a guardian angel.
oct 02

Russia's new high-speed trains cause a commotion

Moscow and St. Petersburg are about to join the ranks of major cities linked by high-speed rail service. Will Siemens sell its cutting-edge trains to the U.S. next?
oct 02

Up All Night in Paris: The Nuit Blanche art party

The 8th annual celebration of contemporary art, nuit blanche means sleepless night and—naturally enough—takes place in the wee hours of Oct. 3.
oct 02

Three new ways to snag a free hotel room

At least one night of your lodging bill could be covered thanks to special fall promotions from Choice Hotels, Country Inns & Suites, and Sheraton.
oct 01

This Weekend: The world's longest pedestrian bridge opens in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Opening weekend events begin with Friday night's Grand Illumination, in which 1,000 volunteers will carry paper sky lanterns in a promenade across the bridge.

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