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Archive: February 2009
feb 27

A hotel without borders in Linz, Austria

This year's European Capital of Culture has even gotten creative with its accommodations.
feb 27

Cruise savings: The time is now

Cruise lines are squeezing their suppliers to lower costs, but they aren't cutting back on the frills.
feb 27

How much is an airplane bathroom worth to you?

Time to start skipping the giant sodas?
feb 26

Top Chef finale: New Orleans highlights

In its two-part season finale, the reality TV show traded New York for New Orleans, where Mardi Gras celebrations were heating up.
feb 26

Paris: Drinking down at the local zinc

It isn't the menu that defines a zinc bar, it's its slightly nostalgic feeling and its motley mix of regulars.
feb 26

Hot Property: How do you like the view?

Arizona and Utah's remote Monument Valley now has a touch of green thanks to the new 90-room, Navajo-owned View Hotel.
feb 25

Video: Yes, you can take a family vacation

The Budget Travel Minute is here to help. These videos share practical advice to ensure a fun, smooth, and affordable getaway.
feb 25

Zoo babies: Where to get your daily fix

We thought we had a thing for zoo babies, but here's a blog brilliant and shameless enough to devote itself entirely to that beat.
feb 25

This weekend: Stomp your feet at the Creole Crawfish Festival

Dance to upbeat Zydeco music, then sample gumbo and crawfish. Lots of it.
feb 24

Fire sale at Air France

Cheap tickets to Europe, as low as $146 each way.
feb 24

Rental cars: Making those highway tolls easier to pay

Now you can rent an E-ZPass or I-Pass transponder when you book a rental on Travelocity.
feb 24

Accor Hotels' 3-day sale in the Asian Pacific, from $35

Good deals in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, and more.
feb 24

Paris: Crêpes from street to chic

A guide to one of the best street foods in town.
feb 24

Now you can see hotel starting rates on Kayak

Kayak has now made it easier to see daily rates for hotels, and also to share great flights with others.
feb 23

A few good links: Throwing beads edition

Weird fashion photos, NOLA's Magazine Street, fancy Euro hostels, and a much grassier Tokyo.
feb 20

Remembering 1969: New exhibit to open in Montreal

The April exhibit will feature unpublished photos and other mementos from John and Yoko's bed-ins.
feb 20

Honeymoons on a budget

Associate editor Laura MacNeil will be taking your questions on honeymoons this morning.
feb 19

Paris: Food gifts that are light on everything but calories

Presents that won't hurt your budget or your back.
feb 18

This weekend: Flower power in Providence

The 16th annual Rhode Island Flower Show is thinking big with the theme this year.
feb 18

Drama at the airport: Learn from an expert

Missing an important flight can bring out the tears and frustration in the best of us.
feb 18

A few good links: Travel stuff to leave home without

Rip-off airports, no more complaint line for United, and travel trends in a recession.
feb 17

Paris: Romance without the masses

If you want to use Paris's most famous sights as a backdrop for wooing, you're going to need a plan.
feb 13

Living vicariously: Oscar-inspired travel deals

Chasing down deals in the cities where Oscar-nominated movies are set.
feb 13

Paris: Eating haute for not a lot

For savvy gastronomes, going to an extraordinary restaurant for lunch rather than dinner is a no-brainer.
feb 11

This weekend: Toast your sweetheart in Oregon

The Willamette Valley's wineries host a special event this weekend.
feb 11

Photos: New Apple software uses facial recognition to sort your albums

Software in Apple's iPhoto suite uses facial recognition technology to help you identify friends and family in your pictures without having to tag them by hand each time you see them.
feb 10

Video: In Thailand, the skies are still friendly

In this Thai Airways commercial, a young woman requests a slice of cake, and the entire airline responds.
feb 09

Think you know Priceline?

Longtime Priceline spokesman Brian Ek is blogging about where the deals are. We recently sat down and talked with Brian.
feb 09

A few good links: The craziest street views on Google Maps

Choosing the right credit card, women-only hotels, Santiago tips, and more.
feb 06

"Laid off? Take off!"

In a promotion, tour organizer Intrepid Travel will take 15 percent off the cost of trips between now and June for anyone who can prove they've been laid off.
feb 06

Seize the moment to book bargain airfares

Airlines have announced at least 20 sales since December 30, and some fares are down more than 50 percent from last winter.
feb 06

Disney World: Be idolized

Next week at the new American Idol Experience attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios, anyone can be the star of the show.
feb 06

Marriage proposals on the silver screen

As Valentine's Day closes in, here are some of the most romantic big-screen settings for popping the question.
feb 05

Shopping: Fred Flare's weird-but-useful travel items

The online shop carries lots of goofy items worth packing for a trip.
feb 05

Audio: Listen to Captain Sully talk with the control tower

Listen to the communication between air traffic controllers and US Airways flight 1549 before it splashed onto the Hudson River on January 15.
feb 04

This weekend: Celebrate Black History Month in Philly

The City of Brotherly Love hosts the Quest for Freedom Live and Learn Weekend.
feb 04

Strike! How to lessen the grief of a Paris grève

January 29 marked the first French strike of 2009, and it's already being referred to as "Black Thursday." What's the best way to deal with one if it happens to you?
feb 04

Google's new travel app Latitude is part of a "location-aware" trend

Check out some cool new apps for your cell phone that take advantage of new, GPS-based "location aware" technologies.
feb 03

Video: Istanbul, color saturated

An artist's take on his home city, Istanbul, Turkey.
feb 03

New York City: Snowboarders in East River Park

This weekend, a pro snowboarding competition comes to Manhattan's East side. Catch it live, or online.
feb 03

A few good links: Philly's good eats

36 hours in Vail, a super-eco resort, getting beer ads on flight attendants, and a big drop for Vegas.
feb 03

Enterprise adds 5,000 hybrid rental cars nationwide

This winter, 5,000 more hybrids became available nationwide for rental via Enterprise, Alamo, and National. But you should follow our tips to book a car hassle-free.
feb 02

Airfare secret! Airlines using "coupons" for their best deals

Within the past six months, most of the major airlines have offered promotional codes to claim their cheapest fares. To get the codes, sign up for the airlines' frequent flier programs and e-mail newsletters.
feb 02

Hotel deals: A new site does the heavy sifting for you

DealBase is a new way to figure out if a vacation package is actually offering you a discounted price, comparing it with the cost of booking the components separately.

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