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Archive: December 2008
dec 31

Video: The all-time top safari video on YouTube

The water buffalo move into the path of trouble. And then there's a surprise. And another.
dec 30

Where are you going in 2009?

Let us know the places on your radar.
dec 30

Sheraton makes it easier to stay fit while traveling

Sheraton is rolling out new fitness centers nationwide, along with easier ways to keep fit on the road.
dec 29

Know of any great subway art?

See a sample of interesting subway art, and suggest your own favorite underground art.
dec 24

In case you missed it...

Happy holidays!
dec 23

How rock bands save on lodging

More than 900 bands used Couchsurfing.com to find free places to stay last year. One band says it saved $5,000 on lodging costs for its 109 nights on the road in 2008.
dec 23

Celebrating haggis and Robert Burns

Last-minute discount packages for Burns Night in Scotland and festivities in honor of the national poet's 250th birthday.
dec 22

Frontier debuts new a la carte pricing model

Passengers willing to forgo all the extras can actually save money on their flights.
dec 22

This weekend: Puerto Rico's annual holiday mask festival

Stephen Keeling, author of the Rough Guide to Puerto Rico, recommends this exuberant celebration.
dec 22

A few good links: Is your travel agent crooked?

Tours of Versace's mansion, holidays at amusement parks, white noise in the air, and crazy Asian hotels
dec 22

A rare peek at Homeland Security's files on travelers

The government tracks all international passenger activity. I requested a copy of my travel dossier, citing the Freedom of Information Act. I'm posting sample pages here.
dec 19

Readers' Photos: A slide show of our fave shots

Check out a slide show of some of the best photos submitted to myBudgetTravel.
dec 18

Airfares: Powerful new e-mail alerts are on the way

FareCompare will soon offer free e-mail alerts to when airlines are holding unofficial, unadvertised fare sales before everyone else--even on Southwest Airlines.
dec 18

Do men have better travel experiences than women?

"When faced with a risky choice," one woman traveler says, "women are more likely to err on the side of caution." What do you think?
dec 18

In time for the holidays, "Scared of Santa" photos

At Christmas, parents line up with their fidgety kids for adorable photos on Santa's lap. Only it doesn't always work out that way...
dec 17

This weekend: Festive yachts parade in Newport Beach's bay, a 100-year tradition

From tiny kayaks to huge yachts, decorated boats will parade around 14 miles of Newport Beach's bay and channels.
dec 17

New York City: Hertz starts "pay as you go" car rentals

The company has just launched a car-sharing service in New York City, London, and Paris.
dec 17

Evoking Hong Kong: Q&A with the author of 'The Piano Teacher'

In her first novel, Janice Y.K. Lee keenly describes the expat social whirl and everyday flavor of Hong Kong, shifting between 1952 and the tumultuous Japanese invasion in late 1941.
dec 16

Atlantic City gets a high-speed weekend train link to New York City

From $50 one-way, a new direct train with upscale amenities will connect New York City and Atlantic City, beginning on weekends in February.
dec 16

2009 outlook for U.S. hotel rates

Vacancies at U.S. hotels will hit their highest level since 1971, say forecasters. Deals will abound for budget-conscious travelers.
dec 16

Follow that story: The TSA and baggage theft

465 TSA officers have been fired for theft since 2003.
dec 15

A few good links: Italy's holiday witch

A Vegemite museum, biking around Manhattan, cheap bets in Vegas, and Christmas in Bethlehem, Pa.
dec 12

Our monster list of travel gifts (a work in progress)

Our attempt at corralling all those "great travel gifts" lists.
dec 12

First Venice, now Rome drenched by floods

Rescue teams set out on rafts and Romans prepared for the swollen Tiber River to overflow after days of severe weather throughout Italy.
dec 12

Exclusive: New York's holiday windows as festive as ever

There may not be any snow in New York yet, but the department store windows are in full holiday mode.
dec 11

How to see a space shuttle launch live

Only 10 more shuttle launches left before the spacecraft are retired. Here's a guide to planning your trip to see one roar into the sky.
dec 10

This weekend: Model trains take over Traverse City, Mich.

Christmas has come early for those hoping for a model train under the tree this year.
dec 09

Cruisegoing: A scientist talks about "freaque" waves

An interview with a longtime oceanographer about rogue, or freak, waves, which are sea waves with a fury, velocity, and fantastic size.
dec 09

Picking on Paris and other "overrated" cities

Paris, Dubai, Prague, Moscow, and Athens: Can they all be overrated?
dec 09

Cruise ships under threat by pirates

Pirates have attempted to board two cruise ships in the Gulf of Aden in the past couple of weeks.
dec 08

Which cover do you like best?

The latest issue of Budget Travel was published in two batches, each with its own cover. Tell us which one you like better.
dec 08

Gear: A new wheelie bag arrives

Save $14 on shipping if you book Timbuk2's new wheelie bag.
dec 08

A few good links: Amsterdam cleaning up its act

Personalized in-flight magazines, Europe's Christmas markets, a travel blogger raffle, and airport hate.
dec 08

Flights to Israel get cheaper

Buy one ticket at advertised prices from El Al, and pay a lower price for a companion ticket.
dec 08

Council names the best tall buildings of '08. And the winner is...

Drum roll, please.
dec 08

Airports: Here comes à la carte pricing

A fancy lounge is available to anyone for $25 at LAX's terminal for international passengers.
dec 05

Budget travel tips from a man who visited 16 countries for free

Advice from someone who has been doing budget travel for 156 days this year in 16 countries. Why you should spend less, stay longer, and meet more locals when you take your next trip.
dec 05

Paris: Restaurants and bars to visit pre- or post-Louvre

Getting through the Louvre can be a slog. Here are some nearby restaurants and bars to either get ready or to get a second wind.
dec 05

Are hotel price matches a bad idea?

The guarantees may discourage hotels from cutting their rates.
dec 04

New York City: Ride in a vintage subway car this December

Subway cars from the 1930s will be in service on Sundays.
dec 04

Houston airport now a hotbed of karaoke

Getting through security will be the least of your worries now that karaoke's come to Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport.
dec 04

Staying with the 'rents

With a source for alternative lodging in case you need it.
dec 03

Video: Make a wine carrier for a plane ride

Southwest sells a handy padded carrier for a wine bottle for $5. Any other sources for wine carriers?
dec 02

"American Airlines Now Charging Fees To Non-Passengers"

That's the joking headline from "The Onion," which describes itself as America's Finest News Source.
dec 02

This weekend: Colonial Williamsburg kicks off the holiday season

The Grand Illumination event this Sunday will feature the Fifes and Drums corp, celebrating its 50th anniversary.
dec 02

D.C.: The Capitol gets a new visitor center

Today, the Capitol Visitor Center opens in Washington, D.C.
dec 01

A few good links: Stay healthy while traveling

Philly's Italian market, Obama's Hawaii, buying tunnels in London, and razing Tokyo's Kabuki theater.
dec 01

Video: If Australia doesn't cut it, try Tasmania

Tasmania spoofs the movie Australia.
dec 01

Pop Quiz: What's the largest airline in Russia? (Hint: It's not Aeroflot)

A new airline overtakes the famous, state-owned carrier.
dec 01

Solo travel: Deals from Overseas Adventure Travel

Save up to a third off this tour company's packages because it is waiving its surcharge for singles.

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