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Archive: August 2008
aug 29

Alitalia files for bankruptcy

The Italian government will sell Alitalia.
aug 28

Another airline bites the dust: Zoom

No more cheap flights to London.
aug 28

Slow food nation -- a growing trend in "anti-restaurants"

Outdoor gourmet picnics storm the nation.
aug 28

Giveaway: Rough Guides offers $6,000 trip

Enter to win a $6,000 prize.
aug 28

A new 3-D map that's cute but hard to use

It's a street map. No, it's a subway map. No, it's a neighborhood map. Whoa!
aug 28

How many metros have you been on?

Show us which subways you've ridden.
aug 27

Bizarre JetBlue one-way only sale

One-way tickets discounted, online-only.
aug 26

This Weekend: Make the most of Mendocino's coast

Featuring the original ugly dog contest.
aug 25

Continental now lets you check in once to fly round trip

And you can fax boarding passes.
aug 25

The lowdown on Russian visas

Cut the Russian red tape.
aug 22

Wave of the future: Luggage tags that "talk"

Rx for lost luggage? Smart tags.
aug 21

Greece or bust! easyCruise adds new ship, itineraries

The cheapest, fine Mediterranean cruise going.
aug 21

Who really believes that fliers lose 12,000 laptops a week?

A tale of deception and fliers.
aug 21

A new free Web tool will turn your trip photos into 3-D models

Photo-stitching software offers three-dimensional images.
aug 20

This Weekend: Bicyclists get hotter than Hell in Texas

100 miles in 100-degree heat.
aug 20

BT Radar: 7 interesting travel items on the Web

Linklove about airports, deals, and Fonzie.
aug 20

United will cut free meals on many overseas flights

Hungry on a transatlantic flight? Tough.
aug 19

Coming soon: A new Swiss park for feeding the bears

Bern's bears bound for new park.
aug 18

Game: Guess the accents

In this game, people talk "funny."
aug 18

5 questions to decide if reward miles cards are worth it

Rewards cards: Deal or no deal?
aug 15

The ship from Gilligan's Island returns to sea

The Minnow won't be lost. The Minnow won't be lost.
aug 15

Be skeptical of Rome's plans for Gladiator theme park

Rome won't be faked in a day.
aug 15

Dollar is on the rebound, experts say

Today, one euro costs $1.48. Tomorrow?
aug 15

Do you still send postcards?

...or do you email and blog?
aug 14

What airlines do poorly and Disney does so well

Never bait and switch on price.
aug 14

Video: Garden gnome took world tour without owner knowing

A lost gnome returns from abroad.
aug 14

Travel news roundup

The hot headlines from other blogs.
aug 14

Ever faced "the FACE"?

On a trip, smiles can matter.
aug 14

Bonne Annee, Quebec City

Quebec City turns 400 and celebrates.
aug 14

They ate at 700 diners, shacks, and joints to find the best

The Sterns rate America's roadside food.
aug 13

This weekend: Party with 50,000 mollusk maniacs

Aw, shucks: Connecticut's largest oyster fest.
aug 13

Sweet fancy Moses! "Airbed & Breakfasts" are a new trend

"Earn extra cash: Rent your airbed."
aug 12

Trace the world's most famous journeys on this online map

Columbus's trip to the New World. Jack Kerouac's road trip. The Pequod in Moby Dick. Let us point you to an interactive map charting these--and other--famous trips, real and imagined.
aug 12

Pilots' group names its favorite airport: Boston Logan

Pilots like Logan because of its all-out effort to improve safety. But which airport do you, as a passenger, like?
aug 12

Affordable Europe: Italy beyond its cities

Reid Bramblett has written several major guidebooks on Italy. Here are some of his booking tips.
aug 12

Nothing to sneeze at: Allergy-free hotel rooms

In an industry first, a major hotel chain will set aside 10 percent of its rooms as allergy-free zones by the end of next year.
aug 11

Sale: Flight 001's sleek travel products

Specialty retailer Flight 001 is taking an extra 30 percent off sale items already marked down 30 to 75 percent.
aug 11

Airline fee decoder

Meta search engine Kayak has put together an easy-to-read chart that lists the five most painful fees to watch out for each of 25 domestic and international airlines.
aug 11

Wall Arch -- gone!

Unfortunately, Arches National Park in Utah has one less arch now. The iconic Wall Arch, adored by photographers, sat on the very popular Devils Garden but collapsed a week ago.
aug 08

Brand news: Two innovative new hotel chains to watch

Starwood's first Aloft and Element hotels are opening this summer, sporting a trendy design and amenities such as self-service check-in kiosks and a touch-screen concierge.
aug 08

Vacationers are renting more cars, despite pain at the pump

The largest rental car company, Enterprise, says that rentals have increased this year in its non-airport locations due to several factors. The trend is surprising, given rising gas prices.
aug 07

It's payback time if you flew to London between 2004 to 2006

You may have been overcharged for fuel surcharges if you flew to London between 2004 and 2006. Find out if you're owed a partial refund.
aug 07

Ever toss a boulder with a bulldozer? Now's your chance

Dig This in a Colorado ski town is the first bulldozer playground in the U.S. Hop onto a track-wheeled Caterpillar, and have at it, starting at $250 for two hours.
aug 07

London: A huge new rail system is on the way

A new train and subway system will run west to east across London, greatly expanding possible public transportation options.
aug 06

Alitalia rumors: What's next for the Italian airline?

Flights this month should not be affected by these backroom talks, but the odds are high that Alitalia will enter bankruptcy and lay off thousands of workers this fall.
aug 06

This weekend: More pleasant than Oktoberfest

What's better than Oktoberfest? A beer party in Germany in a warmer summer month and without the American and British frat boy visitors. Get the skinny.
aug 06

Video: A United Airlines plane flips truck with engine blast (demonstration)

Watch a truck on the tarmac get blasted into the water by the force of a United airplane engine, in this brief clip from a safety video.
aug 06

Freebies! A great map of Beijing; plus, an Olympic event tracker

A cartographer has posted a detailed map of Beijing for free online as a PDF. And there's a free Web tool for figuring out what--and when--to watch Olympic events.
aug 06

AA and BA may change their relationship status to "It's complicated"

In the coming weeks, American Airlines and British Airways will ask the U.S. government to grant the companies immunity from many of its regulations. What does this mean for you?
aug 05

Airline news: Delta to add Wi-Fi to its domestic flights

Starting with its smaller MD-88 jets, Delta passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as laptops, smartphones and PDAs, will soon be given mid-flight access to the Internet.
aug 04

JetBlue to charge $7 for a pillow and a blanket

JetBlue has removed recycled blankets and pillows from its planes and will soon begin charging $7 for pillow and blanket kits.
aug 04

Disney expands its guided tours

For a lot of travelers, the hardest part of a trip is handling the logistics. Disney now offers 23 destinations around the globe where they take care of the details so you can spend less time planning your trip, and more time enjoying it.
aug 01

Pompeii: Beware of bad tour guides, and don't hurt the ruins

The ancient city of Pompeii faces modern threats. A key one for budget travelers: Fake tour guides. We offer tips for finding a good guide and how to have a good visit to the precious site.
aug 01

Overweight passengers cost the airlines fuel

The obesity debate rages on. Should passengers who are perceived to be overweight have to pay more to fly?

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