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Archive: February 2008
feb 29

Video: Londoners play a prank on tourists

The group Improv Everywhere recently pulled a stunt in London's Trafalgar Square.
feb 29

Beijing: Tremendous new airport terminal

In preparation for the Olympics, the city has made lots of changes—and this one could prove controversial.
feb 29

Survey says NYC will be less popular in '08

Fewer Americans want to spend summer in the city, according to a recent survey by the American Society of Travel Agents.
feb 28

TV: Neat story of a round-the-world trip

Imagine if you could leave your cubicle behind and travel the world for a year. That's what Brook Silva-Braga did when he was 25.
feb 27

Security: Is job turnover high at the TSA?

About 20 to 26 percent of TSA workers leave their jobs—or are let go—each year.
feb 26

The New York Philharmonic plays Pyongyang

In a historic and controversial first, the Philharmonic became the first major Western institution to perform in North Korea.
feb 26

Airlines: US Airways to charge for 2nd bags

Start packing light—news on the latest airline to charge for luggage.
feb 25

Radio-tagging luggage at Heathrow

You sprinted to the gate and just caught that connecting flight. But did your baggage come with?
feb 25

Oscars: Red carpet recap

Many of our favorite travel-inspiring films were big winners in the 2008 Oscars.
feb 25

Best sunset ever—but no camera?

Expert photo tips and readers' best sunsets ever in our travel photography roundup.
feb 24

A NYC hotel room for a cool $1000/night

New York City’s storied Plaza Hotel, which was under construction for two years, is scheduled to reopen as a ‘condo-hotel’ on March 1, 2008.
feb 24

Poll: Best travel innovation of the past 10 years?

February 2008 poll for best travel innovation.
feb 24

Princeton's "gap year" subsidizing

The news that Princeton is creating a program so that incoming students can spend a year doing social work abroad made me deeply envious.
feb 22

Federal judge says no to Segways at Disney World

A federal judge has dismissed a potential class-action lawsuit against Walt Disney World that would have allowed disabled guests to use their own Segways at the theme parks.
feb 22

Armed air marshals on all transatlantic flights?

Last week, officials in London announced the possibility that U.S. air marshals could be used on all transatlantic flights on U.S. carriers.
feb 22

An explosive Chinese artist comes to New York

It's the first time the Guggenheim has devoted a retrospective to a Chinese-born artist, on view through May 28.
feb 22

An interesting solution to airport security lines

The TSA is trying something novel at Denver International Airport: When you reach the security checkpoint, you can choose which line to enter.
feb 21

The greatest travel innovations

February 2008 poll: What travel-related innovation from the past 10 years or so has made your trips more enjoyable?
feb 21

Airfares: The return of an annoying rule

You might have to get a little Saturday night fever and stay in town (if only to save a little money).
feb 21

Cruises: Bargains Ahoy!

I was recently speaking with some cruise industry experts, and they shared with me a few cruise booking tips.
feb 21

$250 fine for smoking in a hotel room?

If the Swissotel Chicago really is giving housekeepers "a $10 bonus for every smoker they catch," I'm creeped out.
feb 20

Airlines: U.S. and Australia to get more routes

A new agreement will make it easier to fly to Australia. But prices aren't likely to drop anytime soon.
feb 19

Random security searches on Amtrak

Amtrak is officially announcing that it'll begin random searches of passengers' carry-on bags—the system is modeled after the one used in New York City subway stations.
feb 15

A farewell tour for Ladysmith Black Mambazo's founder?

The South African vocalists have earned a global following—and racked up Grammy awards—since the 1960s.
feb 15

What airlines mergers mean for you

As you may have heard, plans are in the works for Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines to merge, making it the nation's largest airline in passenger volume.
feb 14

"I'm Not Apologizing Until *You* Apologize"

Travel photo.
feb 14

Extra, extra: Travel news roundup

Indiana Jones, merger preditions, airline news, and more in today's roundup.
feb 14

Berlin: 3 wine bars operate on the honor system

For the price of 1 euro (about $1.50), you rent yourself a glass and get to sample as many of the wines as you want.
feb 14

Philly: Frida Kahlo extravaganza

Frida fans, take note: the largest U.S. show of the painter's work in 15 years is on view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from February 20-May 18.
feb 13

10 ways to leave your lover

Find all ten prize-winning tips from our readers who have broken up (or nearly broken up) with their lovers on the road.
feb 13

News: Europe may start fingerprinting visitors

Recently, the European Commission proposed mandatory fingerprinting for all foreign visitors to most states in the European Union.
feb 12

Max out your vacation fund effortlessly

If you plan ahead, you can afford a great summer vacation without going into debt or raiding your long-term savings.
feb 11

Disney: American Idol gets a Florida home

We can just see Simon in Mickey ears ... can't you? AI gets a new home, and other Disney updates.
feb 08

One of the world's most isolated countries courts tourists

Myanmar is taking baby steps to promote tourism, after ruthlessly squashing protests led by Buddhist monks back in September.
feb 08

Fares: Website now predicts int'l ticket cost

Farecast has begun to forecast ticket prices for 200 international routes for flights departing within the next six months.
feb 07

Should obese airplane passengers pay more?

It seems that most everyone agrees that the issue of overweight passengers on airplanes is a serious problem. What to do about it, though, is the subject of (a lot of) debate!
feb 07

Hotels: Obama and Romney are big spenders

The presidential candidates spent the most on hotels in 2007, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission filings by Holiday Inn Express.
feb 06

Gear: A money belt that's actually a belt

For years, I've had mixed feelings about money belts, which aren't really belts but are instead pouches that you loop into your belt line.
feb 05

The TSA starts a blog and explains its liquids rules

Meet Bob, Ethel, Jay, Chance, and Jim —your friendly, blogging TSA officials. But will they be able to answer your questions?
feb 04

Air security: Heathrow rolls out eye scanners

Like a scene out of a sci-fi movie, the London airport is requiring some connecting passengers to undergo iris scans and get a thumbprint scan.
feb 04

Airline news: United to charge fee for 2nd bag

The airline will charge passengers on domestic flights $25 for a second piece of checked luggage, starting May 5.
feb 04

Guns in the National Parks (125 comments)

Our recent blog post, "Should guns be openly used in the National Parks" drew more than 125 comments from readers.
feb 03

Would you say no to an upgrade?

Seems like a no-brainer, but when you're traveling with a companion, does it change things?
feb 01

Movies: Robert Redford to play Bill Bryson

The film icon is set to star in an adaptation—our hearts are all aflutter.
feb 01

Airline News: Fly to Canada in style

This March, Canada's Porter Airlines will launch its first flights in the U.S.
feb 01

U.S.-Canada border: "May I see some I.D.?"

Thanks to the Department of Homeland Security, all Americans will need more I.D. to re-enter the U.S. by car from Canada.
feb 01

Exclusive discount: Bay dreaming in Maryland

Five Gables Inn & Spa in St. Michaels, one of many charming towns by the Chesapeake Bay, is offering a special package for readers through Mar. 31.

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