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Archive: January 2008
jan 31

Airline News: JetBlue and Aer Lingus team up

It's a rare U.S.- Ireland partnership between two discount airlines.
jan 31

Should obese airplane passengers pay more?

I read an article yesterday about a passenger who felt cheated by Delta because most of her plane seat was taken by the overweight woman sitting next to her.
jan 31

Clever neighborhood "maps"

Decorate your house with these beautiful, typographic designs.
jan 30

Are you bound for the Beijing Olympics?

With many tickets and packages already sold out, the window for booking an affordable trip to the summer Olympics is drawing to a close.
jan 30

A great idea: Celebrating teachers

Ithaca has come up with a clever idea that other cities should copy.
jan 29

What's your Traveler IQ?

This addictive trivia game measures your geographical knowledge—but it's so much cooler than it was in the 9th grade.
jan 28

Beijing "Water Cube" opens for the Olympics

And it is really cool. Check out this photo, shot exclusively for Budget Travel.
jan 28

Spill your secrets about Buenos Aires

One staffer asks for suggestions for her trip to Buenos Aires—especially for shopping.
jan 27

Enough already with the kitten!

News, and then more news, of the amazing, indestructible kitten that (accidentally) flew in stowed luggage from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas has thoroughly touched and exasperated us all.
jan 25

Schmap: A neat trip planning tool

Schmap mashes up local listings with zoomable city maps—bookmark your faves for printing later.
jan 24

Rule 240 is a traveler's myth

This commonly-invoked justification for reimbursement doesn't exist, according to one travel expert.
jan 23

Southwest and American test inflight WiFi

Southwest Airlines announced today that it plans to begin trials of satellite-to-airplane broadband Internet service sometime on four airplanes this summer.
jan 23

Trailing Dostoevsky in St. Petersburg

Russian literature got its start in St. Petersburg, and Elaine Blair's new pocket-size book, Literary St. Petersburg, pays tribute to 15 writers.
jan 23

Kickbacks on college study-abroad programs?!

Columbia, Harvard, and Northwestern are among the 15 schools whose officials have been subpoenaed by New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office.
jan 23

Cruise news: Celebrity says "Turf's up!"

Set sail with an unexpected accompaniment—the first of its kind.
jan 22

New York's worst hotel

What about reject hotels, the dregs? What about the hotels at the very bottom of TripAdvisor's proprietary lists?
jan 22

Subpoenas issued for study-abroad programs

Authorities worry that study-abroad companies may have negotiated backroom deals with colleges and universities, making students pay in the long run.
jan 22

Bill Me Later option for buying airfare

Passengers can buy tickets and make no payments for 90 days, no credit card required.
jan 21

Contest: Ever nearly break up while traveling?

If you have, share your story, and you might win a DVD.
jan 18

Rethinking travel to Kenya

We've been keeping an eye on Kenya ever since the disputed reelection of President Mwai Kibaki on December 27 set off periodic outbreaks of violence.
jan 17

Lincoln's Cottage to open on Presidents' Day

James Buchanan was the first president to spend time at the residence, but I guess even the folks at the august National Trust for Historic Preservation, who oversaw the renovation, knew enough to lead with the star attraction.
jan 17

Should you dispute a weather delay?

Let's say that your flight is delayed or canceled. And let's say an airline official explains that the delay is due to "bad weather."
jan 17

What's that on the airport ceiling?

Visitors to a main terminal at Moscow's Domodedovo airport now see a full-sized Mercedes-Benz E-Class—or at least an uncannily convincing model of the car—nailed to the ceiling.
jan 16

500,000 balls cascade down the Spanish Steps

Bagfuls of brightly colored plastic balls were unleashed from the top of Rome’s Spanish Steps earlier today in a stunt.
jan 16

Gift idea for airline dorks

Airplane Instrument Coasters!
jan 15

Eos and Silverjet face money troubles

The discount airlines' business plans aren't so hot—and they're facing termination.
jan 15

The White House's travel blog

President George W. Bush is on a tour of the Mideast, and his advisers have created a travel blog to highlight some impressions from the trip.
jan 15

Ban kids from planes? (60 comments)

You spoke up—now hear what other readers have to say about kid-free zones.
jan 15

How to deal with rowdy kids? Travelers trade tips

Readers of this blog have offered some tips for travelers who are sitting next to children who are acting out.
jan 15

I love waterparks but...

hate having to find a place to put all the stuff. This new park has a solution for that, and it's very smart.
jan 15

A website that pronounces foreign words

The next time you're too embarrassed to ask a local about how to say "bathroom," this website could help.
jan 14

Turn Web articles into audio for the road

That long Times article you've been meaning to read? You can download it for on-the-go perusal.
jan 14

Spill your secrets about Boston

You can help one of our staffers plan a weekend getaway to Boston—any one know a good vegetarian place?
jan 14

England: Purple Hotels debut

A new budget hotel chain in Britain is debuting, with rates going for $108 to $167 a night per room at locations outside of London.
jan 14

Video: Thai train runs through market

It's a train station! It's a market! — wait a minute.
jan 11

Should guns be easier to carry in our national parks?

Forty-seven senators want the government to allow citizens to carry loaded handguns and other firearms in our national parks.
jan 11

Travel industry, I'm proud of you

Anyone interested in equal rights for gay people should check out the Human Rights Campaign's Buying for Equality 2008.
jan 10

Is a restaurant reservation a firm commitment?

A poll of 1,230 frequent diners found that many of them were frustrated with restaurant policies regarding late arrivals.
jan 10

Napa: Top tips from 38 readers

We recently asked readers if they knew of any must-see spots, restaurants, and shops in Napa Valley, Calif.
jan 10

Southwest cuts and adds routes; Skybus, too

On the bright side, the airline is also adding 40 round-trip flights in markets it expects will grow this summer.
jan 09

Supermarket Souvenir: Bologna Bubblegum

Love foreign supermarkets as much as we do? Now you can prove it.
jan 09

A virtual tour of ancient Rome

A new virtual tour of ancient Rome is the latest exhibition at the Baths of Diocletian, a majestic collection of saunas and gymnasiums that are roughly 1,700 years old.
jan 09

Spy-themed amusement park in the works

Spyland is set to open in near Saragosa, Spain, (about 170 miles northeast of Madrid) within two years.
jan 09

A bicycle-powered bus

The VeloDisco is a bicycle powered art vehicle built for Burning Man 2007.
jan 09

Should there be places without children?

Apparently, even the happiest place on earth needs some kid-free spots.
jan 08

Rent a hybrid in Paris for nearly nothing?

The mayor of Paris is proposing that the city offer about 2,000 electric vehicles for the public and tourists to use.
jan 07

Listen to Rick Steves rap

If you live long enough, anything can happen.
jan 07

A leap forward in noise-canceling headphones?

Sony announced that it has taken the technology behind noise-canceling headphones a step further with its (eloquently named) MDR-NC500D.
jan 07

Spill your secrets about Napa

You can help one of our staffers plan a trip to Napa.
jan 07

And you thought *your* commute was bad...

Here's a traffic cam for one street corner in India.
jan 04

3 American Airlines jets get anti-missile defense

Yes, you read it right. The devices detect heat given off from a rocket, and then fire a laser beam that jams the missile's guidance system.
jan 04

Do you really want to be connected in-flight?

Planes were one of the last unconnected sanctuaries, but now airlines are experimenting with in-flight WiFi.
jan 04

Making the most of Restaurant Week

January is prime time for "restaurant weeks"—when cities get restaurants to agree to three-course set menus at much cheaper prices.
jan 04

70 readers share their '08 trip plans...

Y'all are the most interesting travelers we've ever heard of.
jan 04

Heathrow changing its weird one-bag rule

Overpackers, rejoice! Now you can carry more than one on.
jan 04

The unintended effects of in-flight WiFi

You might be able to surf the web on flights in the coming years, but how will airlines handle what kind of sites you can get to?
jan 04

What's new in travel this week

We're getting you up-to-date on everything that's happening this week—including the new FAA restriction.
jan 03

Travel news roundup

French railway tickets, a new restaurant week, and more in today's edition.
jan 03

Cool travel posters from the 50s and 60s

We think they're pretty neat—check out the full slideshow here.
jan 03

AirTran sale isn't really a sale

Turns out it's just a catchy form of marketing.
jan 03

Offbeat travel news...

The latest weird news and photos—including the first carbon-neutral airline.
jan 03

TSA ban on lithium batteries

There's a new ban on spare non-rechargeable lithium batteries in checked luggage.
jan 02

Passport cards debuting in April

The State Department has approved new passport cards that can be used by U.S. citizens instead of a passport when traveling to other countries in the western hemisphere.
jan 02

Terra-cotta Warriors visiting the U.S.

One of the most significant finds of our time, the fighters will be touring the U.S. this year.
jan 02

Base jumping: The new sky-diving?

This year, a documentary film called 20 Seconds of Joy will race around the world's film festival circuit, telling the story of gorgeous Norwegian B.A.S.E. jumper Karina Hollekim
jan 02

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