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Archive: October 2007
oct 31

Dumb websites are turning off travelers

It was one of the most startling survey results that Henry Harteveldt of Forrester Research had seen.
oct 31

The Museum of Chinese in America

The newly renamed MOCA will move to a swanky new space.
oct 31

Tokyo's dynamic fashion districts

Check out the Tokyo Look Book, releasing today, which offers a colorful peek at what the kids are wearing these days on the sidewalks and catwalks of the capital city.
oct 30

Free ice-skating returns to Manhattan

Bryant Park's grand opening of The Pond has plenty of spandex and sparkles to commemorate it.
oct 30

Pain at the gas pump

The average price for self-serve regular gasoline is now between $2.85 and $2.87, according to two national surveys of thousands of stations.
oct 30

Flickr's upcoming new tricks

Want to know where in the world you're going? Flickr's new feature, World Map, can help.
oct 29

Delta's food for thought

Who doesn't like free food? This writer, for one.
oct 29

Spill your secrets about Maine

Help out one of our staff as she plans her annual trip to Maine.
oct 29

The Welcome to America video

Disney's made a propaganda video for the U.S. government? Groan. It'll be shown to foreign visitors stuck in airport customs lines? Double groan.
oct 26

Free bikes in Spain

Get more information on this cool program—and getting around Barcelona will be easier than ever.
oct 26

Best blog posts elsewhere

We round up the airline news to get you up to speed.
oct 26

Where'd all the $10 Skybus fares go?

Many of 'em have been booked up already.
oct 26

It's a Texas Yamboree!

Enjoy the charms of Texas' many oddities, including the Mosquito Festival.
oct 26

Sleepless in Miami

That city really knows how to party. The city of Miami Beach is toasting the end of daily savings time.
oct 25

Picture of the day: Navajo bull-riding

Bull riding at the Navajo Nation Fair on the Navajo Nation.
oct 25

This gave me chills (in a good way)

After going through the first wave of entries for our 10th-anniversary story on 25 Reasons You Love New York, I was impressed by the breadth of your knowledge.
oct 25

Holiday Inn gets a $1 billion new look

The "motor lodge-style" look is out. Sleek exteriors are in, along with new decor, bedding, and lobbies, and Holiday Inn is drinking the Kool-Aid.
oct 24

Ready, set, coffin race!

Halloween brings out the weird in all of us—especially locals in Manitou, Colorado.
oct 24

A proposed $5 per flight fee

Readers debate over eco-friendly travel and the added costs involved.
oct 24

Strike alert: Air France

Let's hope you don't get stuck in grand Paris this week.
oct 24

A Drinking Ship With a Sailing Problem

But is the party over?
oct 24

I bet you'll let Skybus fail

Excited about the new discounted airline? We are, too. But here's why it'll fail, and it's all up to you.
oct 24

Skybus adds more cities and $10 fares

Starting in January, low-cost airline Skybus flies out of Greensboro, N.C., to the following places.
oct 23

Pretty cool London travel site

Street Sensation has photos of every street in London—start virtually planning your trip now (or just waste some time at work).
oct 22

Crash Hong Kong's biggest party

Celebrate the Year of the Rat (luckier than you'd think) in China this year.
oct 22

A spectacular plane landing

...by a KLM 747 over Maho Bay in St. Maarten.
oct 22

London: Cheap Sights, Eats, & Sleeps

Hot tips from our live chat with Sean McLachlan, author of Moon Handbooks London.
oct 22

Spill your secrets about Amsterdam

You can help one of our staffers plan a trip with her child.
oct 19

Flyglobespan gets even worse

We've reported on them before—and it ain't pretty. See the new hot mess.
oct 19

A neat trip-planning tool

Not only will TripIt organize your itinerary for you, but it'll also email you whatever you may need.
oct 19

20 percent off intrepid travel packages

If you've got flexible travel plans and want to go somewhere exotic, test out this website to find the right trip for you.
oct 19

Reasons Why You Love New York

It's up to you— tell us why you love New York, New York.
oct 18

Free Rosetta Stone trial offer

For a free seven-day trial of the Rosetta Stone program, sign up at rosettastone.com/nyc.
oct 18

TripAdvisor's redesign

TripAdvisor is trying to prove that you can be smart and sexy with their site facelift.
oct 18

Sustainable travel

I just attended a round-table discussion on "sustainable travel." Ask 10 people to define this and you'll get 10 different answers.
oct 18

Improved language software

Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Now it's easier than ever with Rosetta Stone.
oct 17

Best big media travel blogs

We might be doing a little shameless self promotion, but please check us out on IgoUgo's best blogs list.
oct 17

Shame on Southwest

Southwest Airlines finally killed off BoardFirst.
oct 16

In-flight instant messaging

I'd been curious to learn more about how Virgin America's in-flight instant messaging service works.
oct 16

In Bali, With Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Eat, Pray, Love'

The author makes it easy to find the places she vividly describes in her travel memoir.
oct 15

Eco-friendly travel

Our latest content on traveling in an earth-friendly manner will have you thinking green in no time.
oct 15

Happy Eid!

Eid al-Fitr is the Festival of Fast-Breaking that followers of Islam are celebrating right now.
oct 15

7 travel tips for large families

Readers write in to help you deal with a big-family problem: renting more than one room.
oct 15

FlightStats by phone

When you're stuck without internet and can't hear if you're flight is delayed, use this service. Or, you know, just print out Budget Travel's trusty wallet card.
oct 15

Discounts off New York City tours

Budget Travel readers can save a bundle on tours of their favorite shows.
oct 12

Spill your secrets about Rome

Got a sweet wine bar or an amazing walking tour?
oct 12

Quite the week for Richard Branson

The airline mogul and all-around bad boy hopped the country this week for a bunch of exploits.
oct 12

Cell phones may replace boarding passes

Within a few years, you might no longer be using paper boarding passes to go through airport security checkpoints.
oct 11

JetBlue and AmEx offer $30 off trips

Get a little cash in your pocket with this great deal—for a limited time only.
oct 11

America's spookiest destinations?

Boo! We think TripAdvisor's list of scary places is nothing to freak over.
oct 11

Frequent-flier mile expiration

I was impressed by US Airways: I've had no activity since June 2006, so the airline sent me an email.
oct 11

What's new in airport kiosks

Never travel with checked luggage? This is good news for you.
oct 10

Galway's hotels pricier than Tokyo's

Galway, arguably Ireland's cultural center, is also one of the costliest places in the world to sleep.
oct 09

Ever upgraded at a kiosk?

When I flew down to Virginia a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to check in at home, so when I arrived at LaGuardia I checked in at an AirTran kiosk.
oct 09

The Balloon Fiesta

We're not full of hot air—learn more about "the world's most photographed event."
oct 09

Motel confessions

The temptation is strong. You know that many motels have an occupancy limit of four persons to a room, assuming there's two beds.
oct 08

Question of the Week

Are there some places in the Pacific Northwest that are can't-miss?
oct 08

Best of the blog

Missed a post? Not to worry—our most popular ones are here.
oct 05

Holiday vacation deals

It's that time of year again—drool over great holiday getaway deals.
oct 04

Auntie Anne's goodwill

Find out where the pretzel company that bears her name got started—it wasn't in an airport.
oct 03

Hotels.com gets a makeover

Which includes getting rid of a very persnickety charge.
oct 02

Great city bike tours

You can hop back on that dusty old bike and discover parts of the country you didn't even know existed.
oct 01

Delta vs. JetBlue

When our editor needs to get to Boston, it's an ultimate throwdown.
oct 01

One of 1,000 ultimate travel experiences

It's the latest in an increasingly crowded field of aspirational, list-like guidebooks.
oct 01

Girlfriend Getaways: Broadway discounts

You can give your regards to Broadway with these ticket deals.

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