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Archive: August 2007
aug 31

We love Lucy (our ancestor, that is)

An exhibit featuring the 3.2 million-year-old fossil opens today and goes through April 20.
aug 31

When travel became fabulous

It all started in Europe, of course, with the spread of mass-produced maps, books, and images.
aug 30

So you want to be a travel writer?

Four different readers will get to report a big story for us.
aug 30

Before you buy a camera, check here

Lost in a sea of megapixels? Digital Photography Review offers thorough product testing and detailed reviews, so you can "try" before you buy.
aug 29

Macau's Vegas-style makeover continues

The Venetian is moving east, to a former Portuguese colony that already rakes in more money than its Vegas counterpart.
aug 29

Florida update

Planning a trip to the Sunshine State? All our up-to-the-minute advice is here, including free listings.
aug 29

Your personal no-fly list

Christopher Elliott, the nation's top travel ombudsman, has a passenger blacklist.
aug 29

A better way to find hotel deals

Farecast is taking on hotels, and we feel like winners in the deal.
aug 28

Continental makes a classy move

The airline says you can now change your flight online if severe weather hits.
aug 28

Another tool to track fare sales

Sidestep.com is the latest of new websites offering fare-tracker and sale services.
aug 28

FAA orders an airplane wing inspection

After a malfunctioning part on a China Airlines plane caused an explosion, the FAA takes charge.
aug 28

Oh, the places you won't go

The Toronto/New York indie culture magazine Vice teams up with Spike Jonze to go where most travelers fear to tread.
aug 28

Backpacking Australia gets easier

With the Backpacker Pass, Rex Airlines makes it practically a piece of cake.
aug 27

Hawaii surfers protest new Superferry

They're are worried about the ship's environmental impact.
aug 27

Catholic low-cost airline debuts

Mistral Air will retrofit cargo planes to carry passengers to key pilgrimage sites in Europe and Mexico.
aug 27

Has your wine spoiled? This resort knows

Crystal Springs owns a unique device that can test if a wine is pristine—go for a free tasting.
aug 25

Spirit CEO: "We owe him nothing"

Many blogs have been on fire with the story of two travelers, Christy and Jim Boswell, who complained by letter to Spirit Airlines about a three-hour flight delay in Orlando.
aug 24

Southwest returns to San Francisco

The air carrier is back with a bang.
aug 23

The first G.A.P. Adventures store

The outdoor adventure travel company is one of our favorites for deals.
aug 23

No plans for Labor Day?

It's not too late to squeeze in a summer getaway.
aug 23

Dating while you travel

Good news for solo travelers—three new dating services are available via cell phone.
aug 23

Carbon counting on Air France

With a new CO2 calculator, the airline wants you to try to make a difference.
aug 23

Windjammer hits a rough patch

One of the last family-owned cruise lines was taken over by a buyout company. How will this affect them?
aug 22

The passengers strike back

In June, Delta kept passengers of flight 6499 on the tarmac for seven hours.
aug 22

The supersizing of Boston

Bostonians have been making their city bigger for generations. Their favorite method has been to fill in the shallows near their shores.
aug 22

Anything ever written about your hometown...

...will soon be available on Google Earth, the free software program that incorporates satellite photos, hotel reviews, and other data into Google's street maps.
aug 22

Heathrow's problems, part two

Check out reader experiences, and the Journal's latest assessment of Heathrow.
aug 22

A $5,000 contest

It's time to share your outrageous stories in the "Your Noisy Neighbor" contest.
aug 21

Whom to trust for flight status?

Look to your fellow readers on how they handle flight status.
aug 18

The world's ultimate wave pool

Hang-ten, dude, in this Tokyo attraction.
aug 17

The best of the travel Web this week

The best blog for freebies and more in this roundup.
aug 16

Today's travel intel

A new website for frequent flier miles, hurricane news, and more in today's edition.
aug 15

No Cuba for you!

Travelocity.com faces a penalty for booking passengers to Cuba—ouch.
aug 15

Bargains Ahoy!

Take a "repositioning" cruise—and you can save tons of cash.
aug 15

Nicaragua now

You could leave tomorrow with all our great tips.
aug 15

Travel podcast roundup

Our favorite audio guides that can be downloaded for free.
aug 15

Where does the Alessi man vacation?

A VP of this hip housewares company likes to roost in the land down under.
aug 14

Fare sale for winter travel to London

It might be a rainy city, but with these prices, you won't mind.
aug 14

Sign up for those flight alerts

Or you might not get the most pertinent information.
aug 13

Orbitz sale alert

It's the web agency's 72-hour sale.
aug 13

Travel news roundup

Truth in airline advertising, new water slides, and more in today's edition of travel news.
aug 12

A pilot talks about long waits on the tarmac

Turns out he doesn't like waiting, either—but sometimes it's inevitable.
aug 10

Tour European hotels from home

Avoid unpleasant surprises with TV Trip's growing collection of unbiased hotel videos.
aug 09

Today's travel intel

New boarding plans for Southwest, a Disney update, workers are buying more days of vacation, and more news in today's edition.
aug 08

Road trip planning tool

Next time you're planning on hitting the highway, let MapQuest help.
aug 07

It's time to replace the welcome mat

European travelers will have to register their plans with the U.S. very soon.
aug 07

The alpha airline for budget travelers?

The new low-cost carrier Virgin America takes flight, and I dropped by JFK airport this morning to receive a tour of one of its new planes.
aug 06

New rental car service for budget travelers

Offering faster service (meaning you can do most of it yourself), this is surely one to put on your list.
aug 03

Why brave Alaska's chilly autumn?

One tempting reason is that you'll have a good chance of witnessing the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights.
aug 03

Exploring Hawaii's Big Island by Volkswagen

Next time you visit the Big Island, why not skip the fancy resort and hop in a VW camper van?
aug 03

A reader's tips on being polite overseas

Surprisingly, it's easier than you'd think.
aug 02

News from Alitalia, Northwest, and American

An airfare sale for 20 Italian cities, a pilot shortage, and plans to test in-flight WiFi.
aug 02

The fruits of visiting Whistler off-season

Join a free 31-mile bike ride up and down the valley floor and you can check out organic farms and meet the folks behind them.
aug 02

How to fight jet lag and win

It's possibly the worst side effect of flying—the travel hangover. Abide by this expert's tips, and you just might find a cure.
aug 01

Travel news roundup

Exploring Ojai, a reader tip, and the Roxbury motel in today's roundup.

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